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Name: Taiko
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Devil
Class: Musician/Bard

Description: Taiko has a dark skin, black rastafari hair and curved grey horns. Her eyes have red irises, her nose is on the larger side and straight. She is on the slender side, with not that much curvature. She often wears plenty of layers since playing outside often leads to being cold. 
Personality: Passionate, impulsive and reckless, Taiko often doesn't think before she acts. She is a free spirit and not easily contained. This is why she often plays on her own. She doesn't work well with others unless they're experienced at ad-libbing and improvisations. But for those people, Taiko is a dream to play with. She is eager, responsive and willing to lose herself in the music.  
Bio: Taiko was born to a male demon and a female human. Her mother left her at a temple where she was raised. Taiko didn't really adhere to the rules and she was often chastised (not always because she deserved it, she was an easy mark because of her heritage). She showed her love ond aptitude of music early on and was generally happy to practive the drums so she was often allowed to do just that. As an adult she joined a travelling troupe but she's changed troupes often and generally just wanders around. 
    * Rhythm
    * Basic Fire Magic (kept hidden)
    * Telepathy
    * Teleportation
    * Spellcasting (nothing too complex)
Enjoys: Music, warmth and doing what she wants.
Dislikes: Rules. 


Lots of people meet at parties. Whether they get introduced or they notice each other across the dancefloor is not important. They know they click and then they extend their circles. It was so that Taiko met Skipper. The white-red hivewing mutt was standing in a corner, sipping some water from a bowl - possibly spiked - and looking like they wanted to be anywhere but here. But Skippers fluffy white tailtip moved to the beat of her drums. 
Across the room, the reclusive dragon was only present because she hadn't been able to get out of attending the party. Some mumbling about fate and destiny had been uttered. None of which Skipper believed in. So she was sulking and doing her best to keep people away. Alas the music was quite good, the beat steady and intense with enough twists to keep it interesting. 
When the party died down, the two of them finally managed to exchange some words. And after an unknown number of spirits, they decided that the Nexus was a big place and that they could tour it together. 

Skipper was hatched at The Burrow

Name: Skipper
Gender: Female
Species: Hivewing Mutt
Parents: Darkling x Cherillon Filidelunas
Official Coloration: White-Red
Size: 9'4" at the shoulder
Personality: Selfish, Reclusive, Protective

   * Telepathy
   * Verbal Speech


Still touring, Taiko and Skipper venture on and off planets, and sometimes spaceships. At times they stick aorund for a few days. Other times they leave as quick as they've arrived. Some would assume travel by dragon should be more limited. But devilish teleportation skills are a whole different matter. Taiko simply knows where to go. 
"Whereto this time?" Skipper might ask.
"Following our noses." Taiko might reply. 
Sometimes she might also use other bodyparts. It's quite mystical how demons travel but it seems to follow some rules at least. Whatever may be, Taiko seems to have quite the knack of finding interesting places to spend their time. 

Lantessama Isle
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