Erendila Overyse

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Name: Erendila Overyse
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Race: Stone Elf
Class: Artificer

Description: Erendila has a pale grey skin with blue eyes, a pronounced nose and long grey hair. Her pointy ears are usually hidden by her ears but no-one will mistake her for a regular human. She likes to wear loose-fitting clothes and cloaks especially. 
Personality: Erendila is not that young anymore but she's far from old and tired. A true whirlwind of activity this female elf hardly ever stands still long enough to catch her breath, there's always something interesting happen, some new knowledge to be found, some new place to discover. If she could she'd not sleep. 
Skills: Elemental magic (especially wind and ice), mechanical understanding
Enjoys: Learning and discovery
Dislikes: Boredom, stagnation


STORY & Bonding
Erendila looked around Darkling Dawn and had plenty of new sights to take in. The curious dragon adoption in a pocket dimension had been around for a long time but she'd never had the chance to visit. She'd been around to some of the other places, like the Healing Den and Ryslen. The Healing Den had definitely been bigger and Ryslen had been more traditional. But something about this place made her feel instantly at home. Maybe it was the hot chocolate they served at the inn. 
People were friendly but left her to her own devices, which she preferred. A guide would only take away from the fun of exploring. After she finished her hot chocolate and cheesecake, Erendila got up and went to do what she liked best. She was going to explore every part of the place, leaving no stone unturned. And she was quite literal in that regard.
So it was about two hours later when she was busy sorting through rocks to determine which type of stone made up the place that Erendila found herself the focus of a young dragon. She didn't notice the new arrival at first but the fluffy cat dragon wasn't exactly going for stealth. 
"Hey there." Erendila said, "Who might you be?"
She had never seen a dragon quite like it and was intrigued. 
"Acathria." the young dragon told her.
"Shouldn't you be with your parents or bond?" 
"I have no bond and my parents aren't doing what I want."
"Which is?"
"Playing. Being outside and not sleeping or being calm."
Erendila laughed out loud: "Yes, those things are boring."
"What are you doing?"
"Looking at the rocks."
"That doesn't seem all that interesting either." Acathria told her.
"I guess to you it wouldn't be. But think about how many different types of rock there are. I want to find just the right one to take home with me." 
"Let me help." Acathria said, "I'd like to see your home and what other rocks you have there."
"Of course." Erendila said, not even noticing the bond before later that night. 

Name: Acathria

Colour: White

Size: 19

Species: Pernese/Catdragon

Parents: Murrpau & Verugorian (Trade-off)

Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Assisted Firebreath

Personality: Curious, Playful and Eager to Please.  



Acathria had grown considerably since Erendila had found her at Darkling Dawn. Though lately she'd seemed to stabilise, proving that she was most likely done with growing. They'd continued travelling and Erendila had to admit that travelling with a companion was agreeing with her more than she'd thought it would. 
"I'd like to try something new." Acathria said as she was known to do. 
Just as often as Erendila proposed something, her bond did the same. This kept the travels even more random and interesting.
"What has caught your attention?" Erendila asked.
"Rising to fly."
Erendila cocked her head and considered what she knew about dragon flights: "That could be fun." she concluded.
"Where would you like to rise?"


Acathria was adopted at Darkling Dawn

Lantessama Isle
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