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Name: Walter
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: Half Devil
Class: Magician

Description: Walter has grey skin and long black hair. He has pointed ears and two large horns portruding from his brow. His light grey eyes usually have an amusing glint in them. He keeps his moustache and beard neatly trimmed, enjoying to look well-groomed. Walter usually dresses in upscale outfits (suits, jackets,...)
Personality: Walter is as flamboyant as he looks. He has a great sense of humour and loves to dazzle and wow. He has a fondness for the macabre and uses his looks to his advantage. He has quite a few stage-persona but away from the bright lights he remains a people-pleaser, being a generous host with a practical disposition, aiming to please. 
Skills:magic, mostly illusion and some basic elemental tricks
Enjoys: ordering new outfits
Dislikes: delays



Goumka bonded at The Refugium

: Goumka
Gender: Female
Height: Medium (from 10' to 14' at the shoulder)
Parents: Goukage x MK
Species: Eastern Nazo
Colour: Purple and Pink
Pattern: Glass (wings), Sparkle & Bloodspat (body)
Diet: Carnivore
Personality: Inquisitive, playful and focused.

   *Fire Magic
   *Glass Magic
   *Half-Shifting (dragon to anthro)
   *Verbal Speech


Goumka as stayed with her mother until she could take care of herself. The young purple dragoness was feeling right at home at the Refugium but something was starting to push her to explore. She knew every nook and cranny in the space ship, had visited some of the other places nearby. Al of it was charming, but she was starting to wonder if flying below a real atmosphere might be different than the artificial domes here. Probably not as she knew the staff of the Refugium took their work very serious. But she wouldn't know for sure without trying. 
One day she would hop onto one of the transport ships and she would venture away from what she knew. But for now she would look for her enjoyment close to home. Tonight she would enjoy a magic show. Though she was quite magical herself, she was still looking forward to it. Magic was real and new ways of using it were always interesting. 
So after the hands had moved to the appropriate places on the clock, Goumka shifted into her anthro form and headed toward the hall where the show was taking place. Weirder people were about on the Refugium, so not many people paid the tall purple female with the elongated face, long horns and pink hair much attention. Her tail was smaller and more slender but still packed a punch so she kept it close to her body so as not to harm anyone walking near her. Her wings had shrunken considerably and fluttered slightly as she swayed to her place. 
The hall had been filled with tables, a stage to one wall and the lighting made the place look cosy. Goumka took place and watched as others filled the place. The time of the performance was nearly there when the lights dimmed even more and a flash of light briefly blinded the spectators. 
"Welcome!" a deep, warm voice called.
A spotlight shone onto the stage where a dashing grey gentleman was now standing. He was wearing a purple jacket and white pants, both those pieces studded with silver embellishments and little pink gems. Subconsciously Goumka sent a little of her magic their way to make the glass sparkle. Her eyes met the magicians and he gave her the most dazzling smile she'd ever seen. Apparently he'd realised what she'd been doing.
Goumka smiled back, which belatedly she imagined might look a bit intimidating but the magician didn't flinch. The show continued, a whirlwind of tricks, outfit changes and music. Dancers flitted across the stage and people were selected from the audience. The light changed for each new segment of the show and drew the spectators right in. 
But all things must end sometime and so did this night's show. Almost reluctantly, Goumka stood up after the lights had dimmed. She lingered a bit longer than she usually did and wondered if she could maybe book a ticket for tomorrow's show, when suddenly the magician appeared and approached her.
"Thank you for the extra dazzle." he smiled, giving her a little bow of gratitude.
"I'd say you dazzled quite well on your own." she flirted back.
Walter had managed to casually look at the beautiful purple dragoness multiple times during the show. He was used to making eye contact with his audience so it hadn't been difficult. It had just been hard to move his eyes away again. He'd been doing shows for over a decade now, venturing from world to space station. Playing in whatever venue that wanted him. His kind was sometimes discriminated against though he'd personally never done anything to deserve rude behaviour. Although he could imagine that his gothic looks and flair for the macabre would frighten some people. 
"I didn't dazzle quite as much as you." Walter couldn't help but remark, "Maybe we could go out for a bite to eat?"
"Only if the serve steak." 
"What else would we eat?"
"Vegetarians and vegans have been gaining support." Goumka shrugged.
"Not in devilish company." Walter smirked, "But I can understand that it's good that some people choose to eat the things others don't want. It makes sense and not just because that means I can eat more good cuts."
Goumka laughed and let the magician lead her away from the hall.
"So what are your plans for me?"
"For the evening or for later?" he asked.
"I didn't take you for a long-time planner."
"You wound me." he mocked, "I would hope you realise how much preparations are needed to make a show."
"I think we can start in the city and who knows, end under the stars?" he asked, "I'd really love to see more of you."
"That doesn't sound like a bad plan."

Lantessama Isle
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