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Name: Heester
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Ork
Class: Builder/Deconstructor

Description: Heester is a tan-coloured ork with long blond hair, luminous yellow eyes, a scrunched up nose and large mouth. Her fangs are too large for her mouth but luckily she doesn't have too many of them. For an orc she is normally built, which of course means she is quite large and muscled. 
Personality: Heester knew from a young age what job would be her forte. She'd always loved building new things. Sadly her job also warrants the destruction of old things. Progress always comes at a cost and she is gravely aware of this. She is a bit wistful and nostalgic about buildings she has torn down and usually keeps a memento of each of them in her home.
Skills: Magical control over building materials (mostly stone, less over metal)
Enjoys: Building. She loves to plan and draw plans.
Dislikes: Senseless wasting of resources. 


Ikenami rushed through the falling rocks, her slender build giving her an extra advantage but that was mostly undone by the length of her body. Just one heavy rock crushing her tail would be her undoing. But all she could do was fly and run as fast she could while hoping the rocks and boulders would not fit too well together, allowing her space to escape through. 
Maybe it had been a bad idea to go treasure hunting in a building marked for demolition, but at least that meant she wouldn't be stealing. Just scavenging. Orks really didn't understand what things might be valuable. Ikenami had found a couple of beautifully crafted chandeliers that admittedly weren't very practical. But they were too pretty to be melted down. Or at least that's what she figured would happen with the chandeliers before the rumbling had started. Apparently the Orks didn't even bother with recycling. 
And if Ikenami wasn't careful, they'd bury her in this old building and her life would be lost because of two chandeliers. Ikenami pushed the distressing thoughts away. Thinking about her death wouldn't help her get away. She spied a light ahead and diverted all her energy to reaching it. 
Just before she reached it though, the worst case scenario happened and her tail got caught. Ikenami tried to send a blast of water to dislodge the rock, but she'd already expended too much of her energy. Maybe it was lyrical that she should lose her life in such a way and a calm descended over her thoughts. 
Suddenly though, another entity was beside her. A butch Ork female with a tan and blond surfer colouring though the female probably wouldn't have seen the sea since she lived in this arid and dry desert. The Ork grunted and pushed, but the rock that had pinned Ikenami's tail was too big to be moved. 
"Get away before you get trapped here too." Ikenami told the ork female, Heester.
"Just got to break it." Heester grunted back. 
She placed her hands on the boulder and used her magic to do what she did best with it. Though she hated the destructive side of her power and would prefer to only ever build things, at times it did come in handy. The beautiful teal-blue serpent dragon with the green jewels encrusted on her long body shouldn't be a victim here even if she'd been trespassing.
"I only came to rescue some discarded treasure." Ikenami defended herself.
"I got out plenty so you needn't have worried." Heester replied.
With the boulder crumbling to dust, Ikenami sped forward, dragging Heester along with her until they both emerged in the light of the day. The air tasting sweet, even if it was dry and dusty. They were alive!
"So you take things from abandoned buildings too." Ikenami continued their conversation.
"I salvage items that would otherwise only be destroyed." Heester corrected.
"Oh I agree." Ikenami nodded.
And as the two of them talked, a bond formed between them, built on their shared love of treasure and antiques.  

Ikenami hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Ikenami Filidesehmei
Gender: Female
Colour: Teal-Blue
Personality: A profound dragoness with a love for treasure. She likes to hoard both knowledge, gems and precious metal as she will tell you that hard times call for wealth and wisdom. 
Parents: ??? x Blue Dragon Sehmei
Species: Eastern - Niteshan
Size: Long
     *Basic Water Control


Ikenami dragged Heester along as she was used to doing. She'd released the unusual ork from her life of destruction and together they travelled the Nexus,  acquiring treasure wherever they could find it. With their combined skills they could make money in whatever currency they needed. 
"How about we stay here a while?" Ikenami suggested.
Lantessama Isle being a small hub on a large planet. It was both cosy and spacious. The only drawback was that it really didn't have much treasure. The settlement was relatively new, but that also meant that there was a lot of opportunity to build things, and Ikenami knew that her bond would be happy here. And as for treasure, they could always trade and take trips to scavenge like they'd used to.
"It is a pleasant place." Heester agreed.
But she wondered whether Ikenami had suggested a prolonged stay because she was tired of travelling or wanted to procreate. There were many dragons here after all. There weren't any Orks though and Heester felt a bit out of place even if everybody was friendly. Only time would tell how long they'd remain here, but she would certainly give it a try.

Lantessama Isle
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