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Name: Havik
Age: older than you think
Gender: Female
Race: Undisclosed, humanoid by the looks of it
Class: Jane-of-all-trades.

Description: Havik has her fair share of wrinkles but never gives anyone her exact age. She has long brown hair that she keeps in a braid, intelligent brown eyes, a large nose and generous lips. She is neither fat nor thin. Her preferred wardrobe consists of earthy tones since they suit her complexion and bright colours just don't seem all that interesting to her. 
Personality: Havik's been around far longer than any other living human and intends to stick around for a couple of centuries yet, maybe a couple millennia if things keep being interesting enough. She has always led a subdued existence at the sidelines, preferring to observe rather than participate though she has influenced history on some occasions. Not many people know her, but those that have come into contact with her all describe her as a wise woman with great patience, but a way of making it so people do her bidding. 
Skills: Longevity
Enjoys: Subtle influencing
Dislikes: Things going off-track.


Havik stepped on the spaceship and looked back at the planet she was leaving. She'd stayed with it and it's indigenous species for longer than she'd planned, but that was usually the case. She just got so invested in their progress and evolution that she couldn't help herself. Even if it could potentially be dangerous. Her influencing always began small but she could see that her presence would become known worldly soon enough. So she'd escape while she still could.
Boarding the first ship out after a planet reached space travel technology had always been a good time to leave anyway. She hoped that the people she left behind would be wise enough to solve their own problems or at least know who to seek help from now that they had access to the entire universe. 
Forcing herself to look forward, Havik advanced and smiled at the attendant looking over her credentials. Her trip was as uneventful as the boarding and within a few weeks she set foot on another planet. This one was already connected to other worlds, meaning she probably wouldn't stay here that long. But it might be a good exercise for her in restraint. 
As Havik stepped out onto the world, she was addressed by a woman with flyers:
"Hello, would you like to visit Mirus fortress? It's quite an experience."
"Of course." Havik said, deciding that seeing tourist attractions was a good way to get familiar with a world.
And just a couple of hours later, Havik had been given a tour, been introduced to a bunch of people she probably wouldn't recognise when she saw them again and rallied toward a place with eggs. She did believe she was only meant to watch, but as she stood there, a peculiar sensation came over her:
"I'm taking you." a voice told her in her mind, "My name is Loredanath and we will perform beautifully together."
"I'm not really the performing kind." Havik protested.
"Oh but you are, you write screenplays all the time!"  
That was one way to look at her meddling....

Loredanath hatched at
Mirus Fortress

Name: Loredanath
Gender: Female
Parents: Loren x Lorikath
Species: 50% Pernese Variant, 25% Shadowling, 25% Glider
Size: Smaller Pernese, probably green-sized
Description: Loredanath is darkly coloured with bright flecks all over her body. She has red fur at her head, neck, haunches and tail and partially transparent red glider wings with orange/gold swirly patterns. 
Personality: Loredanath is a sweet dragoness with a love of entertaining. She loves to sing and dance and uses her bright wings to attract attention when performing. Like a singer donning a costume, she transforms when she does an act, becoming bolder and brighter, to the point of being called flamboyant. 
   *Telepathy - the ability to communicate mind-to-mind 
   *Teleportation - the ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind 
   *Assisted Firebreath - the ability to breathe fire after ingesting firestone 
   *Shapeshifting - the ability to change into anything that the dragon can see. 
                            When young, has little control over the ability and may shift randomly, at inopportune times. 
   *Light Weapon - the ability to produce and use light as a weapon. 
                             When young, can only use light that is already present, but can train to use own energy to produce weaponised 
                             light. Uses a lot of energy and may cause harm when overused. 
   *Gliding - the ability to glide using secondary wings Semi-Insubstantial - the ability to become half insubstantial at will


Loredanath flexed her wings and glided through the air in a dashing display of red and sparkles against the night sky. Nighttime really was her time to shine and she made it a habit to go out for a little flyby every evening. As the sun turned the sky from blue to yellow, orange and flaming red, she danced and sang, and as the sky faded from pink to purple to indigo blue, and then black, she acted out a different tragedy. 
One day soon, she would not be alone in the sky at that moment. And like a phoenix she would rise triumphant and bring new life into the world. Loredanath was certain Havik could sense her unrest, but the ancient wise woman remained quiet, giving her the space to choose her own time. After all, she could be where she needed to be in the blink of an eye. 

Lantessama Isle
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