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Name: Ozark
Age: 22
Gender: Non Binary
Race: Halfling
Class: Artificer

Description: Ozark has a slender build, long blond hair, narrow eyes, a straight nose and thin lips. Ozark is usually small enough to get in, under and up on top of several of the smaller machines and is greatly sought after to help repair things. 
Personality: Ozark is a people pleaser and although they sometimes overdo it, they can't stop. A sad look, a panicked cry, any cause of pain in another is something Ozark can't let pass. Luckily they live in a relatively peaceful community so Ozark can still complete some work!
Skills: Many technical skins (mechanical, programming, ...)
Enjoys: Tinkering, building functional AI's.
Dislikes: Disappointing people. 


"Ozark, I'm terribly sorry, but I need to go on a rare parts mission for his high eminence but the group leader also asked me to go out and collect a package in town. I can't do both, could you help me?"
Ozark looked at the fellow technician. The young man had only joined recently but apparently he had already picked up on the easiest target to ask help from. But Ozark understood his plight. You didn't want to disappoint either men as they held the power to promote people. So Ozark nodded.
"I suppose you want me to pick up the package?" 
"Would you? I'm in your debt."
"Sure." Ozark replied, not really expecting to ever have need to ask for the debt to be paid. 
Only slightly later Ozark headed out. The road to town was a pelasant one and actually it wasn't such a bad way to spend some leisure time. Meanwhile, Ozark worked on schematics, visualising them and identifying problems that might arise at testing. It didn't hurt to be prepared and to already identify the areas that might need some tweaking. In that way the town appeared almost too soon. But there was the entire way back to think some more. 
Ozark headed to the right address and was surprised to find a colourful dragon waiting there. Embarrassed to be caught staring, Ozark averted his eyes. 
"I don't mind being ogled." the dragon grinned, "My name is Zononder Filidesene."
"Ozark." Ozark replied before adding, "Of the Rimini Workshop."
"I know, I have a package for your master."
After the exchange took place, Zononder added, "And maybe I should come along to express my apologies."
"For what?" Ozark asked puzzled.
"For requesting one of his good workers to join me as I've taken an interest in them."
"How would you know I'm a prized worker?" Ozark asked.
"I can read your mind, it's full of work. You will definitely be missed. But I fear I won't take no for an answer."
"Just like that?"
"Would you refuse an invitation to join me?" Zononder asked.
Ozark considered. Strange as it was, the dragon's proposition felt thrillingt and exciting and for once it didn't matter that there was so much to make, so much to repair."
"I assure you there will still be. Just different things than you would find here." Zononder pushed.
"No, I guess I wouldn't deny your request." Ozark smiled.
"Time to cash in some of those favours." Zononder suggested, "You might want to get some extra things."

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Name: Zononder Filidesene
Gender: Male
Colour: Purple-red-pink-orange-yellow (Sunset)
Personality: As bright and colourful as his plumage. Zononder loves to chatter, loves to support and loves to give little gifts. 
Parents: Purple-Blue-Black Dragon Mutt Desene x ??? 
Species: Feathered Dragon-Niteshan
Size: Not too large. 


Zononder stretched his wings as Ozark tinkered on some intricate little piece of technology. Zononder had made good on his promise to show Ozark a wide range of apparatuses that the mechanic would never have gotten to see otherwise. But lately, something'd been bugging Zononder. Like an itch just where he couldn't scratch. 
Ozark picked up on the unusual gloomy thoughts of Zononder who usually was as cheery as a bunch of colourful balloons. The young mechanic had little knowledge of what could ail a dragon, but they shared a tendency to want to help and the urge to do everything for Zononder was particularly strong.
"You've been sighing a lot." Ozark tried.
"Sorry." Zononder sighed.
"No really, if there's anything you want to be doing, just tell me."
"Even if it involves an inter-planetary roadtrip?"
"Of course?"
"And a possible extended stay? Like half a year to a year?"
"Even if there might not be technology?"
Ozark winced but said once more: "Anything."
"Well, we can probably find a place with dragons that has technology. And it's not certain I would win. But I can surely try."
"Try to?"
"Win a mating flight, obviously." Zononder replied.
"Oh." Ozark said, "Well, we can try however many times is necessary."
"You're the best."

Lantessama Isle
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