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Name: Livia
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Courtesan

Description: Livia is of Asian descent with a light teint, long dark brown hair she usually keeps in an intricate hairdo and deep brown eyes. Being a courtesan she often wears elaborate gowns and frilly dresses that enhance her form. She trains a lot in martial arts to keep her shape and won't be an easy victory.
Personality: Livia is devoted to her cause. She chooses a goal and works until she reaches it. She has a very pleasant demeanour and can converse about a wide range of topics. Livia is very motivated to be the best she can be and doesn't like to be outdone by others. She can be spiteful but usually turns her disappointed feelings into energy to improve herself. 
Skills: Conversation, plays a wide variety of musical instruments, Homemaking skills.
Enjoys: Reaching her goals, improving herself.
Dislikes: being outshined by others. 


Rosvögel stared around in wonder when she entered the city of courtesans. She'd hatched far away in the labs of Abstract Destiny and though presented with options she'd decided to remain unbonded for the time being. A bond was a serious commitment after all and Rosvögel knew her tastes tended to change over time. 
In fact, her shifting interests had landed her right here. As a young hatchling she'd first become interested in feathers, then in sea shells and from there had moved up to sparkling glass, then minerals and gems. Lately aside from jewellery, she'd become interested in fabrics: lace, silks and velvet made her swoon and she dreamed of being enveloped in their amazing textures.  And that was how she'd gotten to be here.
Because here was the city of courtesans where everyone was clothed in amazing gowns that cost a fortune and for a fraction of their cost she could rent time with a human clothed in such fabrics, resided in a room furnished with said fabrics. And then she would certainly know which one of them was her absolute favourite and then she would have her quarters adjusted. 
Rosvögel sighed happily at the prospect and took her first steps into the magical world. Lights in rainbow colours shone down and bathed everything in a myriad of colours. Smells assaulted her nostrils, rich and fragrant, promising a full belly and the taste of a lifetime. Incense clouded her mind and everything she touched seemed to be smoother, more precious, better. 
Though she was by no means a small dragon, the central roads were wide enough for her to pass. Some of the establishments seemed to cater to larger creatures and she made her way there. Every one of these shops would be good so she wouldn't waste time choosing.
Livia looked up in surprise when a minty green dragon with pink wings appeared in front of her. The Lotus Garden received quite a few odd customers at times. She'd once had to entertain a giant with smelly feet, which hadn't been pleasant considering her nose didn't reach up to his ankle. Luckily she'd been able to climb onto a closet to get away from the smell. 
"Goodday and welcome to the Lotus Garden, how my I serve you?" Livia asked.
"I'd like to talk with a courtesan about fabric." Rosvögel answered truthfully.
Livia racked her brains but came up short. Most patrons wanted to talk about themselves or business. others just wanted some female companionship to soothe their soul with music or song. But talking about fabrics was a novelty.
"If you don't mind me, I've been helping the mistress with decorating." Livia finally offered.
It was true too, Livia wouldn't remain a courtesan forever. Her sights were set higher, she wanted to run her own establishment and maybe someday even reach a seat on the council. She'd had a long way to go for that though. But she was patient enough to keep working on her current level. One day she'd reach her goal.
"Certainly!" Rosvögel nodded. 
The two of them talked, Livia showed off her knowledge on fabrics and let Rosvögel touch and try all the types she wanted to sample. And sure enough the dragon came to a conclusion. One type of fabric just wouldn't do. She liked all of them. She shine and luxury of silk. The warm softness of velvet and the frivolous decadence of lace. And then there was the airy luxury of Alpaca, the cosy feeling of fleece and the sturdy strength of jeans. 
"One day I'll have it all." Rosvögel vowed.
"Me too." Livia consented.
The two looked at each other and started talking in earnest.

Rosvögel bonded at Abstract Destiny

Name: Rosvögel Ventul
Gender: Female
Colour: Pale Green with Pink and Red
Personality: Whimsical and easily distracted by shiny things. Rosvögel likes to hoard and collect and will go to great lengths to acquire the things she wants. She is friendly to others but can get grumpy when they don't understand the importance of her interests. Though her interests change, she'll always have a soft spot for things that she has collected over the years. 
Parents: Yu and Zaira Ventul
Adult height: 17' (anywhere from 13' to 20')
Standard abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation.
Other abilities
*Functional Magic, A wide-ranging ability to wield magic to just about any practical purpose. Practice is necessary.
*Healing Magic, The ability to use magic to heal physical injuries.
*Shapeshifting (Human), The ability to shapeshift into a human form that tends to retain their draconic coloration.



Livia didn't know just how it had happened, but Rosvögel had swept her away to her lair and the two of them had been decorating. The dragoness had claimed that they'd been born for each other and Livia had to admit that she knew Rosvögel like she knew her self. Though Rosvögel lacked her steady dedication, they certainly shared their passions and their drive to achieve them. The two of them together could take on any task and they would come out victorious. Maybe their dreams would be fulfilled sooner than either of them had dared hope.

Lantessama Isle
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