Theren Galanodel

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Name: Theren Galanodel
Age: 136
Gender: Male
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Druid

Description: Like most wood elves, Theren has a darker complexion than those of the high elves. He has short black hair and grey eyes. He is slender and not very muscular but is fleet of foot and can move very quietly in the forest.
Personality: Theren is a quiet and reserved person. He grew up in a small elven village in the middle of the forest and is not used to large crowds and other races. He is biased because of what he'd been taught. His outlook on things is traditional and conservative but those views will probably change as he interacts with those he meets on his adventure.
Skills: Fighting with Staff and Shield, Hiding, Tracking, Raising plants.
Enjoys: Soft music, Plantlife.
Dislikes: Crowds, Loud noises.


Today is the big day. Ever since you were little, you knew your greatest dream was to grow up to be a dragon rider. You’ve often seen those glorious warriors overhead, flying in V formations on the backs of their beautiful kings and queens of the sky. The dragonriders keep the land safe. They protect against bandits, monsters, and worst of all, hydras. You are brave. You are strong. It took you a long time to prove it to the search riders, but now that you’re a candidate, the hard part is behind you. And today, the best day of your life, you wake to the sound of the bells announcing the hatching of the eggs. You leap out of bed and quickly get dressed.

Theren quickly took his coat and boots and got dressed. Pulling on one boot he stuck a piece of meat in his mouth so he wouldn't get hungry and opened the door. He threw on his cape and in the last minute decided to also get the piece of meat that was left. He knew there would be food on the tables for the hatchlings but he was a hunter and he knew the importance of bait.
With one last look around the room he took in a deep breath and let realisation sink in that this was it. This was what he'd been waiting for all these years. Excitement rose in his chest and he ran down the stairs. He'd not been here long so finding his way down proved to be a chore. Theren knew he'd taken a wrong turn at one point but he still managed to come down in the right place. So maybe he'd taken two wrong turns that cancelled each other out. You could get lucky like that sometimes.
Feeling slightly uneasy as he made his way toward the hatching cavern, he felt more than saw the amount of people that were present. Rounding the corner his eyes caught up to the feeling of pressure and sure enough there was a crowd gathered. He was unarmed and unprepared, but what choice did he have? Courageously he stepped onto the sands and joined the other candidates as he waited.
The silver queen protectively curled her tail around the dozen or so eggs that were laying on the sands. Most of the waiting candidates rushed forward but Theren stood his ground and waited. It wouldn't be prudent to go too close to any animal that was in a bad mood. Respect was something he prided himself in. He would wait until the dam and sire, a blue dragon with swirling eyes, gave him their approval.

You stare up at the silver queen. You’re so close that if you reached out, you might be able to touch her tail. You think this would be a really bad idea as she is big and she does not look happy to be crowded. You don’t have long to think on your proximity to those teeth and claws. One of the eggs lets out a resounding crack and the crowd gasps as the first hatchling spills to the sandy ground. Glistening black scales cover the hatchling’s body and tiny wings flap ineffectually at the air. It lets out a miniscule growl, and one of the candidates moves forward to scoop it up. You watch as other eggs begin to hatch, releasing dragons of red, gold, green, vibrant purple, darkest blue, and so many other colours. Candidates become riders as they make their bond. Your heart is thundering in your ears, thudding against your throat. Then the egg in front of you starts to crack…

The eggs are hatching all around Theren and suddenly a dragonling is at his feet. Covered in sand it's colour is hard to notice but it seems like a bright-coloured dragon. Theren bends down, instinct taking over and then he looks into the eyes of the hatchling. Colours swirl into life and Theren almost feels like he's falling. The crowds and loud noises around him disappear and he is reminded of his home. He smells the green of the forest, the rich scent of moist fertile earth, the seductive scent of flowers and the sweet scent of ripe fruit. Colours flash by and there he is again in the crowded hatching cavern with a dragon at his side. A dragon, he realises he knows by name.
"Are you mine?" he asks.
"We've shared our deepest thoughts. We have no more secrets." the hatchling says in his mind.
Joy, surprise, disbelief and wonder all try to claim his thoughts but the resulting mix of emotions is too great to describe. The strain of the crowd is also taking it's toll and Theren has to fight to keep himself upright. Suddenly he remembers the piece of meat he brought and pulls it out.
The hatchling croons delighted and takes the strip of salted meat gently from Theren's hands. The meat doesn't last long but the action brings some peace back to Theren's thoughts. His own insecurities and anxieties no longer matter. This moment is all about the dragon. They'll grow stronger together and fight for the good of the world. Pride blooms in Theren's chest as he gets up and smiles.
Together with his new purple dragon, Theren moves to the waiting tables to feed it. The hunger he feels through their bond is quite distinct. The hatchling must be almost ready to keel over, even with the strip of jerky he fed it earlier. But that will be remedied soon.


