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Name: Legato
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Bard

Description: Legato is a slight young man with dark skin and pink hair. His pointy ears are larger than those of other elves but just as sensitive to sounds. He has a straight nose, thin lips and bright eyes the colour of spring flowers. Having spent most of his time hidden in caves and canyons, he is not accustomed to bright lights and neither is he a big fan of clothing. 
Personality: Legato has spent the largest part of his life in solitude, having only his voice and the sounds of his instruments as company. He is a very patient person, probably to the point of being maddening to other people, waiting for inspiration to strike and able to repeat a single bar for hours on end. Legato lives for his music, it is his only reason for living. 
Skills: Absolute hearing, can play any instrument he gets his hands on. 
Enjoys: The cool breeze of a summer evening on his skin
Dislikes: Bright lights and dissonants (that don't get resolved in the next measure)


Having been born at Mirus Fortress when it was caught in a crisis where cracks in the fabric of time with clutches appearing at random, meant that Karossa had dropped away before having received a proper bond. The furry, many-tailed dragoness minded. She wanted to bond, to find the person she was meant to be with. But if they weren't where she'd been born, she just needed to find them. 
And so Karossa searched. She traversed space, hitching rides, joining others on their travels until she found herself on a likeable planet. The place was cosy enough, if a little bright, but with the two suns alternating there was a sunset every 16 hours or so. And they were marvellous. 
Karossa explored the planet from it's large forests to it's sandy beaches and small villages. And when she was done with those, she turned to the mountains. People had warned her away from them. Hinting that dangerous creatures lived in the caverns and canyons, hidden in the dark. But Karossa didn't fear the dark. She could turn invisible after all, there was hardly a better defence. 
There was one giant mountain range, and Karossa wondered if the world were unbalanced or had a tipped axis by the sheer size of it. The rocks started inconspicuous in the forests, those hills having been covered with plants. But not much further they rose higher, laying bear their shoulders and heads. Spiky peeks pointed at the skies and deep crags like clawmarks twisted through the rock, sometimes disappearing inside the rock, other times laying open but so deep that the ground wasn't visible. 
Karossa had abandoned visibility early on. Clearly the rumours were nothing more than that as she'd not encountered a living soul while she'd been exploring. or if there were people around, they weren't interested in a bright pink dragon mutt. Maybe they knew better then to mess with her. 
Suddenly though, as if to mock her thoughts, Karossa heard music. A haunting melody of notes that spoke of solitude and peace. It brought to mind visions of empty castles and windswept plains. Karossa had stopped dead in her tracks, too spellbound to move. And then as suddenly again, the melody had stopped. Karossa felt as if a piece of her heart had been torn away. She ached to hear the melody again, or to hear where it was to go. 
The sunset-pink dragoness searched, but came up short. In the end there was nothing left but to wait, to hope that the music would return. By the time of the second sunrise, it finally did. Trying not to get lulled into rapture again, Karossa had stuffed her ears with her tails, but even then it was hard to stay on track.
But she persevered and came out victorious. Because she rounded a corner and saw a small abode. A crack and some holes in the rock face gave her a view to a small room where one dark-skinned person sat playing a stringed instrument. He raised his voice and the melody of the harp was joined by an equally beautiful counter melody. Since she'd found what she'd meant to find, it didn't matter anymore and Karossa let herself be lost in the music.
When the echoes of sound dwindled to nothing, she could hardly draw a breath. It was done. 
But then the dark elf with the pink hair saw her standing outside. He withdrew, almost as if he were frightened of her. But Karossa was having none of it. She called out:
"Thank you for the music!" And settled herself to rest.
Maybe the dark elf would let her hear more songs. Somehow she felt like this was the place where she was meant to be. It might take some time but she would convince the elf. 

Karossa bonded at Mirus Fortress

Name: Karossa
Gender: Female
Colour: Sunset-Pink
Parents: Luera x Shirria
Species: Mutt
Description: Karossa is covered in soft, plushy pink fur. She has blue eyes, a silver horn and two round ears. She has 2 sets of front limbs, one regular and one set of wing-arms, the fingers extending beyond the wingsails and ending in brushes. She has 2 hind legs and 3 tails. Karossa's wings start as a soft orange near her shoulder but brighten to bright yellow near the edges. 
Size: 8' tall and 24' long
Personality: A dragon such as this can only be bright and cheerful. Karossa is everything her bright exterior promises and more. She is quiet and understanding and knows when people need a bit of fun but also when they need a bit of comfort. Her plushy fur is just right for giving warm hugs and crafty people often ask for her shedded fur to turn into yarn. 
     *Verbal Speech

Lantessama Isle
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