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Name: Kareem
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Desert Nomad

Description: A tall, thin man with black hair he keeps hidden behind a shawl, a neatly trimmed beard and moustache and wide eyebrows. His irises are very light, nearly yellow and quite unusual. Kareems' stare often disturbs people. Kareem wears vlimunous clothes to help keep himself cool. 
Personality: A stoic, guarded man who does not talk much. He is quiet, stubborn and wary of change. If left to his own devices he would break away from modern society and live by the old ways as a hermit somewhere. However Kareem is also a family man and as such he tolerates the moving of times.
Skills: Intimidation, survival.
Enjoys: Tradition, living by his own means, family gatherings
Dislikes: Technology (especially of the electronic kind)


Moving across the sands on camelback calmed Kareem. He could almost believe that he was living in a simpler time. Alas even out here he could see the evidence of modernisation. Sattelite disks had been fixed to the walls of a cavernous dwelling, powered by a few solar panels outside. 
Kareem quickly finished his dealings with the people in the settlement and tried not to notice the sattelite phones and the tv. Although he could understand that the sattelite phone could be the difference between life and dead in an emergency, it didn't fit with life in the desert. 
Leaving again, his camel  slower but much smarter than a jeep found his way surefooted in the loose sand. At least for now Kareem could imagie living like a nomad. The sun beating down on him, the sand getting everywhere and the heat creeping up on him. Danger and exhaustion were constant companions and it made the people of the desert resilient and resourceful. 
A flicker of blue and green caught Kareem's eyes. For a moment he wondered if he might have arrived at the oasis his family called home, but it was far too early for that. Suspecting foul play, Kareem readied his dagger and whip and dismounted. He snuck closer to where he'd seen the flash of colour and was taken aback when he saw what had caused it.
"Ack, I hate sand." a voice sounded directly in his brain. 
There was no-one else around and the feathered creature was clearly looking right at him so Kareem did not question that he was hearing the mythical being talking to him.
"Who are you? Why are you here?" Karrem asked.
"Oh I'm not some god nor do I wish to pose as one. My name is Tanager Onissian and I am a Dragon-Daemon. I did not mean to end up here."
The dragon's voice sounded oddly pouty and the way his face was distorted told Kareem that they were headded to a full-blown meltdown.
"Can I help you in any way?" Kareem offered.
Tanager considered. And then just took what had been offered. He invaded the human's mind and took in the assembled knowledge. At least he now knew where he was and where he needed to go. And he'd somehow managed to bond this human in the process.
Kareem felt assaulted by Tanager's open mind, learning more about the universe than he'd ever held possible. He kept together by stubborn will and the strength of years spent fighting against progress. And he survived. Although, he suddenly undetrstood that he might never again see his family.  

Tanager was hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Tanager Onnissian
Gender: Male
Colours: blue-teal-green
Species: Featherwing-Avangaean Daemon
Parents: Silver-Grey Rainbow Avengaean Daemon Belareese Onnissian x  Black-Fire Ryslen Featherwing Pyralis
Personality: Inquisitve, secretive and quite vindictive when he doesn't get his way, Tanager can come across as a child with a tantrum. He's pretty self-centered but goas all out to reach what he wants to achieve. 
     *Fire Magic 
     *Magic Leeching 


Kareem had been dragged to and from by Tanager but luckily he'd been able to spend times at his family's home. His life had changed but although he'd been transported to other worlds on plenty of occasions, his skillset was still valid. But what had helped him the most was his experience as a babysitter for his nieces and nephews. Tanager, though a  full-grown dragon, clearly did not feel the need to act his age. Maybe dragons were more free than humans but Kareem somehow suspected that wasn't always the case. 
As usual Tanager dictated where they went.
"We're going now. My present is warranted for a flight."
Kareem nodded, wondering if the saying that there was a perfect partner for everyone rang true for dragons as well.  

Lantessama Isle
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