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Name: Eldrid
Age: 205
Gender: Non Binary
Race: Elf
Class: Samourai

Description: Eldrid has pale skin, long brown hair and deep brown eyes. The classic features give their face an ageless quality and make it difficult to determine their gender. They wear clothes that cover their entire body and often some extra layers for good measure. They like red and green tints and often mix those.
Personality: Eldrid is a quiet, contemplative person, some would even call them uptight. They try to be prepared for everything and train at being able to detect even the slightest of presences around them. After numerous years of training they've become able to navigate blindly through unfamiliar places and to guess pretty accurately who is approaching them. Eldrid has been known to compose poetry and songs when creativity strikes.
Enjoys: The soft breeze at the height of summer
Dislikes: dissonants that don't get resolved


The sky was blue, expanding all the way to the horizon. Some white clouds drifted by. The smell of the grass and flowers mixed to become an intoxicating scent that promised richness and fertility. Korenaar stretched his wings and lazily dropped his head to the ground. The heat of the sun-warmed earth warming the hide of his chin. 
"Mmmh." he moaned happily.
Things couldn't get much better.
Suddenly though, there was a person disturbing the peace and quiet. The human proclaimed:
"The sky is bluer - than the icy waters of -  a fair glacier lake"
Koorenaar's ears twitched at the bad attempt at poetry. 
"Why bring thoughts of cold and ice to such a beautiful day as this?" he asked no-one in particular. 
Someone else must have made a similar appraisal of the elf's poetry skills because next thing the green-yellow furry dragon knew, the sound of clashing swords interrupted the peace. He jumped up and scrambled as two humanoids leapt, ran and zipped across the meadow, crushing flowers. 
This would not do. 
"Stop!" he roared and used his magic to restrain the two humanoids. 
"Crushing the flowers is even worse than that poetry."
Korenaar couldn't keep them contained for long and within minutes one of them wiggled free and ran off. The other one, the elf, looked a bit dejected.
"I admit it needed work, but I didn't mean to offend." he said solemnly.
"I was going to let the poetry slide." Koorenaar admitted, "It was the fighting that got me riled up."
"They attacked me out of nowhere." 
Korenaar lifted an eyebrow.
"Bad poetry is not an excuse to attack someone." 
But the elf couldn't contain a small smirk, "My name is Eldrid by the way."
"Korenaar." the dragon added.
"Would you know a place where I can spend the night?"
"Follow me! I'm a real pro at finding free lodgings."
"They don't need to be free..." Eldrid protested but Korenaar was no longer listening.

Korenaar bonded at Mirus Fortress

Name: Korenaar
Gender: Male
Colour: Olive-Beige-Yellow
Parents: Alcandeo Deeabath x Loren
25% Askan 25% Piralan 25% Shadowling 25% Glider
10-18' at the shoulder
Most noticeable about Korenaar is the fluff. Covering his wings, hide and tail, bursting from head, shoulders, elbows and ankle joints. His fur ranges from olive green to honey yellow. Secondary gliding wings form a bright and whimsical accent. He has dexterous hands with nimble fingers and toes and sharp claws. 
: Korenaar is like wheat, he sways gently, relaxing and loving the heat of summer and light breezes. He will bend but not break, choosing to work with what's going against him and using it's force to turn things around in his favour. All the while looking like it's easy. 
  *Verbal Speech - the ability to communicate in spoken words
  *Telepathy - the ability to communicate mind-to-mind
  *Teleportation - the ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind
  *Shapeshifting (Dragon-Human Spectrum) - the ability to shapeshift to any form between human and dragon shapes
  *Functional Magic - a wide-ranging ability to wield magic
  *Body-Heat Control - the ability to control one's body temperature or even create one's own thermal for flight
  *Gliding - the ability to glide using secondary wings
  *Semi-Insubstantial - the ability to become half insubstantial at will


A few years later and the unlikely couple of a relaxed dragon and an uptight elf was still together. Against both their better judgement they had hit it off and found travelling together quite agreeable.  Despite the occasional argument, their bond had grown and they couldn't imagine life apart anymore. They kept each other safe and bailed each other out when they got into trouble.
"I'm telling you it's time."
"I'm telling you we don't have time for that."
"Hey, you might be a stand-offish elf, I have needs!"
Eldrid sighed, "Fine! But you better lose!"
"And just for that I'll be doing my best. You better believe I'll win!"

Lantessama Isle
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