Name: Berlinth
Gender: Female
Parents: Porth x Kumathra
Race: Pernese-Nemishai mix
Colour: Green-winged Purple
Description: A dark purple dragoness with arrow runes all over her body. She has large grey-green wings and two sturdy legs. She keeps her arms free for casting. The two horns on her head are embellished with rings and charms. 
Size: 20 feet standing
Personality: Berlinth is a graceful dragon who likes to move to music. She is quite vain, enjoying others looking at her and the way she dances. She keeps in shape and enjoys beauty treatments. The one thing she enjoys most of all though is to scrub her hide in warm sand and then rinsing off in the sea. Berlinth likes a life of convenience but she trains to keep her magic up to spec (after all, it makes things so much easier!) 
   *Fire breath
   *Verbal speech
   *Formshift: they can shift from a bipedal form to a quadrupedal form (size stays the same, bones realign)
   *Coldfire: freezing cold instead of hot, blue instead of red, but consumes materials just as well as fire
   *High level magic: advanced spell casting (refer to DnD 5e spell charts for examples)


This story was made using Porth's Progeny Pandemonium at the Nexus Discord Gifts and Exchange Channel.
Option 2, Base Colour: purple, Wing colour: green, Markings: none, Runes: yes please. 

"Wow! Youíll never believe what happened to me right now. I was out in the flight fields practicing my dance moves, When out of nowhere, this non binary elf cleric appeared! Sure he had dashing clothes and he looked quite handsome. But that's no excuse for littering. They threw a parchment with a list of mundane items written on it and ran away laughing. I went to pick it up, and poof! I found myself teleported away."
The dragon shook her head as if she still couldn't believe it and uttered: "It was the craziest thing! Anyway, when I looked around, I realized I wasnít on TrisíHath anymore. So I guess I live here now? I hope you guys have sand. Thatís my favourite thing."
Analina, Lantessama Isle's manager, took charge immediately. She'd been confronted with wayward candidates, lost travellers and unruly dragonriders during her time in charge. One lost dragon wouldn't throw her off track. 
"We certainly have plenty of sand as we're an island. You find yourself on the planet Syl'Neriss which is somewhere out of time and space. But don't worry. I know for a fact that we will find a way to reconnect you with your world. Though you are of course very welcome to stay."
The manager of the isle started walking and gestured for the dragon, Berlinth, to follow her. She concisely laid out the rules and workings of the isle and showed Berlinth the places of note, dropping her off one hour later in front of a vacant cavern where she could live.
"If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to call for me."
The manager winked and said: "Also I arranged for a little gift to be left inside. Do enjoy."
Berlinth nodded and went inside, leaving the woman to get on with her other work. The purple dragoness got acquainted with her new lodgings and found them quite satisfactory. She turned toward the sleeping place and was delighted to find a bowl-shaped indentation that was filled with clean sand. How had the manager managed that in such a short time? Berlinth hadn't felt any magic in her. She would have to thank her next time she saw her. 

Berlinth originally came from Tris'hath

Lantessama Isle
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