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Taylor woke up from his blissful slumber when eager thoughts of Klierth reached his mind. The dragonrider of the white Quartz Planet felt Naderenya's bond, Sekally, stir beside him. The two of them had grown closer over the past months while the eggs their dragons had produced had been hardening on the sands of Lantessama Isle. 
It seemed that it were those same eggs that were worrying Klierth and Naderenya now. No, not worrying, Klierth corrected his rider, "They are hatching."
"I'll alert the officials." Taylor shouted out, jumping up to run out of the cavern, but he was stopped by Klierth who shook his head.
"They have already been alerted, the candidates are on their way."
"So we just have to wait?"

Both dragons nodded as the first inhabitants of the dragon adoption agency started to file in, seeking a good place on the nearby tribunes, or just lingering around the sands to watch the hatching from a closer vantage point. 
Taylor helped Sekally up and whispered, "I don't like to just wait."
"Enjoy the spectacle." Naderenya answered in stead of her bond, "You'll like it."
"Is this a woman's thing?" Taylor asked Klierth.
"It's a parent thing." Klierth said with a look that would not allow disobedience."
Taylor shrugged, "Watch from where?"
"Here is fine." Sekally said, "I want to be really close when these eggs hatch, I kind of missed it when Naderenya found me." Sekally had been one of those candidates mysteriously transferred right into the middle of the hatching by unknown forces. Though the phenomenon was kind of disturbing for the people involved, it also made you feel warm and fuzzy that there might be a force out there that guided people. Or so Taylor thought even when he had never been a religious person, just sometimes he felt philosophical.
"When you feel remorse for the amount of liquor you drank the night before..." the faintest wisp of a thought reached him, Klierth sometimes felt the need to scold him by stating things as a fact. Taylor shrugged, he hadn't gotten drunk for quite a while now, not since the women had taken over the cafeteria with their espresso machine. 
Sekally nudged his side, pulling him away from his train of thought, "It's starting."
The last egg exploded, throwing up sand that obscured the sight for a few moments until it setteled down again. From behind the curtain of sand, the silhouette of a small female dragoness became visible. The hatchling was almost completely black, with just a tad of silver woven into her wings. Even though she was dark, her hide shone with countless little flecks of light, as if she was mimicking the night sky. Yet she did not have the air of a midnight, she seemed much more fragile, almost too fragile to be here.
the hatchling coughed with a high voice. The spectators arched closer, trying to decide what they were seeing. Waiting for the hatchling to speak again. There were no candidates left on the sands. Bets were being made if the hatchling would remain on Lantessama or if she would disappear just as she seemed to be fated to.
"My name is Avarya." the hatchling suddenly said, "I'd like to stay for a while."
Muted curses rose from the audience, alongside soft cheers depending on whether the person belonged to the winning or losing side of the bets made. When still no-one moved, Naderenya, beckoned for her daughter to come closer, "I shall take care of you, Avarya. Oh, do you have a name for your colour?"
"Star sky, maybe?" Klierth suggested.
Avarya blinked and shook her head, "My colour is lingering hope."
Taylor smirked, "Figured she'd take on the naming classes of her mother who was also born here, but good try."
Klierth tried to redeem his figure, "Well I'm her parent too, and anyways, the name suits her, she certainly is as pretty as her mother."
"Whatever you say."

Name: Avarya
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Description: Avarya calls her colour "Lingering Hope", a tribute to her mother "Blinding Hope" Naderenya. Her Father "Quartz Planet" Klierth gave her the luminiscent sparks covering her body and wings. Her official Lantessaman colouring is Dawn-touched Moon-Obsydian.
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Unknown magical abilities. 
Place of Origin: Lantessama Isle

Avarya looked around the Rapture and felt instantly intimidated by the amount of people around. She was a quiet and thoughtful dragoness who took her time to form an opinion. And the Rapture and Healing Den Ballroom, the Labs and the Stage... they'd need a lot of thinking before she would be able to classify the experience in a neat little space in her mind.  
Avarya fluttered to a shadowy balcony colour and remained there, resting and waiting until she was ready to face the people. The dragons knew of her arrival but kept quiet since she meant no harm. She was small enough to remain unnoticed if she played her cards well. 

