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Name: Iayn
Age: 28 (at bonding), 31 (at mating)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Water Mage

Description: Iayn is a short, sturdy man with short white hair, a stubby nose and (often) dark circles under his eyes. Since he's often out at any time of day or night, he's learned to dress in layers so he can both withstand spending time in the cold and toss a few items of clothing when staying indoors or being out in hot weather. 
Personality: Iayn is a calm and collected man. he will not complain when something catches him unawares, but he will try to make certain that same scenario won't catch him off guard a second time. He is stoic and studious and generally not considered a fun guy. But he has his moments and does like to crack the occasional dad joke. 
Skills: Water magic, reading & writing several languages
Enjoys: sitting with his feet in the water on a hot day 
Dislikes: being forced to do things he does not want to do 


Iayn stood knee-deep into the water, charging his ability while looking like a heron cosplayer. People could think all they want but he didn't mind a few stares, those didn't hurt anyway. He very much enjoyed being on his own, using the quiet time to think. It seemed like the best ideas came to him in the dead of night, which only showed that he was someone who often was awake at that time. 
As the magic of the water recharged his batteries, an unusual current caught Iayn's attention. He knew water through and through and that little stream was neither made by a passing animal nor a vessel. It felt magical but at the same time different than his own brand of water magic. 
Furrowing his brow, Iayn waited for the anomaly to come closer. After all it wouldn't do to startle whatever was causing it. And if it was something with bad intentions, they would not have made it so obvious. Although, maybe it was a trap...
Just as his mind considered that last, worrying option, a white dragon with teal-aqua fins and hair appeared beside him.
"Nice day to recharge." she greeted.
"It is certainly so." Iayn agreed while wondering if the dragon had approached him for a specific reason.
"No, just bored." The dragon, Mizuha replied.
Iayn shrugged and continued the vital recovery of his magical ability. Only when that was done and the dragon still floated beside him, relaxed and almost dozing off, did he look more closely at her. She had a set of long whiskers, and two golden horns. Her blue eyes looked friendly below the heavy lids. 
"I don't know if my ritual alleviated your boredom," Iayn said, "But I'm about ready to leave."
"Whereto?" Mizuha asked, "It's not often that I meet a water mage."
Iayn didn't see a need to lie or brish her off and pointed, "I live there."
Excitement lit in Mizuha's eyes and she asked: "Can I come and visit?"
Feeling charmed that such an unusual creature was interested in his living quarters, Iayn agreed and before he knew it, she'd made a home in his home and had become a constant companion to his work. 

Mizuha was hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Mizuha Filidegembira
Gender: Female
Colour: White-Teal
Description: Mizuha is a relaxed, laid back dragon with the sleek build of an Eastern Dragon and the fins to prove that she can swim like the best. She can also fly, which surprises most people. She is easygoing and doesn't fuss much. If it's food, she'll eat it. If it's fun, she'll do it. If it's necessary, she'll step up (but only if she really has to and nobody else is). Though she would rather be lazy than tired, she does have one key motivator and that is mystery. If it's something new or unknown, Mizuha will gladly go see what it's about. 
Parents: ??? x Gembira
Species: Eastern Water
OriginAbstract Destiny
    *Wingless Flight
    *Translocation (genrehop)
    *Water Control


Mizuha dived, dragging Iayn with her in the protective bubble of air that he'd cast around him. Relying on the dragon's superior strength and speed allowed for a much better way of transport to the depths of oceans and lakes. A much more economical way at least as Iayn felt his stomach contract in that queasy way he'd come to relate to the dragon's swimming.  
"Haven't you gotten used to it yet?" Mizuha asked.
"I don't think I ever will." Iayn warned her.
"He doesn't seem to be having a problem with it." she noted.
Iayn looked around confused, what other person could be down here? But while he was looking around  his eyes suddenly caught the long, sleek form of another water dragon, this one lacking the finned crest of Mizuha but with a lot more frilly fins, almost looking like a tropical fish. The head of the sea dragon however, reminded Iayn of a cat, whiskered and with small, sharp teeth. 
As Mizuha had hinted, there was a man attached to this dragon, but unlike him, the man seemed not to have magic but relied solely on his ability to hold his breath as he swam with his dragon.
"And such a beauty he is." Mizuha purred.
Without much more explanation, Mizuha chased the duo. The other sea dragon finally turned and waited. With a powerful sweep of his tail, he swam toward the surface and Mizuha followed eagerly. Once above water, Iayn released his air bubble and waited for what was to happen.
"Hello." came the rather normal greeting.
"Charmed." Iayn brought the customary greeting of the mages.
Mizuha winked, splashed a wave of water their way and then sped away. Only a split second later, the other man's sea dragon was in pursuit, leaving the two men to thread water.
"What just happened?" 
"I imagine they fancy each other." Iayn said and introduced himself.
"Baraesu." the man offered his own name, "What now?"
"I imagine this could take a while." Iayn sighed as he constructed a magical water barrier that would lift them out of the water.
He stuck out a hand and hoisted Baraesu unto the platform. Looking at the other man, his short black hair slicked against his skull, his brown eyes just a little bit too far apart, Iayn wondered where he was from.
"Now this is handy." Baraesu grinned and asked: "How do you make this?"
"With magic." Iayn said, "I take it you haven't seen it before?" 
It was a rather standard trick after all. 
"No." Baraesu replied.
The two of them exchanged stories, got to know each other and while their respective dragons were locked in their own game of romantic tag, they found that they did match quite well too.  


Lantessama Isle
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