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Name: Uthril of Reika
Age: 19
Gender: Nin Binary Male
Race: Elkeri
Class: Druid

Description: Uthril has a blue-tinged skin, white hair and two antlers. His violet eyes always appear a bit saddened which is enhanced by the set of his mouth and jaw. His nose is wide and flat. Uthril usually wears his purple, embroidered vest as it clearly shows to other Elkeri that he is a druid and should not be disturbed while performing the magic of his trade.  
Personality: Uthril is quiet person, not shy, but he usually keeps to himself and stays out of trouble. Even among his peers he feels like the odd one out and Uthril himself is pretty certain he actually deserves that trophy he got for being the 'most suspected to end up as a hermit' at his graduation. 
Skills: Magical abilities regarding plants
Enjoys: Quiet time in the woods
Dislikes: Getting caught in other people's trouble


Uthril raised his wooden staff and let his magic take over. The Elkeri mages did not posses much magic, but what they had was linked to nature, so it was only natural that they would use it to heal the trees and plants around them. Keeping the forests, plains and other terrains around them healthy, ensured their own survival. 
Each year their numbers grew, but maybe that was why their magic dwindled. Uthril had thought on numerous occasions that maybe the system wouldn't be able to sustain their tribe for much longer. He'd been told that generations before, only a handful of tree mages could tend to the entire forest while they now needed ten times that number. The same thing could be said for the water mages and the wind mages in their tribe. 
But what could they do but keep up with the work and hope for the best? Moving might be an option, but where would they find a place that suited them so well as the place they'd lived in since time immemorial?
"There are plenty of places." a lazy voice yawned in his mind.  
"Who's there?" Uthril asked, looking around.
His eyes fell on the water where an unusual glow reflected on something unseen. Could a water mage be working there? But when he reached the riverbank, he was met with a deep blue reptilian with a purple crest and a scattering of purple gems along the body. he creature had ears and horns and flippers. But it's tail seemed to be buried in the sand. 
"Are you stuck?" Uthril asked.
"I am just taking some nutrients from the soil and sun here." the dragon replied.
"I've never seen anything like you."
"I imagine you haven't since I'm not from around here. But there are many worlds like this. Although, you might not need to move."
Pinning his hope on those words, Uthril demanded:
All he wanted was for their tribe to prosper.
"I generate the magic you seek. Just having me around should help. Maybe we can ask more of my kin to come."
"You would do that?"
"I quite like it here. It's untouched by pollution and the people here know how to treat nature."
"Is there anything else you require?"
"Some companionship? I don't mind being alone, but sometimes I want to talk."
"My hut is not far from here." Uthril told Trochera as he somehow knew the dragon was called. 
All during their conversation, information had seeped into his mind. He suddenly knew how to care for this dragon and knew that she was not lying. He also knew that they would spend a lot of time together and strangely, that thought didn't bother him. 

Trochera hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Trochera Luctus
Gender: Female
Colour: Indigo-Purple
Personality: Trochera is quiet and calm, but beneath the surface lies a turbulent heart and a scheming mind. Most people underestimate her and think she is not much of a threat. Trochera enjoys to live her life in peace and she only acts when necessary, changing things to better hers and her bond's position or situation. 
Parents: Numenolunt Luctus x Degenti Iter
Species: Asandus (Niteshan-Old Cascatan)
Size: Medium
     *Shape-shifting (human-asandus)
     *Underwater breathing


Like most Asandus, Trochera could suppress her mating cycle. She'd done so quite a few times as there really hadn't ever been a time for her to mate and produce offspring. But as the Elkeri had made a treaty with the Asandus and more dragons had arrived, Trochera had understood that she'd put down roots on this planet. She would not leave and if she could tether her offspring to this place, then maybe she would even have saved a planet. 
The indigo dragoness chuckled at the thought. She wasn't usually as grand in her scheming. But sometimes things just came together. She knew that next time her cycle started, she would allow other dragons to court her. Would she bloom first? And were there even other Niteshan close enough to fertilise her flowers? Or would she have to find a physical mate to clutch? Either way, she would produce offspring soon enough. 
Maybe she should warn Uthril about the possibility... although, having a little secret was also fun.

Lantessama Isle
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