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Name: Pentag
Age: 57
Gender: Non Binary/Hermaphrodite
Race: Sea Salamander
Class: Witch

Description: Grey-skinned and stick thin, with long light-coloured hair, long ears and a drawn-out face, Pentag will be noticed for her looks in human society and not in a good way. Having dwelled in the ocean for all their life, it's not like they care. 
Personality: Patient, calculating and inquisitive, Pentag is exploring the world and everything is a new, novel experience. 
Skills: Water manipulation, Water creation, Shape-shifting (fish and reptiles)
Hobbies: Lurking in the deep, Basking in the Sun.


Pentag lurched out of the water. Nothing they did was elegant. Their moves stiff and jarring. But their mind was clear and patient. Darkness was the best time for them to explore as they had great night vision and others apparently did not. Clad in rags, with drenched hair and sodden features, the sea salamander wraith stalked through the harbour looking for novelties. They had been here a couple of times before and novelties were hard to find. Humans apparently did not change their ways unless something big urged them to do so. 
A frightened yell and pounding steps alerted Pentag that they'd been spotted. Too bad, that meant their exploration would be over for the night. They turned into an alley, kneeled down and vanished into a sewer. The place was dank and dirty but the sea salamander wasn't exactly picky. They flushed out their surroundings with water they created out of the air and followed the pipe downstream. They would reach the ocean in no time. Maybe they should stay still for a couple of years so people would forget...
Muffled sounds alerted Pentag that someone else was down here. How peculiar. Immediately tempted, the sea witch went closer to get a look and stumbled over a pristine teal blue tail. A bright white tailfin kept the salamander from falling to the dirty tiles and a pair of orange eyes observed them for a couple of seconds.
"If you're the one who made the water flow through than I could use your help."
Brefrizo, the teal-blue dragon stepped to the side a bit, revealing a blockage of waste that made one wonder about the dietary habits of the people living aboveground.
"I don't see many dragons down here." Pentag said.
"I'm not like most dragons. I am a cleaner."
"In fact this place could use a cleansing. I assume a witch such as you could take care of that?"
"I could." Pentag agreed, "But why would I?"
"To increase health and prosperity, to aid those we live with, but mostly to just accomplish that sense of complete fulfilment of having cleaned something truly dirty. Don't you want to feel that?"
Faced with such vehement love of cleanliness, Pentag could not disappoint. The sea salamander created water with the tiny organisms that would eat away the dirt and set them loose. It didn't take long for the blockage to be cleared.
"Now if you'll excuse me..." Pentag started.
"I'm never letting you go again. You must come with me because there is plenty more where that came from!"
"Uhm... but..."
"Great! Let's get started."

Brefrizo was hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Brefrizo Caelumpictor
Gender: Male
Colours: Teal & Blue
Species: Makanan/Iulerbrilan
Parents: ??? x Silver-White Air Makanan/Iulerbrilan Ciwary Caelumpictor
Personality: A bit breezy and refreshing, enjoying cleanliness and order.
     *Bolt Breath
     *Sparkle (always seems to gleam when light hits him)


Pentag soaked in the sun. Luckily Brefrizo believed that the sun could sanitize dirt which meant that Pentag could take leisurely breaks at due times. Pentag felt like they knew more about the sewer systems than of the sea at this time and considering they'd spent their entire life in the depths that was saying something.
"We need help." Pentag declared, "There is no way we will ever be done."
"That's the beauty of cleaning. You can always clean more. But I see your point."
"You do?" Pentag asked hopefully.
"Let's be off to find a world where I can mate and make some babies to carry on the legacy!" 

Lantessama Isle
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