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Name: Merida
Age: Classified
Gender: Female (but has the skills to crossdress)
Race: Demon Fae
Class: Spy

Description: Merida is a tall, curvy woman with long red hair. Her demon heritage runs toward bat-features, with pointy ears, a scrunched up nose and sharp but tiny fangs. Her fae heritage gave her iridescent purple wings and milk-white eyes that make it impossible to know just what she's looking at. Both of the lineages combined gave her an exceptional set of magical skills and a high intelligence that helps her in her work.
Personality: Merida has trained herself to withstand the pitfalls of her heritage. She knows how to suppress her anger outburst, to temper her lust and to focus on the less pleasant sides of a job. She presents herself as a suave, cultured person and keeps those less desirable features of her personality hidden, to be indulged in secret. So far this tactic has worked for her and she has risen quite high in the ranks of her organisation. 
Skills: Surveillance, Intelligence, Assassination
Enjoys: Indulging in secret.
Dislikes: Boredom.
Pets: Has her own little demons to entertain her, though they also try to lure her on the path of destruction. 


Merida dressed according to the information she had received. Internally she gave the outfit a weird look, but externally she looked as unfazed as usual. She put on the studded, preformed bralette with the faux-fur edging and hitched up the matching skirt with the impossibly high split. At least she'd be able to run in it, something she wouldn't have been able to had the split not been as high. Carefully constructed pockets concealed an array of weapons. Two handguns, a couple of knives and daggers and even a few throwing stars. 
The half fae, half demon fluttered her iridescent wings. The bralette left her back bare and gave her wings the freedom they needed. She would also be able to fly if need be. Most people figured her wings were just for show but they'd be wrong. A choker around her neck kept her top up and though she didn't quite enjoy the fastening, she could not do without it unless she wanted to shock the public. 
"Yes... shock them!" a tiny voice sounded from her left shoulder.
"That would endanger the mission." Merida dismissed the little demon.
They were kind of like guides, only she wasn't a full demon and had worked long and hard to be able to suppress her inner voices. So far, her three tiny demons seemed not all that bothered by her refusal to do their bidding and she actually quite enjoyed their companionship. 
After she'd changed, Merida took the little 3d recorded message prism out and activated it. Lights appeared and after an initial bit of static, a shadowy figure appeared and a metallic voice spoke:
"Greetings, Agent M02. Today you will head out to Club Cirrus. Your attire and equipment has been carefully selected and you will be approached by an agent who you will work with. The other agent will ask you for a spoon, please reply that all you can offer them is a butter knife. The agent will identify themselves and you should be able to get the rest of the information from them. Be aware that failure of this mission will result in catastrophic consequences that could harm the nation and it's citizens. This message will auto-delete. Please recycle the message prism through the usual channel."
There'd been a time when message self-destructed but people no longer wasted precious resources. 
"Oooh, burn it!" her second little demon pleaded.
"No." she told it and let it sulk.
Merida had bigger things on her mind. As usual she had hardly been given any instructions. The other agent better be good or she would quit. But who was she kidding? She'd never quit, but she would probably destroy another pillow or two to quench her anger and frustration. 

Maroq hatched at Mirrus Fortress

Name: Maroq IliníRathaki
Gender: Male
Species: Elemental Spirit / Saurake / Dragon Mutt
Parents: Heliotrope x Skadoian Ilin'Rathaki
Size: 15-25í long
     *Control Darkness: The ability to control and manipulate darkness.
     *Create Darkness: The ability to create darkness from nothing.
     *Telepathy: The ability to communicate mind-to-mind.
     *Verbal Speech: The ability to communicate in spoken words.
     *Telekinesis: The ability to move and manipulate objects with their mind.



Lantessama Isle
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