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Name: Umizee
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Reptilian Humanoid
Class: Guard

Description: Umizee has a green-scale hide, with a slender tail that is more for show than for practical use. She is about the same size a human female. She has a finned crest and ears that help her navigate in water and pick up on small changes in currents (both water and air). 
Personality: Umizee is dedicated to protect those weaker than her. She grew up hearing valiant stories told by her family who were all protectors of some kind and she internalised the ideal with her entire being. Sometimes she forgets that to protect others, you must also protect yourself.  
Skills: Several fighting styles, but she prefers the Spear. 
Enjoys: Being useful and strong, so she trains a lot 
Dislikes: Leaving others behind (and this also goes for situations outside of fighting)


Chekrane and Umizee navigated the wet marshlands that were their home. They often travelled together, having grown used to each other's company. They were well-suited to the environment but that didn't mean it was safe. Dangerous predators lurked both on the marshy land as below the murky water. Having someone to watch your back was worth more than the half of the treasure they took if they even found it.
Today the two reptilians were looking for the remains of a knight. Why a paladin would ever venture out in the swamps, heavily armoured as they usually were, was anyone's guess. But some fool had done it and had likely perished. And now their family wanted the remains located and brought back for a funeral. It would be a nice payday but that wa only if they found the body. If the paladin had been eaten they were screwed. 
"What were they looking for again?" Umizee asked, brushing aside some decaying plant matter.
"What they're all looking for: some legendary item to give them fame. I believe it was the boots of swiftness." Chekrane replied.
"Oh, I can see why a paladin would want that." 
Umizee looked up though she knew it would probably be pointless to look there. But maybe the paladin had climbed up a tree looking for safety. Stranger things had happened. Chekrane meanwhile scanned the waters and, helped by a small spell, searched the salty seafloor. 
"Hey, isn't that supposed to be sparkling?" Umizee asked.
"Only when there are people around to see it." Chekrane replied.
"I'm people!" Umizee called back.
"But you already think I'm awesome." Chekrane said.
Umizee snarked and returned to looking. Chekrane had a point, she wouldn't be impressed by the added bells and whistles, but she did like her companion, even if he was a bit vain. People seemed to naturally flock to him which helped a lot when she needed someone to lead a frightened crowd away. 
"I think I found him!" Chekrane called and they gathered around the forearm that stuck out from the muck. 
"So a croc got him." Umizee noted and got to working, trying to get the arm out of the wet dirt without causing further damage. 
Chekrane observed and figured he could probably do it quicker with magic but Umizee seemed to feel that some things needed to be done by hand. He didn't mind as it meant he could get some rest.
They were nearly done when a sound interrupted their mission. Immediately the both of them leapt up and took a defensive stance. They looked around, trying to assess where the sound had come from. A blue head peeked out from the undergrowth. Reptilian just like them, half submerged and clearly comfortable in the water. 
"I spy something interesting." the hathian dragon said.
"We won't be easy prey!" Umizee called back as she readied her spear.
"I'm not thinking of chasing you." the Hathian, Mathis, assured them. After all, he had been on his own for a long time and had just recently found a mate. His dark yellow mate, Vaygei, was maybe too timid but that sweet side of her had been what had attracted him to her. 
"Come." he called and waited until she appeared next to him.
"Are they good people?" she asked, looking at the two reptilians with caution.
"She sure is." Chekrane replied, pointing to his companion, "She can't pass a stray kitten or child without needing to help it." 
Umizee gave him an elbow punch for that, even if it was true.
But the yellow hathian seemed to perk up at that information and came closer.
"We seek companions. The two of us are strong, but not unbeatable. We need allies, strong ones, to help us fight the wrongs in the world. And to protect our children."
"I guess we could be those people." Umizee nodded.
Chekrane sighed, but then, adding two strong companions to their own party wouldn't be that bad.


Vaygei hatched at The Warren
Mated to Mathis

Name: Vaygei
Gender: Female
Species: Hathian
Colour: Yellow
Rank: Common
Description: A darkly tinted yellow female hathian with golden horns and shoulder guards. She has a spotted hide and rich, orange-tinted gliding sails that compliment her red eyes. 
Size: 13 feet (height to shoulder) 
Personality: Yellows are the reclusive thinkers in a Hathian pack. They are intelligent, quiet, extremely shy and easy to startle. Most yellows prefer to remain single rather than join a pack. Those who bond look for someone who is willing to care for and protect them. 
  *Breath Weapon: Fire and Acid
  *Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
  *Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind.
Communication: From birth, Hathian dragons have no verbal forms of communication, using only images and emotions to convey their needs to bonds and care-givers. As they grow older, their degree of intelligence rises to that of an average humanoid. They are able to speak telepathically to any receiving mind, and those that have been taught their native language should be fluent in it by their teenage years. By the time they reach old age, what few get there, they are considered 'sages' and looked to for wise advice.

Lantessama Isle
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