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Name: Rinji
Age: Undisclosed
Gender: Male
Race: Kirin
Class: Mythical Being

Description: Rinji is a Kirin, a mythical beast that takes the shape of a deer that is covered in scales like a dragon, with the tail of an ox and the mane of a lion. Sometimes depicted with one horn, other times with two. The Kirin is a regal animal, graceful and revered. Beware though, a Kirin will attack when threatened. Rinji can breathe holy fire.  
Personality: Like most Kirin, Rinji is very gentle. He is a vegan and takes care not to hurt even the smallest of animals. A Kirin appears in times of peace to herald a golden age... sadly, Rinji hasn't had much screen time lately and he has transformed into a grumpy, lonely being.  
     *High Intelligence/Wisdom
     *Breath Weapon: Holy Fire
     *Aura of Peace
     *Aura of Luck


Zeenith had spent a lot of time learning about the Nexus and dragonkind. It soon became clear that the possibilities were endless. Numerous worlds, countless draconic species and even more sentient beings. Zeenith had felt overwhelmed. No matter how much he'd read, how many people he'd interviewed, there'd never be an end to the information. 
And thus Zeenith had decided that waiting until he was fully educated to spread his wings would be futile. So after half a dozen years, he had bid his parents farewell. He was quite capable of taking care of himself and he was smart enough to keep out of danger. In fact he was wary of danger and preferred to keep to himself... which meant that his studies progressed only minimally. Zeenith knew he'd need to interact more with others. 
And there was no time like the present. 
So the young dragon mutt male spread his wings and set sail to his fate.  
"Careful!" a gruff voice boomed.
Zeenith retracted his wings and looked up surprised. A dark green-skinned male stepped into the light and though the man was very corporeal, oozing power, he didn't even bend so much as a blade of grass. 
"My name is Zeenith and I am here to learn." Zeenith called.
Rinji, a Kirin, sighed and ignored those words. He might live at a temple but he was no monk. No-one would call him a teacher. 
"Go away." Rinji said and turned aorund.
"I wish to talk to you." Zeenith tried again. 
"I don't wish to reply." Rinji replied.
"But you do." Zeenith parried and felt all warm and fuzzy. 
Somehow the dragon mutt knew this might be an area effect.  There was something really interesting about this person in front of him although that might be the horns and the tail. Meanwhile Rinji couldn't refuse the young, inquiring soul. He would not turn anyone away with force, unless they attacked him and clearly Zeenith was friendly. 
"Do as you please." Rinji sighed and led Zeenith toward his home. 

Zeenith bonded at The Burrow

Name: Zeenith
Gender: Male
Official Coloration: Crystal Blue
Parents: Green Polige x Crystal Blue Merydian
Species: Dragon Mutt
Size: 14'6" at the shoulder
Description: Zeenith is white all over with bright blue shaggy hair and wingsails that are partly transparent. Like all his siblings, he wears bracelets that are woven from his father's woolly fur. 
Personality: Peaceful, Reclusive, Self-Sacrificing.
Status: Sponsored

     *Avengaean Functional Magic
     *Verbal Speech


Zeenith travelled but still returned to Rinji's home reguarly. The Kirin had turned out to be a kind of dragon in his own right, to different from Zeenith. Rinji was still his prickly self but Zeenith happily returned to the gruff mythical being as his presence caused such good things to happen. 
But today Zeenith had other plans. Today he would join a mating flight. He'd planned carefully, had kept his eye on various mating boards in a multitude of worlds until he had come across the one. 
He could only hope that he would be up to par.  

Lantessama Isle
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