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Name: Tryptia
Age: 96
Gender: Hermaphrodite (presents as female)
Race: Part Demon, Part Elf, part Miracle
Class: Witch

Description: Tryptia shouldn't have been born, someone in a place of divine power must have smiled upon her because she made it and has had decades of life to prove that she isn't going to die anytime soon. She has an ageless face that is dominated by large curved horns just above her eyebrows and long pointy ears. She is a dull tan all over from her skin to her eyes, horns and ears. Tryptia lacks hair but usually covers up with scarves or hats.
Personality: Since her lot in life seemed to be one of agony and suffering, Tryptia became a fighter from a young age. Shortly after she was born, someone took pity on her and she was left in the care of an old witch. Though the woman was a bit unstable and weighed down by grief, she took far better care of Tryptia then she did of herself. As such Tryptia was only a young teen when the woman passed, but she was old enough to take care of herself. She could read, write, speak and had learned to cast. With those she could enhance her knowledge on her own and she did for decades. Growing more powerful and outliving the time both the elves and demons had given her. She is neither good nor bad, she just is. She looks out for herself first and foremost but will not hurt others if she can help it. 
Skills: Magic, Studying.
Enjoys: Tryptia lives a life of restraint and never indulges. Music is probably the one thing she is able to enjoy.
Dislikes: Tryptia takes everything in stride. One person's bad luck is another's fortune. She won't complain. 
Pet: Tryptia has a special bond with scaled animals, specifically snakes. 


Tryptia knew better than to expose herself to others. There were a lot of different races in the world but none such as her. The humans feared her, the witches evaded her, the elves wanted her dead and the demons couldn't care less about her. She'd never met a dwarf but she assumed those would not think kindly of her either. She was 96 years old and had lived longer than most would have believed. 
It had been a couple of decades since she'd last been 'home', at the place where she'd grown up. She had good and bad memories there, and occasionally she felt like she needed to return. She should have paid closer attention, but she'd not believed anyone might have taken up residence in her old home. As she entered the clearing, the door opened and Tryptia's instincts were to get away. 
A brief sting of regret filled her chest as she realised she'd lost the last piece of herself that clung to this place. And maybe that lost tether was why her magic went haywire. She'd done this spell a thousand times before as humans were far too nosy to keep from finding her. 
When the bright flashes of magic dissipated, Tryptia knew instantly that she was no longer on her own planet. The air was different, the fauna and flora wilder. And if that wouldn't have alerted her, there were the sounds. Like language but with clicks, tweets and the rattling of beaks. Looking around, there was only one path to take. Tryptia followed it and soon came upon signs of intelligent life.

Before her, row upon row of bleachers stepped down across the most elaborate and expansive structure hung in the trees of Techotl. The platform extended across multiple branches and touched several trees, each one adding to the support structure. At the center of the platform, opening up like a gargantuan iris, lay a tightly woven net covered in soft, well trampled grasses and leaves. The threads of the net were easily as thick as a manís torso, but fitted so tightly together that they cast a black shadow beneath them. The grasses and leaves served as padding only. The lightest that could be found, for atop the net sat the most precious of cargos.
A half dozen curious fledglings huddled together in a tight ball, their heads twisting this way and that in response to the endless sea of chatter wafting off the bleachers. The fledglings were antirraperna to a one, each sporting an impressive head fringe and the awkward, gangling limbs of youth. They chittered amongst each other, high pitched trills answering guttural rumbles.
Fom the branches of the surrounding trees, the sleek, beakish heads of the Antirr looked down. They would not be as easily swayed as the half-Pernese Antirraperna, but maybe they could find something that caught their interest today. They certainly had a wealth to choose from. 

- snippet -

Tryptia stopped for a moment and took shelter against one of the trees. She sent out a probe of magic, detecting many more lifeforms than she'd seen. Worryingly, there was one right above her. With as much speed as she could muster, Tryptia tried to get away. But there was no place to escape to. In a last effort to calm herself, she hummed a spell that would at least give her some protection for as long as she could keep it going. 

A strange new scent had arrived on the platform. Ichtaca hadn't been paying much attention to the goings on below. She didn't trust these oddly smelling new comers from off-world. Even if some of them could sing. Yet this new scent tickled her nostrils.
Moving quietly along her branch, careful not to disturb a single leaf, she followed her nose toward the edge of the platform. Few of the off-worlders remained on this side of the bleachers. Though they'd scrambled like mice before a flood when Tlilpotonqui had his little scuffle. Fearful little things. She did not approve of such flightiness.
The new scent kept her back to a tree. Smart. Better than standing out in the open. Ichtaca inched closer, daring to lean down from her branch with her tail keeping a vice-like grip on the arm of it as she sought to inspect this new comer a little better.
A sweet, simple melody drifted up to her ears. Ichtaca cocked her head to the side, taking in the music. She leaned down a little further, but when that did not separate the music from the chaos of sound from the bleachers, she released her tail grip.
The pale green antirr dropped to the ground with no more sound than a soft "thwap" when her coiled frame hit the wooden platform. She pulled her tail in tight and covered herself with her wings, leaving only her head rising above the nest of feathers. Her head tendrils twitched and jumped in the air as she leaned her long snout down to Tryptia's level.
Thoughts began to flood the part demon's mind. Curious thoughts of why she smelled so different. Encouraging thoughts to keep the music going.

