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Name: Mai
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Farmer/Herder

Description: Mai is a slight young woman, with a pale complexion and long brown hair. She has large eyes and an expressive face. She cannot hide what she is thinking, she reads like an open book. She often wears pastel colours. 
Personality: Mai is a simple maiden. She was raised in a small village where people trade for what they need and help each other. She has internalised these traits and is probably too friendly for this world. She is not naive however and will learn to protect herself when she ventures out into the world. But she does believe in second chances and will give them to those she feels earn that right.
Skills: Herding animals (mostly sheep)
Enjoys: Positivity Hope and Friendship. 
Dislikes: Negative thinking, Lies and dishonesty.


Mai looked out over the meadow. The sky was blue, the grass green and dotted with small yellow and white flowers. The town's flock of sheep was grazing calmly and it looked like she shouldn't be having any trouble today. There had been no sightings of predators lately, probably because it was summer and there was enough wild prey in the forests. 
Mai thought about her plans for the evening, there was a sing-along in the town square and she enjoyed the chance to let loose. People would be happy and excited. There would be food and drinks. She was very much looking forward to it. And as her thoughts wandered, she dreamt of travel and bigger places. She was happy at the village but sometimes she wondered what was outside. Not to stay there mind, more like to sample life there for a week or so before she came back. She was truly happy here after all. 
A shadow suddenly obscured the sky with it's small fluffy clouds. Frowning she tried to make sense of what was happening. The sheep panicked and bleated in alarm, scattering. Mai herself could do little more than duck when a large creature raced by overhead and touched down just a little while away.
The large creature stepped closer. Mai oddly didn't feel threatened. She waited and looked into the beast's clear yellow eyes. She marvelled at his beauty. Shiny white and flashy yellow. Studded with molten gold and gorgeous proportions.
"I see you have taste." Lemcyrion said, "Could you maybe tell me where I could eat something?"
"That would depend on what you eat." Mai replied.
She had an inkling that one of her flock might not be with them anymore tomorrow.
"Meat would be best." the dragon confirmed, "But I can make do with other things."
Lemcyrion filtered through the young girl's mind. And said: "Fish would be a good alternative."
"We have lots of fish." Mai nodded, "Follow me."
And follow Lemcyrion did. He had gotten charmed by the girl's kind and open mind. Maybe this place would be a good base. And tonight they would be having a feast. That seemed like a proper welcome. 

Lemcyrion bonded at The Last Oddessy

: Lemcyrion
Gender: Male
Parents: Enbanonth x Quaestuo
Species: 1/2 Pernese (Old World) - 1/2 Asandus (Niteshan/Piralan)
Size: 10-16ft to shoulder
Appearance: A brilliantly white dragon with sparkly citrine-yellow wings and gems. Mencyrion is a majestic wonder and he knows it. He shall always shine and will radiate class. 
Personality: Lemcyrion is proud of his heritage and appearance. He strives to be the best version that he can be and will help out as many people as he can. Because of that he does tend to be late to appointments but people who know him adjust to that and take it in stride because Lemcyrion is always ready to lend a hand. 
  * Telepathy
  * Telekinesis
  * Verbal Speech
  * Telekinesis
  * Functional Magic (Light/Flame).


With Lemcyrion, Mai had visited a lot of places on her home planet. They always returned to Mai's village where Lemcyrion helped protect the people and animals from threats. Life was calm and days were peaceful. Which is why Lemcyrion suddenly wondered if he could show the every dreaming Mai something new.
"How about we visit another world?" he asked.
"I can take us wherever you want to go." he said with confidence.
"How do I choose?"
"I can tell you about the worlds I've been too. And when we hear stories about other planets over there, we can visit those too. I promise I'll keep you safe." he vowed.
Mai wondered for a moment. But if they could travel just like Lemcyrion said, then they would return home just as fast as the visits they'd made across her own world. And there was something tempting about discovering things no other on her world had seen.
"I want to go." she sighed.

Lantessama Isle
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