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Name: Fidel
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Hunter/Tracker

Description: Fidel has a tanned skin and dark red hair that he likes to grow out. He lets his beard grow as shaving is not something he enjoys doing. His pale green-grey eyes stand out in his face and give him an air of mystery. Fidel is clearly fit. His build isn't overly powerful, but he has great stamina and quick reflexes.
Personality: Fidel likes to look after himself. At tmes he's a mercenary, fighting for the highest bidder without worrying too much about which side he fights on, the truth is up to the winner. At other times he makes a living as a bounty hunter or hunter. Whatever pays the bills works for him. The drive to discover, to experience is strong in him and though that drive might lessen at some point in time to allow him to settle down, we're far from there yet. 
Skills: Hunting, Tracking, Fighting.
Enjoys: Winning, will play the occasional gamble.
Dislikes: Losing (of course), so he usually keeps a plan B in mind. 


Fidel cut through the lush vegetation with a machete. He'd found the weapon in a hidden hut. The hut had clearly been abandoned and left to the jungle to overrun, but even without that fact, he would have taken the machete. Any person leaving a fine weapon behind deserved to have it taken away. 
Life just sometimes ended up being shit. Like his current situation. The job had seemed promising. A simple assignment, a decent pay but nothing too outstanding. All the details had seemed right. That is until he'd finished the job and the man he'd been supposed to rescue had turned out to not want to be rescued. If Fidel had been told he needed to kidnap his target he'd gone about things differently. Luckily he'd managed to get away. 
Travelling through the jungle wasn't exactly pleasant, but he'd done it before and knew he'd make it out alive. And he'd be well-fed too. If he played his cards right, he'd even make some money out of this failure. The sound of large creature moving through the bushes, had him excited. Bagging some large game would do just the trick.
Fidel snuck through the bushes, keeping himself downwind. When he finally closed the distance, machete at the ready, he was met with a large reptilian creature that looked him calmly in the eye. Without fear the creature told him: 
"Oh perfect. You'll do as a candidate. And then I'll be able to get back home."
Shaking his head and wondering where the voice had come from, the dragon answered:
"It was I of course. And we'll be travelling to Treval."
"Is that close to here?"
"It's not even in the same solar system."
"Seems like that would suit me." Fidel agreed. 


Fidel stood at the egde of a clutch of eggs. They were bigger than any other egg he'd ever seen and he'd spent a lot of time with them. He'd had to take classes on dragon care and had at the same time had had to come to grips with the new world he found himself on. At least his physical fitness had earned him approving glances from the trainer who'd not bothered him once after his initial inspection. 
A few weeks had gone by and now he was standing at the ready. The eggs were shivering and crackling. The sun was shining above and the day was positively perfect. Maybe that was why the hatchlings wanted out now. Fidel grinned at the thought.
Not much later, the first egg cracked. Then a few more broke and one by one the hatchlings sought out those around it to bond. It didn't take long for Fidel to stare into the eyes of a green with blue hatchling with wise-beyong-it's-years eyes and a calm demeanour.
"You must be mine." the dragon said, "My name is Lochmondth."
"My pleasure." Fidel said with a subtle bow, "I've been told we can go to the buffet now."
"We'll get along nicely." Lochmondth nodded. 

Lochmondth bonded at The Last Odessy

Name: Lochmondth
Gender: Male
Element: Water
Parents: Enbanonth x Tibayu
Species: Pernese - Glenn
Size: Pernese Green
Description: A deep forest green dragon with brighter green wings. His belly and paws turn into the deep blue of lake waters. Lochmondth does best in forested environments. Places that are too dry or too cold don't mesh with him so he'd rather avoid those. 
Personality: Lochmondth is a quiet individual. He keeps his opinion guarded, only his bond will ever truly know what he's thinking. He prides himself into being able to read others, feeling that human emotions are far simpler than the watercurrents in the seas and oceans that he has come to know so well. 
   *Breath weapons: Sapphire Spiral (Dark Blue 2), Light of Tranquility (Green 3)

Lantessama Isle
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