You have been training with your bond for a full year. You know how to cinch a saddle, shoot a bow, and hold on to a flying dragon without losing your lunch. Your bond is not quite full grown yet, but they are big enough to ride, and together you have touched the clouds. But today is a day of remaining grounded, so to speak. 
Today is the day of fledgling exams. Can you and your bond soar into the ranks of fully trained riders? Or will you be held back a year? You line up with the rest of your classmates and their eager young bonds. The fledgling master, Hishou, approaches your group, the towering shadow of his bronze dragon stalking after him. 
“Alright, class. Today is the big day,” he barks out. “All of you will line up and take your tests one at a time. We’ll start with combat skills, then move on to tacking, followed by flight. Remember that these tests are timed. The faster you are, the better your grade. But don’t forget! Speed is nothing without quality. One bad strap can be a death sentence in the air. First up!" 
You are at the front of the line. When did it form behind you? No help for it now. You step forward and pick up the bow lying on the ground. A quiver of arrows sits by your foot. At the far end of the field, a target awaits. You notch the first arrow and take aim.

Theren takes up the bow, notches an arrow and takes aim. Since he is a wood elf this is childsplay to him. Feeling the wind and the humidity level of the air Theren can determine exactly when to release the string and with what speed to send his arrow flying. Grateful to his father for teaching him to hunt, Theren pulls back and releases his hold on the arrow. With the speed of lightning and the certainty of years of experience, Theren hits the center of the target with a thud. The arrow quivers from the sudden stop. Now some might do something silly like take a bow or give a show, but Theren is not such a person. He just quietly puts down the bow for the next person in line and takes a few steps back to watch his fellow fledgeling trainees. There was no doubt in his mind that he would fail this task, but hubris has a way of taking down even the best of fighters.
Taking the time to calm down and focus, Theren gives a reassuring message through his bond. They're in this together, even if it can't compete in this particular exam. In just a matter of seconds Theren receives some reassurance back that they will ace the exam. It won't be much longer that they'll be able to join the ranks of the valiant dragonriders. His dream will come true and he'll be able to return to his village with his head held high. Though, being dragonriders means he won't be able to stay there like he had before. But in leaving his village he has gained a bond for life. Though he is older than a lot of the other trainees and is probably better in anything they'd be asked to do, Theren cannot help but feel a bit nervous.

Everyone has taken their turn. Some had to try multiple times to hit the target, but in the end, everyone has passed the first test.
“Well done, class,” Hishou crows as you all line up in front of him again. He is beaming with pride at seeing all of you succeed. In front of his feet sits a line of saddles and straps. You know that gear well. 
“Next up is tacking. This test will impact your final test as well, so make sure you are double checking your work. One bad strap-”
“Can be a death sentence in the air,” you and your classmates mutter in unison. You swear that tagline haunts your nightmares. The fledgling master beams again, then steps back. 
“You have five minutes. On your mark, get set… go!”

Now comes the real challenge. Theren is reunited with his dragon and gets down on his haunches to inspect the straps. All seem to be present and in decent state. There is one that has a frayed edge that he would want to replace. This is a test but as they've been taught: you don't fool around with your safety. Theren gets up and walks over to the overseer and asks for a new strap.
"The edges are a bit frayed, Sir."
"Hmph, cocky aren't we. But you can take a new one over there."
Theren walks over to the box of spares and notices that they're all mismatched and mixed up. Dutifully he digs deep into the box and rummages through the straps, identifying the one he needs. He grabs it and jogs back to his dragon, waiting patiently.
Next he dons the tacks almost automatically, the gestures and fastenings so familiar he could probably do them in his sleep. They've been drilled into their use since day one after the hatching after all.
"My back feels a bit tight." his dragon remarks.
"Sorry, must be the nerves." Theren says as he adjusts the straps.
"Don't worry. You'll ace this test.
"Thank you for the vote of confidence. "
"I'm done." Theren calls and waits for his work to be inspected.