She'd spent so much time clinging to the edge of the dragon ledges, Avarya realized she really should go down and mingle? But it was intimidating even after the clock struck 1-hour-to-midnight. There were many noises on the dance floor, some were very pleasing. The Stage had filled with dragons several times over the course of the evening and she found herself swaying in the rafter nook, allowing the thrumming of their voices to fill her soul.
More than that, a sound continued to ring in her mind. Was it just those on the stage? No, no it couldn't be, it felt so specific. Her star covered wings were echoed in some of the dragonets that walked below, how pretty they were too - and she knew pretty stars! But none of those looked up to see her.
Until one, from a sleek and dramatic looking couple of dragons, did look. It was while another clutch was brought out, a dragon that lingered from before had somehow gotten up to this ledge with her. He'd been on the floor for a while, the rest of his clutch having mostly found people to hang out with. And now, one of them rested his dark head on her starry shoulder.
"Did you see all the people?" She asked, mind quietly addressing the little dragon.
"They didn't seem like I'd like them", the dragon thought to her, tiredly. "But I like you, and I think you will be right for me."
That was quite surprising, but... it did feel right. Avarya nuzzled the little guy, made sure he had been fed, and folded her wing over his shiny little form. He wouldn't be little for long, that was certain!

Avarya impressed at the 2021 New Years Eve Checkerboard Ball

Name: Hameskeneth (haw MESK en eth, traditional Pernese -TH ending will carry in offspring or be modified if different parentage)
Gender: Male (+preference as desired)
Size: 12' s/l/ws
Build: sleek and muscular
Physical Features: Technically Pernese, four legs and two wings, horned head with small external ears, faceted eyes, sharp spikes with webbing between on neck and hips/tail, tail fin similar, large conical claws
Colours: body very shiny graphite black, looks speckled if there is any light source, wings flat black, webbing matte high black, spines shiny smoke grey, horns and claws light, aqua faceted eyes
Stats: Strength 2, Speed 5, Endurance 5, Agility 1, Health 1, Intelligence 6
Abilities: 6 unassisted firebreath; 5 verbal speech, telepathy, local teleport, empathy; 4 time teleport; 2 nexus teleport; 1 foresight
Personality: helpful, protective, bright
Parents: Thaljath + Olelikoth
Bond: Avarya, Impressed (unusual to a dragon)

Hameskeneth had grown considerably. He was twice as big as her natural size, but there ways around such things. Avarya had a hidden ace up her sleeve and she fully planned to use it to seduce her sappy, good-natured bond. He'd come into her life like the ray of hope she aspired to be, wonderful, bright and trusting. They had played, she'd taught him all she knew and she was certain of the rightness of their bond. They were mates. Alas Hameskeneth seemed to see her more as something precious to protect than as a partner. 
"Hameskeneth?" Avarya called.
"What's the matter Avarya?" Hameskeneth called back immediately, rushing to her side.
"Let me show you something good." she said.
She tapped into the magic that was her birthright though she'd never had need to use it before and let her body grow until it was just the right size. She flighed her tail, flapped her wings and threw her head back. She felt very powerful. And very ready. Slowly she made her way to a baffled Hameskeneth and said:
"It's good to see I can still surprise you."
"You're big."
"Hey, that's kind of rude." Avarya retorted, "I'm just as big as you now."
She made a suggestive tickle with her longer tail and launched herself in the air, goading her bond to come after her. To finally act on their bond.
Hameskeneth waited a bit longer to make up his mind. This was the most precious entity in his existence. The one who'd been there for him from the day he'd been hatched. The world-wise, playful and kind Avarya who brought hope to others. Could he chase her? 
Could he not? 
Hameskeneth decided that he did not want any other dragon catch his bond. She was his. His protective streak flared up but in a different way then usual, jealousy and possessiveness warred inside him and he launched himself after his lingering hope. 
Avarya was no fool. She knew that although she was now bigger, she would not outfly her bond. She still needed to get used to her larger dimensions but it didn't matter for she fully intended to be caught by Hameskeneth anyway. Just not right away. 
She gave it all she had, dicing, twirling, spinning through the air. But in the end, he was right behind her. And then they were one. 

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