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Name: Yoan
Age: 31
Gender: Non Binary Female
Race: Half Pixie
Class: Knight

Description: Slight and boyish, Yoan is often mistaken for a child by people who don't know her. Her pixie genes give her a baby face, with pointed ears, a straight nose and delicate bone structure. Yoan has black hair that she keeps slicked back and up and purple eyes. Despite her appearance she packs a punch is far stronger than she appears.
Personality: Honest and outspoken, Yoan stands her own in the mostly male world of the knighthood. She feels more at home in a rowdy tavern than at an official function though she can function in both. Yoan has enough restraint to behave, but she'll need to unwind afterwards.
Skills: unexpected strength, club & mace weapons
Enjoys: a good bear, a nice dish of food and a fire roaring
Dislikes: being restrained


Yoan's purple eyes looked into the bright golden eyes of the gryphon in front of her and was lost. Memories of her life drifted past as did memories of Vikka. The silver gryphon with purple feathers had not intended to find a bond anytime soon but here they were. 
Yoan learned that Vikka had hatched at a massive event called the Fur and Feathers Frenzy. Many of the dragons hatched there had not bonded and had instead, ventured out into the universe - what she called the 'Nexus' - to find their own fortune and fate. The lightning fast gryphon had wasted no time exploring. She'd seen much in the past half decade and wanted to see more still.
Vikka learned that Yoan had been born to a pixie and a human, creating a spunky but small child that had too much energy to be healthy. Yoan had learned to channel her energy into fighting and she had been barely 15 when she'd been taken in by the knights to help train her. Yoan had actually enjoyed her life among the knights but her time with them would now come to an end.
Becaus Yoan too had a burning desire inside to see the world(s)...

Vikka was hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Vikka Filidedziewedanth
Gender: Female
Colours: Silver-Purple
Species: Gryphon
Parents: Featherwinged Silver Dziewedanth x ???
Personality: Bold and steadfast, Vikka is not only fast on her feet (wings?) but also quick to decide and react. 
     *Lightning Speed
     *Paralysing Gaze


Yoan and Vikka lived without restraints. Going freely, without fear. There seemed to be nothing that would be able to stop the duo of the tiny powerhouse and the lightning fast gryphon. But something did stop them in the end. Although only a temporary reprieve in their itinerary.
"I can't wait to measure up the males around here." Vikka grinned.
"I can't wait to spar with the fighters." Yoan added.
"Please tell me you'll do more than spar." Vikka nudged.
"I'll certainly try to unwind with those that move really well." Yoan winked.

Lantessama Isle
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