Hishou walks down the line of saddled dragons and eager riders. He does a cursory inspection of each set up, checking to make sure there are no glaring failures. A proper tack up is part of the test, but there is no reason to risk pointless injury if it can be avoided. Satisfied with his inspection, he takes several steps back and raises his voice to be heard at a distance. 
“We won’t know who passed the second test until we complete the third. Everyone, mount up. When I call your name, you’re to take off, fly the outlined course, then land without issue. The faster you complete the run, the higher your score. Style will also count, as will ingenuity. There’s more than one way to complete this race. Ready?” 
::We’re ready,:: your dragon says in your mind. 
You can feel their eagerness and excitement. This is as much a test of their abilities as yours. You quickly put a foot in the stirrup and sling yourself up into the saddle. Your dragon stands up, and you can feel their movements beneath you as they take a few steps forward. You pull down your goggles, loop your hands through the flight straps and lean forward into the ready position. Hishou calls your name. Your dragon lunges forward, a sudden bullet of speed and strength. You feel the muscles coiling and stretching beneath you as your bond unfurls their wings and begins to flap. One… two… three long strides, and there’s no landing after the last jump. Wind howls around your head, numbing your cheeks within seconds. You’re off!

Feeling the wind is exhilarating, but Theren is here for one thing only and that is to pass the exam. Deftly keeping balance as his dragon runs through the curves and swoops that form the course, they manage to land safe and sound after only a few minutes of airtime. The flight was too short, but as a test it was sufficient to show they can work together.

That’s it! The final test is done! You know it will take a while to get your score back, but you’re confident of your performance. You hug your dragon’s neck as the rest of the class begins to celebrate the end of the exams. You are now a fully fledged dragon and rider duo.


A year has passed since your graduation. You’ve been assigned to a Wing and worked your way up from seventh position to third. You’ve faced monsters and bandits aplenty and earned the admiration of your peers. You know that with your dragon at your side, you can take on anything. This morning’s dangerous task? Acquire breakfast without being late for practice.

Waking up and realising that his internal clock had failed him because of the dark clouds obscuring the sun, Theren ran out his quarters and made for the training grounds. Even after becoming full-fledged riders and having gone on so many missions, they were still expected to train. It never hurt to polish your skills though.
Feeling his stomach rumble, Theren pulled off a piece of fruit hanging from the trees. Edible, if slightly unripe, but nothing he couldn't take. Running the rest of the course only took him five minutes and he arrived just as Thzak'Mybl landed.
"Ready for practice?" Theren asked.
"Had your breakfast?"
"Enough to tide me over until lunch. Not that you'd believe me."
"It was just a piece of fruit."
"Fasting every now and then is healthy, we did it quite often at home."
"Elves are crazy."
"We just know what's good for us and go with it."
Theren got back to looking ready and was happy to at least have gotten some food in his system. These training sessions could be rough and an empty stomach was not a good start of the day.

You arrive at the training grounds; a wide open field that butts up against the mountain range on one side. This side of the mountain is peppered with old scorch marks and scars from dragons who weren’t paying close enough attention to their Wingleader. You greet your fellow riders, exchanging a few jokes as you wait for the Wingleader to arrive. It only takes them a few minutes to appear from the sky astride their shining black dragon. The dragon’s wings glitter and refract light as it glides to a gentle landing nearby. The jokes cease and all talk quiets down as the Wingleader greets you and explains today’s practice schedule. You’re all to focus on coordinating with your fellow riders. That means focus, communication, and absolute synchronicity with your dragon. You listen to the instructions, then mount up with the rest of your Wing. It doesn’t take long for all thirteen dragons to fall into their proper positions. You see one of the Wingseconds ahead of you, signalling from the back of his massive brown dragon. At his gesture, you cut away with the rest of your side of the Wing to begin the training maneuver.

Forming formation was always a bit thrilling. If you knew the other riders you could make out pretty much where they were going to be, but with new people it was always risky. Theren watched as the dragon in front of him swerved and Thzak'Mybl followed effortlessly. A few airsacks up ahead made for a bumpy ride but his dragon managed to slice through it quite smoothly. Theren watched as the dragon before him faltered a bit.
"Be careful." he said.
"Already noticed that." his dragon answered.
They flew on and shifted formations as their instructor asked of them. Flying V's, squares, over and under each other with each new gesture. Nothing like drills to burn those patterns in their minds. The work was however draining and Theren could feel his stomach protesting that it had only gotten some food, which got some snorts out of Thzak'Mybl, which Theren ignored. Being on time was important too.

