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Name: Konstantin
Age: Undisclosed (let's go with Ancient immortal)
Gender: Male
Race: Demon/Sater
Class: Mage

Description: Konstantin has shoulder-length light brown hair. Most notably in his appearance are the two curved horns that appear from the side of his head, just above his ears. His eyes are a greyish-green. Since he's been around for a while his skin has grown a little lax and he has some wrinkles but not as many as you'd expect if you'd know his actual age. His nose is narrow but wide at the nostrils. He has thin lips that are framed with a moustache and small beard. His build is pretty average for the rest. He's neither short nor tall, neither lean nor muscled, neither thin nor fat. Since he is a sater, Konstantin can appear with the lower body of a goat if he so chooses. For convenience he usually keeps a human body shape (stairs aren't easy with goat legs!).
Personality: Konstantin has been around for a long time. He has a long time left to be, even he isn't quite certain just how long he'll live, so he tends to take his time. He's stubborn, proud and wily. He's got a lot of insight in the mind of other sentient beings since he's interacted with countless individuals and pretty much recognises when people want to try taking advantage of him. But he's not perfect, which causes him to overthink at times. Konstantin can't help but feel a bit superior to others (especially normal humans and beast-kin), and likes to play with their minds.
Skills: Magic, especially the cloaking/transmuting kind. People Skills. Intelligence. 
Enjoys: Travelling, but also sticking around at some places to see the times change (observing others)
Dislikes: Getting tricked (he'll do the tricking!). 


Konstantin had been travelling for so long, giving the exact length of time he'd spent away from home would take some serious mathematics. Presently he found himself on Planet Zar, a little hellhole of a planet but it was interesting to visit all the same. Gravity on Zar was intense, which meant Konstantin had to always ward himself in a protective bubble. That bubble was also a handy barrier between him and the turned-toxic-by-pollution atmosphere. 
The Sater Mage was staying in one of the incredibly tall spires that rose above the poisonous gasses and proved to be very comfortable. The white spire cities were insulated against the noxious fumes and provided shelter where he could relax. Konstantin had been surprised to find lodging so easily and affordable but now that he was here he could understand the tactics of the travel agents on Mwari Station. He couldn't even fault them for lying because what they'd advertised was actually around. His hotel room was luxurious and the service was impeccable. The violet-purple sky did look enchanting. Just, Konstantin wouldn't be staying longer than the 3 days he'd paid for. He counted himself lucky that he'd been wary to take the month-long package deal. 
The large four-legged Murdon who inhabited the planet and it's orbiting space station were friendly enough to Konstantin. He'd seen them react differently to some of the other visitors - which were few and far between anyway - but somehow they'd taken a liking to him. They often asked him about his travels and in return told him of their history and technology. 
After he'd sated both his own curiosity and theirs, Konstantin was ready to return to Mwari station. But there was one thing holding him back. His need to feel earth beneath his feet - or hooves. He checked the time and decided he had time to make a quick trip to the surface of Planet Zar though all had tried to dissuade him from doing just that. Even when he'd told him about his magic that would keep him perfectly safe, they'd been reluctant to leave him alone.
But that had ended today with his clear intent to return to Mwari. Clearly the Murdon thought the threat had passed. Konstantin smirked and headed for the nearest service elevator and worked some magic that had him travelling down at breakneck speed. The Murdon truly had a knack for technology aside from their creative streak. 
Before he could disembark from the elevator, an alarm sounded and red lights started flashing. Clearly the elevator had a backup system that had picked up on it's unlawful use. Cursing, Konstantin could do nothing more than wait. He got lectured and escorted to the ship he'd intended to board anyway and was told to never come again. 
Konstantin wasn't impressed until they put him in a holding cell of sorts. It wasn't like he could do anything now that he was on the ship but clearly the Murdon were done underestimating him. 
"So what did you do?" a voice came from the room adjacent.
"Tried to go to the surface." Konstantin answered truthfully, "I will have to look for a nice planet elsewhere."
"Nice isn't what Zar is." the voice chuckled and a bit later a yellow head with teal fur appeared in his view, "I'm Rashad."
"Konstantin, nice to meet you. So why is a dragon like yourself in this place?"
"I may have tried to fly in the skies of Zar. Mind you, I wasn't planning on diving in the toxic cloud or braving a storm but I guess they must have thought that I'd be brazen enough to try so I'm banned from coming again."
"Me too." Konstantin smirked, "Not that I'd want to come back."
"The music was nice though." Rashad said, "But there are more places to go to."
"What are your plans?" Konstantin asked.
"Nothing's been set in stone yet."
"How about we travel together for a while, I could use the company."
"I wouldn't mind that."


Name: Rashad Saden
Gender: Male
Height: 29' at shoulder
Color: Green-Striped Yellow
Abilities: Telepathy, Verbal Speech, Paralyze Bite, Intimidation, Summon Rain, Weather Magic
Personality: refined, abrasive, shrewd, harsh, adaptable, daring

Rashad Saden was a gift from Bughnrahk's Birthday Giveaway 2021

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