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Name: Quorun
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Race: Half Ork
Class: Warrior Mage

Description: Quorun is a dark-skinned male ork with pointy ears, black eyes, a scrunched up nose and a (for an ork) small mouth. Quorun has the sturdy build of most orks and bulks up easily with little training. he does need a lot of sustenance because of his size but has not run into shortage (yet).  
Personality: Quorun is a big sweetheart. He may look intimidating but his personality mostly comes from his human mother and the upbringing she gave him. She always taught him to be kind and caring. But she understood when he enlisted as a fighter since other jobs would be hard with his looks the way they are. As a soldier he is compassionate though and shows a dedication to not prolonging suffering that most have lost. 
Skills: Fire magic, Sword-fighting
Enjoys: Watching wildlife
Dislikes: Unnecessary suffering and bloodshed
Pet: -


Quorun had been deployed in the midst of fire, smoke and bloodshed. It was the usual constitution of a battle field and the sounds, sights and smells were familiar to the towering half-ork. Quorun locked the more sensitive side of his personality behind a cold wall of focus and went about doing his work. 
He was fighting for his own world and people. Fighting to keep them safe so that the battlefield wouldn't extend to his own planet. He'd do anything to keep the fires and death away from his home and family. As a battle mage he was expected to fight using both his sword and his magic, but maybe Quorun had missed his calling somewhere because he also felt it was his duty to end the suffering of those dieing and to tend to those wounded that could be saved. He could only administer basic first aid, but he knew which victims of war could make it and which needed to be put at peace. Sending back victims definitely cost time, but so far no-one had complained about it.
As Quorun advanced, alone with his thoughts, a strange whimper caught his attention. Looking around, believing the sound to have come from someone in trouble, Quorun was surprised to suddenly be face to face -faces- with a furry, red-eyed dragon. The creature snarled and seemed to be ready to pounce, but Quorun saw in it's eyes that it wasn't a mindless beast. And if it was intelligent, he could reason with it.
"Who are you fighting for?" he asked.
If the creature attacked then he would fight it, but if it had wandered on the battlefield, he'd leave it be.
"We fight for no-one but ourssselvess." the creature said, surprisingly out loud and not in mind-speak that was common with them.
"Then I have no beef with you." Quorun answered and started moving away.
"If you have beef we would very much want it." the hydra insisted and looked more menacing than before.
"It was a figure of speech." Quorun cleared up the misunderstanding but went through his pockets just the same. 
When he found a scrap of meat, he threw it at the hydra and hoped to be done with it. But alas, he should have headed his mother's words that when you feed an animal, it will follow you forever. 

Sanctelmo hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Sanctelmo Filidetiyorarel
Gender: Male (using plural pronoun)
Colour: Silver-maned Night
Personality: Scatterbrained as having two brains will do to you, Sanctelmo is not the most steadfast of dragons. As a hydrak he is prone to be being more violent than the average dragon but he means well.  
Parents: Night Drak Bipedra Tiyorarel x ???
Species: Bipedra Hydrak
Size: Medium
     *Verbal Speech
     *Acid Spit
     *Night Vision (bad day vision)


Sanctelmo still followed the half Ork that had fed them. The big guy supplied them with meat at regular intervals and brought them along to the battlefield which was one big playground to the hydrak. Yet today, some things were different. Today they'd come to a place with dragons. And there was no fighting. Quorun had called it a "diplomatic mission" and to Sanctelmo it was just a boring thing the humans did. Fighting was much more fun. 
But as Sanctelmo lay pouting, something fun did happen. A female dragoness rose and Sanctelmo knew they needed to catch her. They were strong and they had two heads. They were better than the others. So they left their post and went to chase. 

Lantessama Isle
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