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Name: Yavis
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Very diluted elf or halfling heritage (enough to give him some extended lifespan)
Class: Muse, Model

Description: Yavis is tall and lean, with defined muscles without being burly. He has short black hair that often looks a bit windswept, surly blue eyes, a straight nose and full lips. Aside from his good looks, only the shape of his ears hint at his elfin heritage. Whatever elfin blood he has, has been diluted over several generations but it isn't gone completely.   
Personality: Yavis is not a deep thinker, he is pretty vain and thinks highly of himself. As a muse just his presence is what sparks creativity so he does not need to study nor be vibrant company. He will pretty much talk about himself and expect people to be interested. But keep him happy and good things will happen. 
Skills: Inspiring creativity, posing


Yavis yawned briefly and returned to his original pose. The muse had a canny ability to always return to his exact pose. He considered it his biggest duty. Aside from juts showing up of course. Just his presence caused creativity to spark ideas and to remove obstacles to art. Alas, his power was often sorely underrated. Artists had a way of believing their inspiration was an internal trait. Something unique to them. When in fact the muses helped them shine. 
"It is so." A blue dragon cloaked in shadow agreed.
"They don't even notice you." Yavis remarked.
The blue dragon with darker purple fur and feathers and some interestingly colourer teal -indigo-purple-pink-red sunset with star effect in their crest and tailfin moved as if he owned the place. Still invisible to the people around them, he moved with playful ease.
"How is it they can't see you?" Yavis asked.
"Shadow magic." Amadusk confessed, "How is it that you can?"
"I am a muse, there is little that escapes me."
"Aren't you great." Amadusk rolled his eyes.
"Why yes I am." Yavis returned the sarcasm, "I'm thinking it's my dream powers."
In fact, Yavis hardly ever used his dream walking to inspire. he'd met other muses who did. But it felt like such a hassle to give people ideas through their dreams. Not to mention that people often forgot their dreams upon waking, warping whatever a muse had inspired. 
"I do like how you've made lazing around your job." Amadusk retorted.
"It's not as easy as it looks?" Yavis said, "Try it."
"Better not. People might panic."
"Later then, or somewhere else."
"That can be arranged." 

Amadusk was hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Amadusk Filidechiroptidae
Gender: Male
Colour: Blue to Purple
Species: Vatkari-Featherwing
: Black-Yellow Vatkari Chiroptidae Desmodus x Black-Red-Sunset Daritonliath
: Cheeky and fun-loving, Amadusk is one of those bratty entities that you can't help but love. Even though he can be annoying and irritating, he has an innocent side to him that makes him endearing.  
     *Fire Magic
     *Shadow Magic
     *Shadow Walking
     *Verbal Speech



"I told you it was more difficult than you'd think." Yavis teased after Amadusk had admitted defeat.
The dragon stretched his wings and cramping muscles. Modelling was indeed harder than it seemed. But Amadusk still wanted to put Yavis on his place. There were after all things a muse wouldn't be able to do. Wracking his mind, the dusky dragon wondered whether or not muses could fly when inspiration struck him - probably sparked by some muse in his direct vicinity but Amadusk would never acknowledge that.
"I doubt you could win over a female with your posing alone."
"I have to beat them off me with a stick." Yavis replied matter-of-factly.
"I very much doubt it." Amadusk needled, "I have not seen a single woman look at you other than for art."
"You want to bet?"
"You're on!" Amadusk exclaimed, "We'll just need to enter a mating flight as that is the way of dragons."
"How impractical is that?" Yavis asked.
"It's cultural heritage. Not to mention great entertainment."
Yavis shrugged and went along with the wager. 

Lantessama Isle
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