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Name: Zasfas
Age: 21
Gender: Non Binary
Race: Sea Elf
Class: Herald/Bard

Description: Zasfas is a small elf person. They are genderfluid, sometimes acting female and other times clearly masculine. pronouns used change throughout the day, but Zasfas answers to any form of addressing toward them. Zasfas has a pale complexion, bright yellow eyes that glow in the dark and wavy white hair. Maybe because they're so pale, they enjoy wearing bright and vibrant colours. 
Personality: Zasfas is a person that strives to be righteous and kind. They have a thirst for knowledge that sometimes makes them reckless and forget about their safety. Zasfas' range of interests is wide but they have a special fondness for biology. They have an analytical mind and a logic way of thinking.  
Abilities: Small water and wind-related magic


Zasfas loitered at the water's edge. Looking for the rumoured anaconda. One of the largest snakes on the planet, it's sleek black body and deadly precision were the stuff of legend. Hardly any records existed of them, most of those that had ventured out to research the snakes, had found an untimely dead. Poisoned by the creature they wished to research, or meeting bad luck in the jungle. 
The sea elf knew his fate could be the same. But as a determined expression took hold of his lips, he knew that there was no going back. Today would not be the day he died. Zasfas returned her attention to the water and waited, twirling a strand of hair between her fingers. 
Quiet had always been a necessity while studying creatures, but maybe today sound was the way to go. Somewhere deep in his mind, Zasfas knew he was being reckless. But then she wanted to relax. Tomorrow would dawn a new day. Maybe they would be luckier then.
Loosening the horn from the ir backpack, Zasfas started playing a slow and haunting melody. It was a song of want and yearning. Lost to the world, the sea elf forgot to watch the surroundings.
A head popped out from below the surface. A twisted, ivory horn appeared first, slicing the water and allowing a purple and green head to protrude. Fins, antlers, ears and whiskers slowly emerged. Then followed wings, a scaled body and a long, finned tail. Drawn to the music, the longma inched closer. Wondering whether they were drawn to the ballsy lack of regard for their safety or the pure innocence of one that has yet to learn of the dangers of the world. Either way, the longma, Yu Zixin, was intrigued. 
He froze the skulking anaconda with his ice blast and neighed.
The flute-like sound carried on the lower horn melody and Zasfas looked up, dazed.
"Who are you?" he asked.
The longma could not answer that question. But he did feel protecting this young individual would be prudent. Maybe it wasn't a bond per se. Call it a trial period to see if the young person was worth his time. And so, Zasfas returned, none the wiser about anaconda, but with a new mythical creature to study. 

Zixin bonded at Tris'Hath

: Yu Zixin ("New son")
Gender: Male
Origin: Tris'Hath (some ancient wizard wanted a cooler mount than just a horse and decided to throw some dragon in there)
Species: Longma, a fabled winged horse with dragon scales in Chinese mythology. 
               Seeing a longma was an omen of a legendary sage-ruler, particularly one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors
Intelligence: Standard dragon intelligence (can understand language, cannot speak or telepathically communicate)
Characteristics: The longma is a water-based being. It is known to dwell around large bodies of water such as rivers and lakes, and spurns any region that lacks a steady water supply. It is also a very proud and elusive creature, showing itself only to those that it deems to be of high moral standing. The longma has been known to bond with those it deems to be worthy of its attention. These bonds are lifelong. Should the person chosen by the longma behave in a way that it deems immoral, the longma will turn violent and attempt to kill its former bond. This death sentence can be circumvented by atoning for whatever sin was committed. What that atonement looks like is up to the longma, but suffice to say they will not stop hunting the offender until one condition or the other is met.
Vocalizations: The longma possesses a wide range of vocalizations, but most commonly its neigh is described as flute-like.
Size: 8.7 - 9.3 ft at the shoulder
Colour: Purple and Green (cool shades)
Pattern: Tobiano (horse-related)

   *Water manipulation
   *Water creation/destruction
   *Water jet
   *Ice blast
   *Ice armour
Compatibility: Yes


Lantessama Isle
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