Invars & Odruit

Invars tapped, poked and scratched at the soft egg shell that had once protected her but was now more like a prison. She'd grown from a single merged cell to a proper baby dragon, albeit one with an unusual colour. Most Alskyrian sea dragons were blue, green or purple in colour with some shades that went in between. But Invars was bright yellow. A colour that would make her a target in the big wide open oceans of Alskyr. Luckily then, that she was part of a pod and the older sea dragons would keep her safe. 
"Daughter, you are most unusual." her mother told her. 
"Thank you." Invars answered, earning a draconic grin from her mother who nudged her to go swim in between the adults with the other young dragons who still needed protection. 

Circles of Reflection

Little dragons grow up fast. Invars was the same though she remained at the smaller spectrum of the species. But that didn't matter, she was still special and unique so she didn't need to be large to be noticed, nor did she need to be smart or fast or any of the other things her siblings, cousins and distant relatives tried to be. She could just be herself. 
Though being herself was quite special in it's own. Invars liked to think out of the box. When the pod wanted to move deeper to hide from humans, Invars wanted to get closer to observe them. When the pod decided to hunt for larger sea animals, Invars preyed on the schools of smaller fish. When the pod decided it was time to move, Invars had always found something new she liked and wanted to stay.
his unusual einzel-ganger behaviour coupled with her unusual looks meant that slowly but surely, the members of the pod started to leave her behind. After all, she was adult now, so why should they take the time to convince her to stay with them? It's not like she joined in the competitions or sought out the others for company. 
And then one day, they were gone. But Invars was big enough to keep herself out of trouble now. So she shrugged it off and went right ahead with doing what she liked best: following her snout to where things were interesting. And this time that was up, near the surface, where a human ship was sailing through the waves. 
Humans were walking across the deck, doing stuff. A couple of them were standing near the railing. Invars kept to the shadow of the ship so they wouldn't notice her and listened. Enjoying the banter, she nearly gave herself away when something dropped into the water next to her.
"Hey you dropped one of the bananas!" one of the two yelled.
"Sorry." the other answered, "It slipped from my hands. You could help me, you know."
"I have my own hands full, thank you. Luckily you still have enough for the guests. They're a rare delicacy, who knows when we'll get our hands on them again. They're imported from some other world."
"I know all that." the other one answered, clearly annoyed.
But Invars was already heading to the bottom, looking for the rare delicacy the sailors had dropped. Their loss was her gain and she couldn't wait to try this new food. When she found it, the item gave off a slightly sweet smell. But what was most peculiar was it's colour. Why it was yellow. Softer than Invars' hide but still unmistakingly yellow. 
Invars experimentally put her front flipper on the crescent-shaped delicacy and watched as the skin cracked and the inner fruit was revealed. The smell wafted around ehr on the currents and other waterdwellers stirred around her. Not chancing that one of them might take it, Invars gobbled up the banana and was surprised by the taste and texture of the fruit.
She realised she needed more of this and vowed to herself to find the place where she could get them. Stealth be damned, if the humans knew where these came from she'd gladly make herself known to them, just so she could teleport straight to the source of these. 
She swam back to the ship and popped her head above the waves, keeping her gills submerged.
"Hey there." she called, hoping one of the humans would pick it up.
It didn't take long before someone looked down the hull of the ship and noticed her.
"Yes?" the person asked, clearly a bit surprised to have been called.
"What was the thing that fell down from here? Yellow and crescent and yummy?"
The person blushed, he must have been the sailor who'd dropped it in the first place.
"A banana." he said.
"Where do they come from?"
"I don't know exactly." the young man had to admit to Invars disapointment, "but you can ask the dragons or gryphons. I believe it's them who bring them in from some other world."
"Thank you." Invars said and dove, heading for the nearest place she knew dragons to visit. 

