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Name: Funmoghi
Age: 24
Gender: Non Binary
Race: Half Fairy, Half Witch
Class: Druid

Description: Funmoghi has an unhealthy grey-brown complexion, with thin, greying black hair, dark eyes and a straight nose. She usually wears a hat that she's scavanged off nature and she likes to use what she finds to decorate her staff. Funmoghi doesn't have a favourite colour, but mmost clothing items that she possesses are in some natural tint. 
Personality: As a druid, anything that nature offers is a treasure so Funmoghi never looks for more cultural items. She takes upcycling to the extremes and looks a bit frumpy as a result. After all, Funmoghi isn't trying to be fashionable, just practical. And it has to be said that the items she makes are sturdy. Funmoghi has her own little place in nature that she cares about. Other areas are of course important, but her own little home is her sanctuary and receives proper attention as she's sure other areas receive from some other druid. 
Skills: Scavenging (natural items), handicrafts
Enjoys: Looking for unusual seed pods and such
Dislikes: Having to go out into town


Something was amiss. Funmoghi could feel the intruder well before she heard any noise or saw any evidence. The wind told her in the rustling of the leaves, the grass and ferns swaying worriedly as the more poisonous plants readied themselves to defend. Funmoghi furrowed her brow, this was no ordinary human intruder then. 
But just as soon as the defensive reflex had started, it settled. The breeze returning to a good-natured sigh, the grass and ferns relaxing and the poisonous plants withdrawing their toxins. Flowers appeared and Funmoghi grew even more interested. Her little patch of paradise was welcoming the intruder - or visitor, she corrected herself.
The half witch, half fairy got up and headed out to greet them. Usually Funmoghi ignored visitors and intruders for as long as they didn't pose a threat. Her garden was open to all who were friendly. She would even allow people to harvest some of her herbs, fruits and vegetables as they did appear to grow randomly. But on some occasions she'd had to step in the prevent people from damaging the place. There would always be people too greedy for their own good. 
The visitor wasn't hard to find as a the path of flowers led her straight to them. Funmoghi had to look twice but it was indeed a dragon standing in front of her. Not the usual fairytale dragon with wings and scales but a smaller, short-haired, gem-encrusted, slender, wingless variant that seemed to bask in the sun's rays.
"Greetings." she said as it was usually best to let someone know she was around. Her presence could be overseen.
"Pleasant day." the dragon rumbled back.
Funmoghi introduced herself and was rewarded with the dragon's name: Mulgist Discedus, who - so he told her - was an Asandus of mixed race, carrying Niteshan and Piralan genes. 
"My garden has taken a liking to you, do you need anything?"
"I get most of what I need by Photosynthesis." Mulgist replied, "But thank you. I don't want to keep you from your work."
Funmoghi shrugged and returned to tending her plants. Over the next days, weeks and months, it became clear that Mulgist had taken a liking to her garden and had taken up permanent residence. Her plants were overjoyed and he posed little problems, which had settled Funmoghi's nerves. 

Mulgist was hatched at the Fur & Feathers Frenzy Redux

Name: Mulgist Discedus
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown-Green (Yellowless gems)
Description: Mulgist has a deep chocolate-brown hide with blood-red gems encrusted on his spine. The fur on his head, neck and tail is soft with green highlights. He is a playful sort of dragon, always happy to try new things and to look for the fun in chores. If someone were to give Mulgist a Mary Poppins movie, he'd be delighted! 
Parents: Lisprolix Discedus x ???
Species: Asandus (Niteshan-Piralan)
OriginAbstract Destiny
    *Rooted Hibernation
    *Functional Magic (for Mulgist this means a sort of greenhouse effect, be careful of global warming!)
    *Shapeshifting (human-dragon)


Something was happening in her garden. Funmoghi startled awake, moved by the joy and excitement of the plants all around her. She instantly knew it was not a bad event, the breeze was nearly singing, the grass and ferns dancing on it's tune and the shrubs and brushes shone with the most beautiful of flowers, illuminated by the perfectly full moon that shone down above them. 
Funmoghi almost felt like she'd entered a dream and everything was just more vivid. Unable to contain the wonder that was all around her, she let it lead her to where it originated. And sure enough, the cause of this joy was once more her lodger Mulgist. 
The brown dragon was covered in bright green flowers, a sweet scent coming from them.
"Beautiful." Funmoghi said without meaning to.
The dragon looked at her and said, "It doesn't happen often. Another Niteshan must be nearby."
His voice sounded a bit wistful and Funmoghi wondered if maybe Mulgist was lonely. She could have been more talkative but had not considered changing her usual demeanour to accomodate the guest her little paradise loved so much.
"Go and find them." she urged, "My garden will always be open to you."

Lantessama Isle
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