A distant horn interrupts practice. Your Wingleader calls the Wing together again and you direct your dragon to land with the rest of the formation. On the ground, a message runner waits for your Wingleader. They talk in hushed voices for a short time before your Wingleader turns back to address you and the other riders. 
“There’s been an attack,” he calls out, his tone firm but excited. “Hydras are rampaging through Grenich. We need to get in the air now.” 
Hydras! A thrill runs between you and your bond. You haven’t faced hydras yet. All those heads spitting fire and acid, and the size of them is enough to give even the most courageous person pause. 
You also know the town of Grenich. It’s a small farming community a few days travel from the Warren. They host a yearly festival to celebrate the dragon riders. You can’t let those good people suffer. You mount up. No time to prepare the heavier gear. Your Wing takes off and soon you’re soaring in the direction of Grenich. 

Launching back into the air, Theren feels the rush of excitement as they're about to face the hydras. This is why he'd wanted to bond a dragon. Hydras spelled absolute disaster in the forest where he grew up. Just one could burn down an entire section and lay a few villages into ashes. They needed to get their as soon as possible to fight of the threat. He needn't spurn Thzak on however, the dragon mirrored his own feelings at the thought of finally being able to fight his greatest enemy. They would do this and they would do it right. The other dragons around them held the formation and together they reached the village of Grenich.

You’ve arrived in the skies over Grenich. Thick, black smoke chokes the air. The hydras have already smashed through the outer edges of the town. An orchestra of screams and screeches provide background noise as your dragon rockets toward the nearest hydra. The gleam of red flames shine across its heavy black body as it turns ten heads toward you. You start to dive, but a familiar bellow sounds overhead. The Wingleader is calling the Wing back into formation. You waver in the smoke hazed sky, looking at how far the devastation spreads below. So many houses on fire. So many lives at risk. Writhing masses of crowned heads swim in and out of sight amidst the chaos. You need to get this situation under control!

Theren hears the signal to return to the wing. Feeling the eyes of the many hydras upon him, he knows they can only make it if they work together. He returns to the formation, finds his place and awaits orders, looking around for immediate threats just in case he needs to act quick.

The Wingleader makes a few quick hand gestures. You’re only half paying attention. Three hydras are galloping down the main street. The Wing turns toward them and the dragons dive down to blast the hydras with searing flames.
There are so many of them! Glowing red eyes are all around you, mocking you. Acid and fire scorches the ground and the air. Your dragon takes a hit and you can feel the agony rippling across your own limbs as if the hydra’s teeth raked you instead. Though your bond tries to stay high, the smoke steals the breath from your lungs. You are forced close to the ground. Close to the hydras.

Being on the ground, wounded and hurting in a black sea of smoke, Theren tries to keep it together. Relying on his trained sense, he hears the hydra coming from the right. Thzak'Mybl also notices and lashes it's tail. The hydra retreats but knows you won't be able to hold out much longer. Your only chance lies in regrouping or hiding. Or maybe hiding while regrouping. Theren blends in the background and tries to extend his skill toward Thzak'Mybl as much as he can. Now they just need to get back to the others. Straining his ears he can just make out a few cries to his left. That's where he'll be heading.

A clear, brassy bugle cuts through the din of battle. Then another. And another. The other Wings have arrived. Sleek, reptilian shapes fill the sky, moving like wraiths through the smokey ceiling. Your Wingleader blasts out a response on his horn, and soon, dozens of leathery wings churn the air overhead. Help has arrived!

Relief washes over Theren as the bright light of the flaming dragons appears. Now it's just a matter of staying clear of the flames. Heading toward the voices he heard, Theren manages to find a few of his fellow wingmen. Their dragons have also taken hits, but with the three of them together they manage to ward of the beasts that still try to take them on. Though the attacks become fewer and less fierce as the dragons flying overhead take out one after the other hydra. Soon the smoke will lift and they'll see just how much damage this attack has done to the village. Theren can imagine but forces the image out of his mind. They're not there yet. A stray hydra could still be prowling around, hidden in the smoke.
Keeping their backs to each other they move forward, away from the flames and closer to the edge of the village. Safety lies at the edge of civilisation, they only need to reach it.



Name: Thzak’Mybl

Colour: dark purple

Size: 17’ at the shoulder

Species: Geperna

Sire: Blakoreth

Dam: Myrah’Care

Personality: Purple dragons have a habit of being tender, quiet things; their homes tend to be in soft, quiet places..especially near the sea..

Abilities: Telepathy, verbal speech, teleportation, Purple Fyre - a mist of salty, purpleness. It causes those that inhale it to be confused.

Mutations: magical polycerate development (spikes)


Theren bonded at the Warren on Tris'Hath (word crawl)

Lantessama Isle
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