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Name: Sterre
Age: ? (looks youngish adult, no clue what will happen now that she has left her tower)
Gender: Female 
Race: ? (Time Lord-like human outside of time?)
Class: Watcher 

Description: Sterre has a pale skin with a yellow tone. She has long white hair and grey eyes. She has a young-looking face though she is definitely older than her looks would suggest. Maybe her sheltered life has kept her from ageing. 
Personality: Sterre is nothing but patient. She has lived her entire life in the small tower room where she watches others through her powerful telescope and magical looking glass. She has learned everything she knows through her stealthy observations. She speaks every language known to man and doesn't question the fact that food just appears every day at regular intervals. Lately though, she's been wanting to interact with the people she watches.
Skills: Quiet contemplation, Languages, Observation.
Enjoys: Observing the lives of others.
Dislikes: ?  


Sterre put her eye to the telescope and zoomed in on a distant planet. She'd watched that planet before. As far as she knew she'd watched the entire universe. But the silly thing kept expanding so there were new things to discover all the time. As usual, a nutritious meal had been waiting for her and she nibbled on the sandwich and sipped her tea. She loved watching people so much that she tried to do it all the time. 
Her eye wandered and she found a couple of girlfriends talking and having fun. She tuned in her looking glass so she could follow the conversation. The two girls would never know that their private conversation had been witnessed. She'd probably remember it long after they'd forgotten all about it. These thoughts sometimes saddened and sometimes empowered Sterre. 
Today it seemed she was feeling a bit melancholic. She twirled her telescope and sighed. A few seconds passed but the urge to watch grew too much to resist. She put her eye to the telescope again and blinked. Something was off. She was definitely watching some nebula cloud, but she couldn't seem to find any planets in it. Adjusting her telescope did nothing. Intrigued, she looked at the looking glass and caught breathing. Not something she'd expected.
Not 5 seconds later, the nebula was in her tower.
"So here you were." a voice said.
Sterre looked up to find a blue-purple dragon standing in her room.
"Dragon Whorling." the dragon corrected, "You may call me Syl'Seiri."
"Ehm... nice to meet you." Sterre said, feeling at a loss. 
She was so startled she didn't even know what language she was talking.
"The language of your inner heart or mind." Syl'seiri supplied.
"Oh." Sterre said.
"I think the time has come to leave this tower. Don't you want to do more than watch?"
"I..." Sterre swallowed, "Yes I would."


Name: Syl'seiri
Gender: Female
Parents: Silver Dragon Whorling Lore (f) x Nebula Red Whorling Se'lere (m)
Species: Dragon Whorling
Origin: Dray's Adoption Place
Description: A regal and confident dragon who knows what her abilities and skills are. She will waste no time trying things she knows she can't do. This dragon only goes for a good chance of success. And with her time-stopping breath, you better believe she always has a good chance of success ;-)
   * Verbal Speech
   * Teleportation
   * Time-Stopping Breath
   * Force Magic

Lantessama Isle
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