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Name: Kelia
Age: 84
Gender: Female
Race: Dark Elf Hybrid
Class: Healer

Description: Kelia has a tanned skin, golden brown long hair that she usually keeps tied up and warm brown eyes. She isn't quite certain who her father was, but knows she's not a full dark elf. Her ears are on the small side which makes her think he might have been a human but her longeivity seems to contradict that.
Personality: Kelia is a tough cookie. She works in a field where stress and hardship go hand in hand and she can cope. While working she won't let anything bother her. In contrast, when she's not working she tends to do girly things like watching romantic movies (both comedy and drama) and engaging in handicrafts. She is skilled with a neddle after all.
Skills: Steady hand. Keen eye. Great Focus.
Enjoys: Girly things.
Dislikes: She tries to overcome dislikes.  


Kelia looked everywhere she could. She wondered if maybe she should have been born with an extra set of eyes just for this moment. She had always considered herself a well-travelled woman. But being here at the Abstract Destiny as a guest was something else entirely. 
She was a healer, studying both human and draconic physiology when she'd been invited to the Abstract Destiny as part of an exchange program. The variety of dragons hatching here was something she'd never seen before. people whispered about some other places but to actually see just how many shapes a dragon could take was amazing. 
Today however, she was off duty and had been allowed to watch a hatching. Kelia loved these events where young dragons broke their shells and found lifebonds. Not all of them would bond, she'd been told as this particular hybrid didn't have to. Some would remain single, others would bond later in life. The parallel to love wasn't all that different.
Kelia wondered if she'd ever learn more of the part of herself that was unknown. Her mother had never told her who her father was, claiming she didn't know. But that felt like a lie. Or maybe she knew but had never bothered to ask for a name. Sometimes lover, or rather lust, was like that. 
One by one, dragons hatched, poking fuzzy limbs and curved horns through their shells, swishing striped tails and flexing large wings. The hatchlings definitely looked healthy for having been created through artificial means. One of them in particular caught her attention. A slightly pink, copper and yellow female with a keen eye and an easy manner.
"You make people and dragons healthy when they're sick?" she asked.
"I do, though I learn something new every day."
"Great, I choose you!" Dallir called, feeling mighty pleased to have found someone so worthy. 

Dallir bonded at Abstract Destiny

Name: Dallir Friskers
Gender: Female
Parents: Rustavomi Friskers x Sanser
Species: Hybrid Catdragons
Special Note: Can breed with anything except canine-derived species
Size: 5'-15'' at the shoulder
Description: Dallir is soft and fuzzy with white fur covering most of her body. Copper scales protect her legs and belly and two curve horns serve as a warning to any who would want to ingage in argument. She has bright a yellow ridge and wings. 
Personality: Dallir is playful and charming. She does not like to do things against her will and shows a stubborn streak at those times. With the right motivational item she is quite easily swayed into doing what eneds to be done. The better the reward, the more effort she'll put in. 
   * Breath Weapon (Fire), The ability to breathe out a gout of fire. 
   * Empathy, The ability to sense and understand another’s emotions. 
   * Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind. 
   * Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind. 
   * Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words.


"I don't want to." Dallir sighed.
"You know you want to for that yummy deer meat." Kelia negotiated.
Dallir lifted an eyebrow, indicating she was indeed gunning for some choice meat. But she quickly relaxed and said: 
"Just a little meat won't make me fly faster."
"I thought you said you were faster than anyone."
"I am, I'm part cheetah. But even they lounge often. Our speed comes in short bursts."
Kelia smiled, at least Dallir wasn't opposed to rising. She would have to at some point, it wasn't healthy to never use organs that had a purpose. Kelia had heard plenty of stories about what diseases could form.
"I don't see you using your organs." Dallir replied matter-of-factly.
"Pick some nice boys with appealing dragons, you know, no dogs, and then we'll talk again."

Lantessama Isle
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