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Name: Fei
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Archer/Rogue

Description: Fei is sturdily built for an elf with muscled arms and legs from running around in the forest, hunting and training. She has long black hair she usually keeps tied up, pointed ears, brown eyes and a wide nose that is uncommon among elves. Some say there are some other races mixed in her line and it appears that is true, however it's unclear what these lines are. Should she hide her ears she can pass as human. 
Personality: Fei has an outspoken temperament. She blurts out whatever she is feeling. She likes to be among people but doesn't mind the solitude of hunting in the forest, as long as she can return home regularly. Since she is different from the more traditional-minded purebred elves, she also enjoys going out and meeting people from other species. 
Skills: Hunting, running, forest survival.
Enjoys: Being among people, laughing and playing games.
Dislikes: Protocol and hierarchy. 
Pet: Sunset Faerie Dragon Linli (m) from Treval Dragonry (info:


Fei looked carefully at the sky. She'd been told to go hunt the sunset but something strange was happening. The sunset was travelling south for one thing. Fei knew she was in some sort of spell or mind warp but did not know who or what was bespelling her. And then came her dilemma. Should she hunt the sunset where it was supposed to be? Or where it appeared to be? Or where it shouldn't be? Maybe that was an option too. 
"Sunset, won't you come stay with me?" she chanted.
Fei had never been one to quietly wait for things to go her way. And no-one had said she couldn't try a bit of spellcasting of her own. However, whatever was playing with her mind and senses didn't react to the spell she'd cast. It had been a flimsy thing at best. No matter, she had time. After all the sunset returned at the end of each day so she felt confident that she would get to the end of this riddle eventually.
Getting an eight-sided die out of her pocket, Fei rolled for a clue. The die bounced a few times and then showed her a three. East it was for today. It felt a bit silly to go hunt for the sunset in the east but when you thought about it, the east was the origin of the sun's path so it wasn't so foolish. Maybe she would meet the dreaded thing if she went back far enough.
"Sunset, won't you come and join me?" she continued her little chant.
Maybe it was her imagination but some of the air seemed to shimmer. But when she looked at the place she'd seen the movement, nothing was there. Shrugging, Fei turned due east and started walking away from the beautiful reds, oranges and yellows that coloured the sky to the west and the south. 
Immediately the air in the direction she was headed started to shimmer with various colours in the warm spectrum. Pinks and purples seemed to be more dominant here. In the distance she spied glowing lights that looked like a dozen suns were all headed in different directions. Fei waited, mesmerised by the beauty of the sight.
"Sunset, pretty sunset, won't you come and play with me?" she whispered awestruck.
Three times a charm they say and maybe the three chants had strengthened the effect of her spell. Or maybe she'd just found the right words. Suddenlt a beautiful butterfly-winged, feather-adorned dragon the size of a cat materialised in the air in front of her.
"Well hello sunset, what is your name?" Fei asked.
The creature chirped and grabbed hold of her hair, tugging her so that she followed him to where the lights were still playing in the sky. And there the faerie dragon danced and chased and generally showed off. Though he'd had fun pranking all kinds of creatures with his magic over the years, he'd grown weary of remaining alone. 
Finally the faerie dragon revealed his name.
"?ice to meet you, Linli." Fei said, "You want to take me somewhere?"
Before she could formulate an answer to the request, Fei saw the landmarks of the origin of the faerie dragon. It had travelled far away on it's journey but now it was time to return home. But for that it needed some help. And who better to get it from than the one who'd promised to play with him? 

Abilities: Superior Invisibility, Limited Telepathy, Magic resistance
Innate Spellcasting: dancing lights, minor illusion, color spray, mirror image (each 1/day)
Age at impression: approximately 15 years old

To be continued. (Waiting on more information about the planet)



??? bonded at Treval Dragonry

Lantessama Isle
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