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Name: Sophia
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Race: Half Elf
Class: Mage

Description: Sophia is a human-elf mix. She seems to be aging as a human but maybe that'll change. The only thing that gives away her elf heritage are her long, pointed ears. She has dark auburn hair, a nose with a definite bulb and large, expressive eyes. She is quite conscious of her nose but it is difficult to hide. 
Personality: Sophia grew up with her human mother and has no urge to seek out her father's species. She is grateful for her gift of magic but has decided from a very young age that she would make her own way in life. Unfortunately though, Sophia seems to suffer from some magical curse wherein she attracts accidents like a magnet. 
Skills: Magic (runes)
Enjoys: Getting things right with magic.
Dislikes: Snails and other slimy creatures.  


Sophia locked her door, closed the windows and took a deep breath. She'd put every precaution she could think of in place. Sending a quick prayer to the god of Fortune she read the incantation, drew the runes in the air and waited. Sophia was notoriously unlucky. She was part elf, meaning she had far more magic potential than your average human. Other thn that she was a pretty standard human. Maybe it was that imbalance that caused her to be such a walking disaster-magnet.
One breath, two breaths. Sophia was starting to think that she'd failed again. But then a tiny pinprick of light appeared. The pinprick grew, pulsing and crackling like electricity. And then it - of course - went out of control. The light engulfed her adn Sophia wondered why she'd ever attempted a relocation spell. It had only been intended to move an apple from one room to another, but clearly something had gone wrong.
Closing her eyes, Sophia felt woozy and nauseous. Maybe she'd reappear in pieces, remaining alive long enough to die in agony. Maybe she'd just fizzle out as the magic collapsed. When a breeze ran across her face, she opened first one and then the other eye.
"Thank the gods." she sighed. 
She was alive and in one piece. Being someplace completely alien was the least of her problems. 
Sophia looked around, trying to get more information. She was somewhere indoors. It was dusky but Sophia had the distinct impression that she wasn't alone. A sudden heavy breath seemed to prover her feeling.
"Hello?" she called, "I'm probably lost and didn't mean to disturb."
"You are very welcome here." a voice assured her, "Someone will be here to fetch you shortly."
And indeed, only a few heartbeats later, a door opened and light was let in. Sophia made out a hazy figure and orbs that looked like large eggs. The guide quickly ushered her out of the hatching bay and she got lectured about not disturbing the dragon mother while she was guarding her clutch. Sophia could only nodd.
Over the next days, she was given a room, food and educated. Apparently appearing in the hatching cavern made her a candidate and she would be allowed to try to impress one of the hatchlings. That would have frightened her, if the mother hadn't been so reassuring when she'd appeared. Her only fear was that she'd trip and cause a scene.
So when the summons came, Sophia kept to the back of the room and tried not to move too much. It was there that the purple red-winged female cat hybrid found her. 
"Why are you hiding?" the dragon, Tasutimi asked.
"I don't want to hurt anyone." Sophia confessed.
"I can help with that." the hatchling said, already showing her proud and helpful disposition.
"I would be grateful." Sophia nodded.
"Some food first would be good though."
"Anything for you."

 Tasutimi Caelumpictor bonded at Abstract Destiny

Name: Tasutimi Caelumpictor
Gender: Female
Runed Purple-Red
Parents: Berith Caelumpictor x
Rustavomi Friskers
Species: Hybrid Catdragon
Special Note: Can breed with anything except canine-derived species
Size: 9 - 13' at the shoulder.
Description: Tasutimi is a vibrant purple dragon with red-feathered wings and orange claws and belly armour. She has two pronged horns and cute yellow-lined ears with a little patch of red fur attached. Her red hair is very soft. Yellow and purple runes adorn her body. 
Personality: Tasutumi is a calm and proud being. She keeps her distance but due to her empathic abilities is unable to turn away from those in need. She gives out great hugs and takes her time when listening to people complain/rant/worry. She hardly complains, only her bond knowing the full scope of her feelings and carries the weight of her duty gracefully. 
   *Breath Weapon (Fire), The ability to breathe out a gout of fire.
   *Empathy: The ability to sense and understand another's emotions. 
   *Fire Magic, The ability to wield magic related to creating and controlling fire.  
   *Poison Bite, The possession of a poisonous bite. 
   *Shapeshifting (Human), The ability to shapeshift into a human form. 
   *Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind. 
   *Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words. 


Tasutimi flexed her wings and looked up. The weather was ideal. A slight tailwind, but nothing too strong. Hardly a cloud in sight and a pleasant temperature. Everything seemed to be in order.
"Nothing will happen." Tasutimi told her bond.
"I know, I know. I'm just being cautious." Sophia said, making a small gesture to ward of bad luck, not that it had helped before.
"Remember, you just need to stand here and I'll do the flying."
"Be careful." Sophia replied.
"You know I'm strong. And fast. And I can burn any I don't like to a crisp."
"You'd better not do that."
"It was a matter of speech." the purple dragon joked.
"But trust me, Only one I like will get close enough to fly with me."
"I'll be here waiting for you." Sophia said, stumbling a bit as she took a step.
Tasutimi steadied her bond, protecting her from a fall once again.
"Don't worry. I'll be back before you know it and then we'll get to spend time indoors for a long time."
"I can't wait." Sophia said, putting a smile on her face.

Lantessama Isle
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