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Name: Toula
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Archer

Description: Toula is young woman of average height, with shoulder-length, light brown hair, brown eyes, a rather large nose and full lips. She likes to wear functional, well-fitting garments with traditional patterns. She lacks obvious muscles, except for her arms which are the part of her body she trains the most intensive. She works on stamina a lot too. 
Personality: Toula grew up in a loud and boisterous family where someone was always shouting or arguing. But they all love each other and keep in touch. Family gathers are wild and loud and Toula wouldn't have it any other way. Peace and quiet are things she can live with, but she can only relax in a place with a lot of stimuli.
Skills: Archery.
Enjoys: Music, Excitement, Fairs.
Dislikes: Having to stay quiet.
Pet: -


Toula was rewinding at a crowded bar after a prolonged hunting party that took place deep in the woods. She'd had to remain quiet, not only to not scare off the prey they were hunting, but also to keep from alerting other predators of their presence. She'd just had gotten unlucky in being selected for such a mission. If she'd found anyone willing, she'd gladly would have traded that one in for three weeks of guard duty. 
Gulping down her beer, Toula paid the bartender and headed out. the night was young and she had plenty of places to be and people to meet. Just being back in the city energised her. She could just feel her body and mind perking up as if she was a plant that had finally gotten water after a period of drought.  
A sudden twinkle caught her eye and curious, Toula went to investigate. Maybe she should be more cautious, but nothing bad had ever happened to her in the city. So when more light appeared around her, Toula just smiled at the beauty of it all. Maybe she'd drunk a little bit too much. Usually though she could keep her liquor, but she hadn't drunk quiet as much as she usually did during the hunting trip. Maybe she'd lost some of her endurance. Blasted mission.
"Maybe I should go sleep." she told the little lights.
And suddenly they dimmed, dwindling away.
"Awe, come on, you can stay alight, I don't mind."
Instantly the light returned and in front of her was a yellow and cream dragon with a large horn, wings and a soft furry tail. 
"Can I join you?" the dragon asked.
Toula smiled and wondered if there had been anything wrong with her drink, but she nodded and said:
"It's not much but what's mine is yours."
After all, as a soldier she really didn't own much. 
"I shall gladly take what is yours and share what is mine." the dragon nodded and added her name: "You may call me Orana."
"Toula." Toula reciprocated and added: "You know, you're going to be such a hit at the barracks."
In response, Orana rubbed her head against Toula and steadied the woman with her tail as she led the way to her sleeping spot. 

Orana hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Orana Amor
Gender: Female
Colour: Yellow-Cream
Personality: A fun loving, playful dragoness who doesn't mind public displays of affection. She is quite confident in her own hide and believes that everyone should just not insult others. She's an idealist that way. 
Parents: Dilectio Amor x Luctans Sequisors
Species: Asandus (Makanan-Askan)
Size: Medium
     *Shapeshifting (human-asandus)
     *Functional magic: Orana has a way of making things around her shine and look more interesting. 


Orana and Toula had moved slightly after their meeting and had gotten a small cottage just outside of the city where they were expected to keep guard. Toula hadn't been getting any more hunting missions since she couldn't exactly take Orana and they both insisted that they shouldn't be separated. This wasn't technically true, but nobody could verify that so it did the trick. 
Which was why Orana asked her bond one day:
"How about we take a vacation?"
"What's that?" Toula asked.
"It's when you get a break from work and you go see some places you've never been."
"Interesting, we don't get those here."
"I know, it's highly frustrating that people have not revolted to claim those rights here." Orana said. 
"So how are you going to get it?" Toula asked.
"Easy. I will ask maternity leave. I'm pretty certain they don't expect pregnant women to fight or guard, right?"
"There aren't many female soldiers, but no, those that are with child get time off."
"There. I shall put in a flight request at one of the Nexus planets and we can stay there until my eggs hatch. And maybe have some fun in the meantime?"
"Sounds wonderful. Pick a place with lots of sights."
"I know just the place!" 

Lantessama Isle
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