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Name: Gudrun
Age: 47
Gender: Female
Race: Humanoid
Class: Forester

Description: Gudrun is a short, thin woman with long brown hair she usually keeps braided. She has bright brown eyes, a large nose and thin lips. Her chin tapers to a point. Gudrun wears brown and green clothing as they blend in the forest. She usually wears a sweatband as there is nothing worse than sweat dripping in your eyes when your hands are occupied.  
Personality: Gudrun is a practical, no-nonsense woman who has seen her fair share of conflict, injustice and violence. However she's also seen her share of love, happiness and bliss so she still holds out hope for a happy future. She believes life is what you make of it and she's ready to pour in some effort. 
Skills: Survival, Fabric-dyeing.
Enjoys: when one of her projects comes together nicely.
Dislikes: Broccoli (it's really a blemish on her forester status so she hides this secret). 


Veldbrem Filidethersalyin was dependent on interplanetary transport to travel between planets. Once on a planet he could just fly to wherever he wanted to go, but not being able to teleport was a bit of a drawback. Not that he minded, travelling on spaceships and through magic portals was charming and something those teleporting dragons would never experience anyway. 
Today Veldbrem arrived on a heavily forested planet with only a small spaceport. The planet was a backwater one and would not even register on a map if it hadn't been for the locals' good business sense. Because the planet did have plenty to offer that those on other planets lacked. It had space and greenery, hotsprings and icepools, mudbaths and fragrant plains. The entire planet was one big spa retreat and Veldbrem wanted to see it all.
Just coming off the spaceship was such a big difference. The air was clean and crisp, unlike so many other spaceports that had acrid smelling air and too much smoke and fumes to be healthy. As far as the eye could see was green, though Veldbrem knew there were lakes, seas and oceans here too. 
Without a care in the world, the dragon took off and flew. He knew he should probably have done some sort of ritual to get admitted but he'd never been patient enough to go through those. And since he was a dragon, most people let him be. A little bit later, Veldbrem noticed a clearing that looked inviting and he landed there to take a nap. Not worried about dangers, not even considering foul play, Veldbrem laid down and was snoring within minutes. The sweet scents of grass and flowers lulling him into a dreamy slumber. 
So it was with a start that he woke when a stick prodded him.
"What are you?" a woman asked.
"Veldbrem Filidethersalyin." Veldbrem yawned, "Nice to meet you."
The woman with her long hair and brown-green clothing relaxed slightly as she realised he was just a tourist. She must never have seen a dragon before because she still kept a relative distance.
"I'm not going to harm you. I'm just looking to relax." he offered.
"Gudrun, a forester." the woman introduced herself.
She'd not been all that keen about allowing tourists to enter their planet as those people usually weren't the wisest and only wanted to enjoy themselves without regard of their surroundings. They left trash and carelessly wrecked things. Like this big beast who just laid on top of the entrance to a colony of Orpidi. 
"You're disturbing some wildlife." she told him and tried to word it as nice as she could.
Veldbrem blushed and immediately shifted down to a more human shape, his wings shrinking but remaining present and the wild mane of flaxen hair still adorning his green skin.
"I'm sorry, I didn't notice. It's just so peaceful here."
 Gudrun wondered for a moment but it was clear this dragon hadn't booked a room in the official spa village where tourists could be monitored quietly. 
"Follow me." she sighed and decided to take the dragon home with her so she could lecture him.

Veldbrem hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Veldbrem Filidethersalyin
Gender: Male
Colour: Green-Yellow
Personality: A hopeful and trusting dragon who likes to believe the world is good.  
Parents: Featherwing Cream Thersalyin x Green-White-Orange Mutt Sateino Selamputo
Species: Feathered Mutt
Size: Medium


Veldbrem had come to love Gudrun's cabin and even though months had passed, he wasn't intent on leaving. Gudrun had been teaching him and slowly she had warmed to his presence. Innocent and trusting, Veldbrem had not even thought about asking her if he needed to pay her for lodging at her home. Gudrun had figured as much when she considered he'd been sleeping out in the open. But his company was appreciated and he did stay in smaller form which meant that he didn't need to eat as much. 
Suddenly though, Veldbrem did realise that he was maybe imposing and he wanted to repay the kindness Gudrun had offered him. And he did it in the only way he could think off:
"Say, would you like to take a vacation? I'm paying!"
"Vacation?" Gudrun asked, wondering if she could leave her work for an extended period of time.
"It's fun to see new worlds. There's bound to be one you've been wanting to see."
Gudrun had to admit that she did have dreams about visiting some other places. Normally a dragon would be able to take her instantly, but Veldbrem had told her early on that he couldn't teleport. So they'd have to stay reasonably close to this part of the universe. But maybe they could visit one of those amazing worlds she'd read so much about.  

Lantessama Isle
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