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Name: Nami
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Elf, Half-Gnome
Class: Warrior, Paladin

Description: Nami is short due to her gnome-heritage. She has the pointed ears of both her parents and features that land somewhere in between. She certainly doesn't have the wrinkles of the gnomes, but she also isn't as young-faced as the elves. Her hair is sleek and green, her eyes are a soft grey.
Personality: Nami is soft spoken, considerate and careful. She likes to be well-informed before she makes a decision. She definitely likes strategy more than slash and dashing her way through. She enjoys the thrill of meeting a good opponent and matching blades and minds. 
Skills: Sword-fighting, Shield-fighting, Acrobatism
Enjoys: Relaxing in a hot bath after battle/strenuous activity. 
Dislikes: Incompetence. 


Nami twirled her short sword around and pivoted away of a slash that would have certainly caused some injury if she hadn't been able to dodge. She grinned while her mind raced to look for an opening, to compare possible moves and tried to take everything in. Distractions where all around her. The cries of others on the battlefield, the sound of wind howling, of pebbles being crushed below armoured boots. And below those sounds was the perpetual whisper of the rain coming down. 
Nami was soaked and - for now - oblivious to the cold that was seeping into her bones. She needed to keep moving, to parry, to thrust, to survive. Many people underestimated her because of her size. Her current opponent had not and was giving her enough of a fight to raise her spirits. She'd remember him, that is, if she managed to make it out alive.  
Everything around them blurred and Nami concentrated on those sounds and movements that were important. She'd just have to trust her luck and instincts to keep her from being ambushed. All of her senses were needed on this battle or she would be dead anyways. Their fight stretched out, both soldiers intent on winning. In the end it was Nami who gave the final blow and though she nearly staggered and fell, she was still alive. 
A horn sounded and she breathed a sigh of relieve to know that the enemy was retreating. Glancing around, she made certain no enemies were planning on ignoring the order before she sagged and dropped to her knees. Though dangerous, she would take a little time to recuperate. She felt the cold seep in and knew that she would have to move soon or risk hypothermia. 
She grabbed the mantle from her opponent - it wouldn't do him any good now anyways - and dragged it around her. A little bump caught her attention and when she went to investigate, she found a pocket with a sealed parchment inside. Curious and eager to forget about the cold, Nami broke the seal.

Gather round
Travel beyond and cross the gate
Look to be bound
Impressed by the Twisted Fate

Too late Nami realised she was reading the enchantment aloud. Too tired to have noticed the compulsion when she'd opened the letter. Too weak to fight it's effect. Nami sighed as she felt her body leave and cursed her own curiosity as she reappeared somewhere. Probably far, far away from everything she knew.
"Greetings..." she heard. 


Nami hastened to the hatching grounds. She'd been at the Twisted Fate for a few months now and had been allowed to stand to impress a dragon. Her skills had been of good use to her here and she still didn't completely trust the others around her. Still, as long as she was of use to them, she would be allowed to stay and that was far better then to be thrust out and left to try to find her way back home on her own. 
The eggs this time around were of mixed heritage. She'd been taking classes but barely knew enough to know what she was getting into. It was the best option she had though, so she'd taken to it with all she had. 
"You did not choose wrong." a gravelly, dark voice said in her mind.
Looking up, Nami saw a pearly white dragon with emerald-green wings staring at her. Her red eyes looked menacing but they didn't frighten Nami. In fact she could feel a warmth coming from them. The fire of flames that could both destroy and comfort. Luckily for Nami, her dragoness seemed to just want to comfort for the moment.
"I'm happy you chose me, Menthe'isa." Nami said with a short bow.
"I'm happy to have found someone with some wit and talent." Menthe'isa replied dryly.
"Let's get some food then."
"Don't forget the tea."
Nami quirked a brow, not quite having been told that dragons drank tea. But it wasn't a difficult request to honour. 

Menthe'isa bonded at The Twisted Fate

Name: Menthe'isa
Gender: Female
Type: 1/4 AAM Beast, 1/4 Danachian, 1/4 Dracanian, 1/4 Infernal
Parents: Kagisir'isan X Qiskeney
Rank (AAM) #5
Description: Menthe'isa has a slender body in a pale colour from her Danachian heritage (Starry). She has two sets of front limbs that maker her quite handy. Her tail ends in a venemous stinger. She has three sets of horns that extend from her brow ridge, cheeck and jaw bones. A ridge of horns with AAM smoke-coloured sails extends from the back of her head down her neck and also at the end of her tail. She has two powerful smoke-coloured wings with peacock-markings. 
Size: between 19' to 35' long. 
Personality: Though Menthe'isa looks very threatening, she is in fact mostly grumpy. She enjoys solitude, smelling flowers and drinking some relaxing tea blends. Be very wary when you encounter her when she's sleep-deprived, you might end up a little singed. Likewise, slipping her some chocolate or tea will probably get you out unharmed. 
  *Breath Weapon (Fire), The ability to breathe a gout of fire.
  *Chameleon, The ability to manipulate the colors and patterns on one's hide.
  *Fire Immunity, Invulnerability to fire.
  *Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
  *Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind.
  *Venomous Stinger, The tail-barb is venemous.
  *Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words.


Time had passed by in the blink of an eye, the care for Menthe'isa and the training consuming whatever free time Nami had been spared at the start of her time at the twisted Fate. It felt like being thrust into the water and being expected to swim. But if she didn't try and struggle, she'd be defeated and cast out. Neither of which was appealing. Nami was a fighter and played to win. Menthe'isa herself, though grumpy, did not like to be ridiculed either, so they both stayed at the top of their game.
Until suddenly they were told that they'd raduated and were free to either join the ranks or look for their fortune elsewhere.
"Any plans?" Menthe'isa asked.
"I always thought I'd return home..." Nami started.
"I don't think that place would be home anymore."
"We could always travel." Menthe'isa suggested, "We could look for a nice place. Someplace quiet and out of the way. Relax."
"You make being a hermit sound so nice." Nami grinned, "But you have a point."
"Don't I always?" Menthe'isa remarked.
Nami refrained from saying that resistance to Menthe'isa's wishes was met with resistance, sulking and plenty of dark thoughts. But her dragon was right. They could travel, work for keep and look for a place to settle.
"How about someplace by the beach?" Nami asked.
"I was thinking a mountain meadow. Preferably sheltered by steep cliffs." 
"Let's try a couple places." Nami said tactfully. 

Lantessama Isle
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