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Name: Xigare
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Race: Devil Halfling
Class: Artificer

Description: Xigare is a tiny grey-skinned individual. She has brown hair that's usually covered beneath a bandana and large curved gorns. Her ears are pointy and stand sideways. She has a straight, but pronounced nose and wrinkles around her eyes and on her forehead. Xigare enjoys wearing clothes from animal sources (wool, leather, feathers). 
Personality: Xigare is a quick thinker and in turn impatient when others need time to process. She is efficient and bold, thinking out of the box but clashes with others frequently because she is stubborn and does not compromise. She is brilliant in her field but ignorant when it comes to dealing with others. 
Skills: Nimble Fingers, Magic (especially the electrical kind)
Enjoys: Tinkering, making new machines and constructs
Dislikes: drawing schematics (aka paperwork)
Pet: -


Xigare rushed through the corridors of the Abstract Destiny. She'd been picked up a couple of weeks before today and had been brought in by a dragonrider. She had heard about dragons, had read about them but had never actually seen one until that faithful encounter. As an added bonus, she'd been granted (well assumed she'd been granted) access to the Abstract Destiny facilities. These last weeks had felt like a trip to a candy store and theme park in one... that is if you like those things. 
But today, Xigare had been summoned to the place where the eggs were. The hatching was imminent. At this point, Xigare didn't even care whether or not she'd bond. As long as she could stay here she'd be perfectly happy for the rest of her life. There was so much to see, so much to learn, so much to experiment with. Her long, nimble fingers flexed in excitement.
"I don't want to leave here either." someone told her.
Xigare nodded but frowned when the voice continued to ramble on about bonding and plotting and a lot of other things that she honestly wasn'tinterested in.
"Oh and my name is Kixtur Nightspark." the dragon finally concluded her monologue.
"Charmed." Xigare replied, "Can you stay quiet for a while?"
"Certainly!" the dragon replied and launched into yet another monologue.
"We'll have to make this work."
At least Xigare would get her wish of remaining at the Abstract Destiny.  

Kixtur bonded at Abstract Destiny

: Kixtur Nightspark
Gender: Female
Parents: Dire Nightspark x Sanser
Species: Mutt
Size: 5’ to 10’ at the shoulder.
Description: Kixtur is a long and slender oriental-styled dragon with brown and gold bands of colour that alternate across her entire (furred) body. She has gold wings and sails and a spaded tail. Her hands and feet are avian and clawed. 
Personality: Scheming and smart but with a tendency to elaborate on what she did and why. Kixtur talks a lot and will expect people to listen. She and her bond have come to an agreement however that she can only disturb Xigare after 3 hours of undisturbed tinkering (cycle repeats multiple times during the day).  
   *Assisted Breath Weapon, The ability to breathe out fire after chewing a Pernese mineral called firestone. 
   *Shapeshifting (Anthro), The ability to shapeshift into an anthropomorphic version of oneself. 
   *Shapeshifting (Minor), The ability to shapeshift one’s physical shape but not one’s mass. 
   *Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind. 
   *Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind. 
   *Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words. 
   *Wingless Flight, The ability to fly without the use of wings.


Kixtur and Xigare walked around the Abstract Destiny, Kixtur floating behind her bond and talking like she was apt to do. 
"How is your work coming along?"
"Good. Our compromise is working." Xigare replied curtly.
"Oh great. Do you think we might have some time in the future? I've been thinking about flying."
Xigare quickly calculated the pros and cons: "You'd need to stay near your eggs for a while, right?"
"Would i have to stay with you?"
"Not at all times." Kixtur replied truthfully, "I would like it if you visited and maybe slept in the same space."
Xigare nodded, she hardly slept so she could sacrifice a couple of hours if it kept her bond happy.

Lantessama Isle
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