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Name: Gerlinda
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Demon (Sloth)
Class: Lowborn

Description: Gerlinda has a dusky skin-tone which looks a bit unnatural to most humans but is not that odd among demons. She has pink hair, pale eyes, a straight nose and thin lips. She usually wears a tired or bored expression. Her grooved horns and long prehensile tail are part of her demon heritage. 
Personality: Gerlinda takes the teachings of her sin-type seriouos. If she doesn't need to move, she won't. If she doesn't need to work, she won't. If she can sleep, she definitely will. There is little that can hold Gerlinda's attention for a longer time. She generally floats from fad to fad, continually demanding new content, new games, new ready-made content that requires little effort to play. When she isn't sleeping, she's gaming, when she's not gaming, she's sleeping. And very rarely she does the things she needs to do to keep alive. 
Skills: Minimal effort to reach whatever goal.
Enjoys: Sleeping, new games.
Dislikes: Hopes, desires, ambition.


Gerlinda lopened her eyes and realised she was awake. Sighing she turned, stretched and wondered whether or not to get out of bed. The day was cold and her bed was warm and cosy. She flipped an arm out from under the covers and felt around. She found her phone and pulled it under the cover to play some games. But the screen remained black meaning that she'd forgotten to charge it.  
Sighing, Gerlinda popped her head out from under her blanket and blinked. It was dark outside but maybe her mother had come in because the light was on in her room. The remote to the TV was all the way on the other side of the room. Her music system was sitting on her desk. 
She'd have to get up. 
That was probably what her mother wanted anyway. Gerlinda's father was much more supportive, but then he was a demon of seduction and indulgence. Gerlinda got up, got dressed and decided that if her mother wanted her up, then she'd go out and have fun. Although fun sounded very tiring. 
An hour later, Gerlinda was wandering around the entertainment district. She debated entering a disco but the thoughts of moving her body to a beat made her dizzy in advance. The solution was only a few doors away. Gerlinda spotted a neon sign advertising a cinema and she smiled. Cosy seats, a dull movie and darkness... Perfect!

Kenchon Sikani had installed himself into a comfortable coil. Limbs and wings tucked away and head resting on a plush seat. He was looking forward to the nature documentary though the reviews had been less than stellar. But as a dragon he was limited to empty theaters. The owner often let him in at the less crowded moments where he got to pick a movie to see. 
Kenchon felt blessed to have such a friend. He tried to be a friendly, charming character but sometimes being a dragon with red eyes and feathers that looked to be blood-soaked worked against you. The purple dragon flashed the luminous green glowbobs into an undulating pattern. That always cheered him up. 
Just as he returned his attention to the screen, a door opened and a person came in. Kenchon ducked but there was really no hiding a dragon of his size. Holding his breath, Kenchon waited and hoped he wouldn't have to resort to desperate measures. 

"Oh, someone is actually in here?" Gerlinda asked.
She'd analysed her options carefully and had deducted that this educational movie in it's last week running would basically be an empty room where she could sleep undisturbed. 
"I'm sorry." Kenchon said, "I requested this movie."
"I thought you were here to sleep, like me. Well, don't mind me." 
Gerlinda plopped down and was snoring in less than half a minute. Kenchon looked curiously at the half demon girl but then the movie started and he moved his attention toward the documentary. But the story couldn't hold his attention as it kept drifting toward the sleeping person beside him.
"Looking at sleeping people is creepy." Gerlinda yawned.
Kenchon flashed his glowbobs nervously and then added, "Why would you sleep through a movie?"
"Because my mother would preech if I'd stayed in bed."
"Well, there is so much to see and do."
"Sleeping is better."
Kenchon decided then and there that this person would take some work to put right....

Kenchon hatched at the Kshau Protectorate

Name: Kenchon (pick and choose) Sikani
Gender: Male
Parents: Zeronen + Banyak Sikani (with possible gene splices with other mutts related to Zeronen)
Description: a marbled purple noodle Myrsilk-Feridragon mutt with red eyes. 
Size: 811 shoulder / around 64 long
     * Extra wings everywhere with deep green wingsails and super dark crimson-violet feathers
     * Green glowbobs
     * Bright green markings
Personality: Kenchon is as bright and cheery as his colourful exterior implies. He is a sweet, geeky dragon who loves to learn and use his knowledge to help enlighten others. Kenchon could have been a know-it-all nuissance, but he has high social skills and know how to best give advice. When to speak up, when to be blunt and when to be vague. His latest charity case turned out to be quite a big commitment though.
Best Ability Scores: Education (highly skilled), Social Skill
     * Dragonheal (all, not just in breed)
     * Breed with anything (but is very picky)
     * Genetic Alteration (dragons, all)
     * Sonic Boost

Lantessama Isle
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