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Name: Eleni
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Agriculture/Farmer

Description: Eleni is dark-skinned with long black hair she usually keeps braided or tied back so it doesn't get in the way. Her face shows her Polynesian decent. She has broad shoulders and a stocky build. Her arms and legs are muscled from doing physical labor. 
Personality: Eleni is a young woman with an opinion. She's dead set against most traditions and voices her opinions loudly. She likes to debate and doesn't mind taking an unpopular stance for the fun of it. She does understand that not everyone will agree with her and to a degree she knows that traditions do carry some value... just not enough to warrant keeping them without proper discussion of their pros and cons. 
Skills: Strong, eloquent.
Enjoys: Talking, discussing, reading
Dislikes: Stubborn people (and yes we know that's the pot calling the kettle black)


Eleni swung her hoe back and then down, feeling the pushback as the metal cling touched the rocky soil. She twisted and scraped and took a moment's pause when the rock yielded and came loose. One down, several more to go. The patch of ground wasn't well-suited for agriculture but it needed to be prepped as the population had kept growing over the past years. People were flourishing on their small island nation. The weather had been calm and the fishing bountiful. So Eleni would plow and hope that one day this field would feed her own children. 
The hours stretched on and it was the dimming of the light that had Eleni notice that it was time to go home. She put away her tools and returned to the home of her parents. Truth be told she should have been married by now but none of the single men had gathered the courage to ask for her hand. Her father was getting quite desperate but Eleni had kept him from offering more in her dowry. She didn't want some destitute wretch to marry her just because her father had given away all he owned. Someone like that wouldn't be the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She needed a strong and dependable man, someone with a good head on his shoulders who would appreciate her for her strengths. 
If Eleni had her way, she'd have asked someone already but women just didn't do the asking around here. Which was strange because they could do just about anything else. It was one of those truths nobody dared to question. Well, she did. 
Taking the way home while she thought about her life, Eleni nearly didn't notice the strange sound in the trees. Something, maybe an instinctive survival mechanism, alerted her though and she stopped walking. Disoriented she tried to make out what it had been that had put her system in a state of alarm. She almost felt like something big was watching her. Something dangerous. Though there weren't any predators on the Island - the humans had killed them all long before she'd been born - she felt hunted. 
Not one to back down from a challenge, Eleni stood her ground and called: "Who's there?"
A tired sigh, barely more than the wish for a breeze on a humid day. But Eleni had heard it. She tried to make out who was hiding in the bushes but that was difficult with darkness obscuring things. A whimper sounded next. Eleni was no fool, this could be a trap, but she couldn't leave someone hurt out like this.
"I'm coming." she said, carefully making her way through the bushes.
She kept her eyes on the ground but occasionally looked up, still not completely convinced that the person she'd heard wouldn't turn out to be a 9 foot giant. At one point in time she might laugh about that thought, but she wasn't there yet. She pushed away leaves and then found a small fish-like creature that seemed to swirl in a bubble of water.
Intrigued, Eleni inched closer. She extended her hand and touched the bubble. The moment she made contact a tornado of voices and impressions exploded in her mind. All that came through was the need to find a dragon. She was cold, hungry and tired. But as Eleni unconsciously added her energy to the little dragonder, it connected to one who needed a bond and took a leap of faith. 


Aiburath had hatched at Ryslen. He yearned for a bond but hadn't found an appropriate match at his hatching. He knew things needed to be exactly right or the bond wouldn't take. At least it felt like that to him. His parents had told him to go out in the world to look for a place he could call home, be it with a human, another dragon or a pack. 
So Aiburath had tried living with the other unbonded dragons at Ryslen. They were too loud. He never got a moment's rest. They were nice enough, but just not what he was looking for. He'd tailed the searchriders, hoping to get first dibs on the potential candidates. But not one of them had seemed right. Maybe he should look for a place rather than a person. 
Resigned to his fate, Aiburath had started to travel. Short trips at first, but as his experience broadened he'd stayed away longer. There was something to be said about a life on the road, but it also wasn't for him. He enjoyed meeting new people, he loved to learn new things and he certainly liked tasting new things and seeing new places. But he wanted to do those things with another. 
On one of his trips, Aiburath found himself on a Nexus world with a lot of water and an island agency. He'd been welcomed kindly and then been left to his own devices. 
Suddenly a pullng sensation caught his attention. It was like a travel in between but the disturbance in space was tiny. Right next to him a black and purple creature appeared. And attached to it was a human. A human who seemed to not know what was going on. 
Aiburath and Eleni locked eyes and there was the rightness Aiburath had been looking for. Gentle he touched the human's mind as he sensed that she had never before seen a dragon.
"Nice to meet you." he said quietly to let her adjust to his presence.
"Charmed." she responded, looking around as if she was searching for a voice, "That really was you, right?"
"Indeed it was. My name is Aiburath."
Around them the little dragonder launched a wild aerial ballet display that made Aiburath snort.
"I think you better name this little nuissance as well." he told his human, "He might not like to remain without a name."
"Is he mine too?" Eleni asked.
"Not in the same way, but pretty similar." Aiburath shrugged.
"I guess I'll call him Lolo."

Name: Aiburath
Colour: Verdigris (between green and bronze), about 27% of Copper
Gender: Male
Breed: Ryshathian
Parents: Green-Copper Tasalea and Copper-Green Kelustekth
Abilities: Telepathy, Teleportation, Acid breath, Fire Breath

Additional information:
Rank: Verdigris
Description: A new rank mutation. They are known for being easy-going to a fault. They need a strong leader, or their loyalty will change with the wind. They even seem to choose their riders randomly, but their partners are almost always willful and determined people. They tend to be genderfluid more often than other ranks. They are more likely to object to being called by only one of their colors than by the wrong pronouns.
Color: Verdigris dragons are a bicolored rank. Their hides are both metallic copper and chromatic teal in varying amounts. These colors are co-dominant, and neither is base and neither is markings. They are usually not more than 75% one color or the other.
Breed: "RysHathians" are Old World (Pernese) x Hathian hybrids. These ones are 50/50, but the Hathian wing-arm seems to be dominant, at least at Ryslen. They do not Require bonds, but do strongly prefer them. They can also join a Pack or remain Single, though that is the rarest choice.

Eleni bonded Verdigris Aiburath at Ryslen (Giveaway)
Lolo was taken at Lantessama Isle

Lantessama Isle
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