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Name: Rosace
Age: Immortal
Gender: Presents as female
Race: Demon
Class: Mage

Description: Size and appearance are relative to Rosace but she does have a favourite shape and usually presents as a young woman with dark skin, large, curved horns at the side of her head and bright purple hair. Her eyes look menacing with their black sclera and red-pink pupils.
Personality: Rosace has her fair share of contact with other demons. Some she likes, others she doesn't, a few she despises. But no matter how she feels about them, the demons in question will never know. Rosace is stoney-faced and cool. She's lived long enough to prefer keeping her distance to getting into arguments.  
Skills: Control, Keeping cool, Shadow Magic, Immortality
Enjoys: Being around other demons, Storms.


Rosace wandered around the Burrow, sticking to places she was allowed to go for now. She caught wind of the Burrow by word of mouth, following the minute hints back to a wandering half-devil musician who was travelling with a dragon. Apparently more dragons would hatch from there and the prospect had been so foreign to Rosace that she had stalked the pair until they'd given ehr the coordinates.
Now that she was here, she could only wait until the next clutch was ready and the hatchlings would be born. No-one had batted an eye at her when she'd shown her intention to stick around. In fact some weirder folks had turned up. But that suited Rosace just fine. She didn't need to be the biggest or baddest demon in attendance. Being treated normally was much more rewarding.
And so, several weeks later and several acquaintances richer, Rosace moved toward the hatching cavern and waited. The purple Thunderbird mother looked fierce, lightning crackling in the air while the clutch' sire, a black, red and white dragon with wispy wings looked more elegant than dangerous. Although Rosace knew looks could be deceiving.
Eggs cracked like thunderclaps as the hatchlings fell out. Rosace was surprised to see the hatchlings were wingless. But soon those wings materialised, sprouting lightning at the same time. Some of the gathered took a step back, but Rosace inched forward. She loved nothing more than a good storm and she was as good as immortal, making her fearless in the presence of only a little lightning.
A little zap hit her hip and Rosace turned.
"I take offence in that thought!" the purple demi-spirit said.
"I'm still pretty sure you wouldn't be able to kill me with that." Rosace replied.
"I wouldn't really try. I might need you yet." Kiyo'kee, as the dragon had
revealed her name, replied.
The two hit it off and Rosace agreed to care for Kiyo'kee until she would no longer require her aid. Afterwards they would see how long they would stick together since the arrangement did profit them both.

Kiyo'kee was hatched at The Burrow

Name: Kiyo'kee rii Navisno
Gender: Female
Species: Calamity Demi-Spirit
Parents: Yoki'kee x Sky rii Navisno
Official Coloration: Purple
Size: 8'2" at the shoulder
Personality: Embraces their natural elements, Hesitant, Prankster

   * Verbal Speech
   * Breath Weapon (Lightning): The ability to breathe out a bolt of lightning.
   * Manifest Wings: A thunderbird's wings are pure energy and must be willed into existence to permit flight.
                              Lightning crackles from the "cores" of their wings while in use.

   * Psionics (Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation)
   * Thunder: By rattling its wing spikes together, a thunderbird can create loud noises that duplicate the cacophony of thunder.
   * Weather Magic (Rain-based): Limited control over rain-based weather.


Kiyo'kee wavered. She had a tendency to do what she wanted, to prank and make fun and to act before thinking. But that was only when she knew what to expect. In this situation the calamity demi-spirit felt uncertain and thus was hesitant to act.
"It's just scribbling your name on a board." Rosace jibed.
"But it will keep me detained for quite a while."
Rosace considered, "When looking at all the time we could have left together, it's not all that long." the demon replied.
"Would you really stay? You might get bored." Kiyo'kee replied.
"I don't think I've ever seen eggs harden or experienced the growing of lives like these."
Kiyo'kee grinned, "And what will you say next time?"
"That the eggs will be different." Rosace admitted.
The demon enjoyed Kiyo'kee's companionship too much to leave her to her own devices. Kiyo'kee too was reluctant to leave the demon behind. Though Rosave had cared for Kiyo'kee, the demi-spirit had helped Rosace on numerous occasions as well. The debt between them was not such an easy thing to resolve and neither felt like trying.
"You know I can do it for you." Rosace said and in a little gust of smoke Kiyo'kee's name appeared on the board.
Kiyo'kee blinked, "That's actually quite freeing."

Lantessama Isle
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