Name: Mulineth
Gender: Male
Race: Pernese-Loekairen-Hathian mix
Colour: Pink-winged Orange
Description: A bright orange dragon with runes magic tattood on his belly and transparent pink wings. His ears are large and sensitive and his golden horns are sharp. 
Size: 20 feet standing (4x as long as tall)
Personality: Mulineth is a party-dragon. Since a young age he's enjoyed parties, gatherines and oh yeah, beer. He's that dragon that ends up chugging a full keg (or two) and then dancing (or something like it) on the table. He doesn't have bad intentions, he'just has an infinite trust in his own luck and the goodness of others. And in fact, he's never ended up in a bad place after his actions. In fact, most people seem to like him. Even the most proper of dragons and humans turn a blind eye to his drinking because he's such a helpful sweetie when he's not partying. He has a special fondness for animals. 
   *Fire breath
   *Verbal speech
   *Low level magic: minor elemental and arcane manipulations of objects up to half their size and weight without runes
   *High level magic: advanced spell casting (refer to DnD 5e spell charts for examples) with runes
   *Mischief: these guys have a playful streak that means they are always on the lookout for an opportunity to prank someone


This story was made using Porth's Progeny Pandemonium at the Nexus Discord Gifts and Exchange Channel.
Option 1, Base Colour: orange, Wing colour: pink, Markings: freckles, Runes: yes please. 

"Dude! Youíll never believe what happened to me the other day. I was out in the flight fields practicing my animal communication etiquette,  when out of nowhere, this female elf commoner appeared! They threw a fish and ran away laughing. I went to pick it up, and poof! I found myself teleported away."
The dragon took a breath and added: "It was the craziest thing! Anyway, when I looked around, I realized I wasnít on TrisíHath anymore. So I guess I live here now? I hope you guys have beer. Thatís my favourite thing."
Herein, Lantessama Isle's dragonder keeper blinked and tried to put all of the information together. He'd been born on Earth, so he was still a bit bothered by the presence of magic in the universe. But then, he did care for a small army of mind leeches with levitation and teleportation skills. 
"Meryk?" he called.
"Yes?" his jade dragon returned.
"I think we have a guest. Can you alert the laedrysses?"
"Certainly." Meryk said, his energy soothing and calm as usual. 
"So who are these laedryses?" the dragon asked.
"The leaders of the isle. Maybe I should take a few notes." Herein said.
He sushed away a small dragonder before it could latch on to the stranger and started asking questions.
"You can call me Mulineth." the dragon told him, followed by the most important question of all that hadn't been answered before: "This place does have beer, right? I wouldn't be able to live without it."
Herein lost his concentration and looked a bit puzzled: "Yeah we do."
"Great! I think I might stay here for a while. Seems like a cosy place. Sunny. Pleasant. Not too warm. Sea. Sand."
A small fishlike pet zipped in to investigate.
"What are those?"
"Dragonders. don't worry, they don't mean harm. Just ignore them."
"Too late." Mulineth said as he made eye contact with the small green female dragon-fish.

Mulineth originally came from Tris'hath
Kiwili is a dragonder from Lantessama Isle

Lantessama Isle
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