Name: Invars
Gender: Female
Type: Alskyrian Sea Dragon, a salt water dragon with a huge variety in fenotype (lungs/gills, body types,...). Invars is gilled and has to spend most of her time in the water. She can stay on land for a short time but doesn't leave the water often. Alskyrian sea Dragons rely on their own kind and don't need to bond to humans to survive. 
Classification: Marine dragon, bonding optional
Length: 40'-70'
Clutch Style: Oviparous
Diet: Carnivorous (fish, mollusks, cephalopods)


Circles of Reflection

Odruit slid through the waters, confidently using the currents and staying in the warmer waters because he could. He was on a trip away from his homeplanet and had been planet hopping, exalted by visiting all these different places. With his amphibious nature he didn't exactly need to be careful when teleporting, as long as he received coordinates to new planets. Once he came to a new place, he could hunt with his sonar ability or exchange work to receive food from the locals. His telepathy meant he could get a message across, no matter what language the spoke. 
Odruit was far from done exploring too. He knew there were endless places left to visit and had decided that he would only make a permanent home to return to when he found the ideal place. It would have to be a planet with more ocean than land, bountiful and safe. Preferably with a dargon population that could tell him all about interesting nexus places so he could go on vacations and trips. So far he'd come across a few likely places but nothing that ticked all the boxes. 
The coral reefs he was currently visiting were bountiful and he'd eaten his fill. The Ocean was on the smaller side though and he knew he'd get cramped staying here. But it was a nice place to visit on occasion so he committed the coordinates to his memory. Just as he was planning to head back to a planet with dragons, a sweet smell lured him to something more promising. 
Using his sonar ability he quickly located another sea dragon nearby. He could use his Siren Song on her but that wouldn't be a very good start so he swam up to her instead.
"What's that?"
he asked.
"A banana." the yellow dragoness replied happily.
"Do you have more?"
he asked, very interested.
Invars looked over to the long purple and pink sea dragon and decided she could share.
"I'll give you one."
she said and tossed him one crescent-shaped fruit. 
Odruit deftly caught it and sampled the taste. It was as sweet as it's smell had promised. 
"Are you yellow because of these?" he asked, he was quite attached to his colour after all.
"No, I was born like this."
Invars told him and showed him memories of Alskyr.
"I haven't been there yet." Odruit answered, "It looks nice."
"It is, but they don't have bananas." Invars sighed, "I've been looking for a place that has them to live."
"Care to join me on my travels then? I've been to a couple of places where we could ask if they know of a place with lots of ocean that has these."

Odruit didn't exactly understood why he asked Invars to join him, but something told him he was ready for a companion on his travels. Two pairs of eyes saw more than one and Talking to someone who shared what he experienced would be nice. Invars meanwhile shamelessly only thought about the connections this dashingly purple dragon had that could get her more bananas. If he was nice enough she would probably let him stay with her and who knows, she might even share. 

Name: Odruit
Gender: Male
Type: Ikthy Drake, a
lso known as a 'merdragon', the Ikthy Drake is a small to medium sized, intelligent dragon species that resides in salt-water environments. While capable of forming a mental bond with an outside species, most Ikthy Drake's remain bondless or go on to bond other aquatic dragons of their own.
Classification: Marine dragon, bonding optional
Height: 2'-4', from foot to shoulder when 'standing'
Length: 10'-35'
Clutch Style: Oviparous, soft-shelled translucent eggs
Diet: Carnivorous (fish, mollusks, cephalopods)

Verbal Speech
Amphibious - capable of breathing under water and on land
Sonic Scream - capable of emitting high pitched noises that can damage hearing and knock targets immobile
Siren Song - Croons a seductive song that forces anyone that hears it to attempt to reach the source of the song, no matter the dangers or obstacles in their way.

Circles of Reflection
Lantessama Isle - Gineya Isle
Invars is an Alskyrian Sea Dragon (giveaway)
Odruit is an Ikthy Drake (The Refugium)

Fonts used are called Neverwinter and Meroitic-Demotic