- snippet -

Tryptia felt the strange presence enter her mind. It was bold and inquisitive but not openly offensive. It's one wish was for her to keep singing so she did. As it became clear that she was not in immediate danger, the half-demon changed the tune to one of soothing and lulling instead of keeping up the barrier. The melody slow and wistful. She thought of her home, of the clearing that was no longer hers. 
The dragon in front of her was coiled tied into a feathered mound, only her green head sticking out and watching her. Her mouth seemed to be lifted in a smile but that was only conjecture as it could very well be a grimace. But the set of her ears was relaxed, hanging down slightly. 
Carefully Tryptia formed questions in her mind: Where was she? Who were they? And what would happen?

Confusion was the first response to Tryptia's questions. Was she not one of the candidates? Had she not come to meet them? There were so many off-worlders here. None that Ichtaca found interesting though. They were all too loud and careless. Easy for predators to find. Ichtaca was only interested in someone with self-preservation skills.
Then the mental image expanding, picturing the platform and zooming out to include the forest, the nearby lakes, the continent itself, and then the whole of the world. She gave it a name; Techotl. Then she began to flash through images of her own kind; antirr. Then the ones that looked like them, but with long, gangly limbs; antirraperna. Who came with humanoids and dragons of their own. The humans and dragons worked side by side in the quick array of images, hunting, fighting, protecting each other. That was the purpose of this event. To create more bonds. To allow the antirr and antirraperna to experience worlds and cultures outside their own.

- snippet -

Tryptia relayed back the memories from earlier that day about how she had ended up on Techotl. She was feeling more relaxed now that she'd seen humanoids other than the standard humans interacting with the antirr and antirraperna. It seemed she might not have to hide here. Perhaps it would be a good world to explore. 

As Tryptia conveyed her experiences, Ichtaca listened. She kept her head cocked to the side, head tendrils trembling in response to the emotions that clung to Tryptia's memories like burrs. As the sending ended with a consideration of exploring Techotl, Ichtaca perked up.
She would be more than happy to show Tryptia around her home. This woman clearly had some sense of self-preservation, and so Ichtaca did not fear that they would have issues should they encounter any dangers.
The antirr coos at Tryptia, a sense of warmth and kinship drifting from her mind to the other's.

- snippet -

Tryptia suddenly felt a lot better. Whether that had to do because she'd made a pro-active decision or whether it was because she was getting some feedback through the mental link, was something she didn't quite know. But it didn't matter anyway. There was a new world to explore and she was curious to see what Ichtaca could show her. 

Ichtaca bonded at Nidus Adanuk (Techotl)

NameAudio - Sonogram
Spoken Name: Ichtaca
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Nidus Adanuk (Techotl)
Species: Antirr
Description: A bright green serpentine dragon with dark green stripes and spots, a lighter ivory belly. Her wings are a soft chocolate brown with red and white eyelet markings. 
Adult Size: 37 feet
   *Telepathy, low grade telepathy that allows them to communicate thoughts, impressions, and images across short distances
   *Verbal communication
       >Singing: can communicate over great distance by song in an extensive vocal range 
       >Mimickry: can mimic sounds they have heard before (literal repeats)
   *Venomous bite:
they produce a peptide toxin that causes swelling, pain, paralysis, and sometimes death. (beacon)
Peculiarities: Emotions are shown by the stand of their flexible head tendrils. 
Personality: Careful, Quiet, Tough


Tryptia sailed down the sky, a little song of weightlessness keeping her from getting hurt while Ichtaca descended alongside her. They were headed for the water to see what was to be found down below. They had explored a lot of the canopy and trees, but Techotl didn't end there. Tryptia felt it was time to maybe show Ichtaca something new on her home planet. 
The Antirr beside her sent her some excited thrills that gave her approval. The antirr felt it would be strange to stick her head in the water, but Tryptia had assured her they would not get wet. And so they perched on a thick root that clawed just above the surface.
"We need to be careful as neither of us knows what's below the surface." Tryptia said and thought, projecting thoughts of dangers lurking in the dark with a questing tone. It had taken her some time but she'd started getting the hang of messaging through images. 
Ichtaca cooed and waited while Tryptia sang another song to look for animal life and poisons in the water. Her barrier should take care of those but she did not want to risk it. She'd not forgotten the lessons of her old life. She doubted she ever would as Techotl was not that safe a world for explorers either. But it was a different kind of dangerous, more an "us against the rest" feeling that gave her excitement. 
Tryptia was even getting the hang of the singing language a bit. Not much, but as Ichtaca learned to repeat words and small phrases in Tryptia's native language, so could she utter a few base expressions. 
"The coast is clear." Tryptia finally ascertained. 
"Clear!" Ichtaca mimicked.
Tryptia gave both of them a protective shield and then they ducked their heads underwater...

Lantessama Isle
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