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Name: Ekene
Age: 24
Gender: Non Binary
Race: Human
Class: Ranger

Description: Ekene is a tall person with dark skin, long braided black hair, a wide nose and lush lips. They are very agile and move as light as to hardly make any noise. They usually dress in tight-fitting clothes topped with a loose cape. 
Personality: Ekene is a ranger tasked with keeping the peace in a covert fashion. They are known as a friendly adventurer and mercenary who charges a decent rate. Of course that income is supplemented by the official job. While they travel around their province, people sometimes disappear or have a change of heart. To Ekene, the work is a means to an end. They happen to be good at it and it pays the bills while they can enjoy a free lifestyle and determine their own hours. 
Skills: Sword-fighting (rapier), Stealth
Enjoys: Clearing hurdles and finishing the job in a satisfactory way, using their wit.
Dislikes: discrimination, cruelty. 
Pet: -


Ekene was walking through the forest. They had tasked to inspect some unusual disappearances that had happened around here. Officially they were here on the same errand the others had taken. The seemingly easy task of gathering herbs was now rumoured to be cursed. Maybe it was a good thing that no-one wanted anything to do with this job. Ekene would be worried but the others had been low-grade adventurers, people that needed to build some skills. They just worried that some dangerous animal was causing the disappearances. Their employers worried that it could be a smuggling ring but that seemed unlikely to Ekene because why would they target random adventurers? That didn't seem very profitable.
Either way, Ekene would do their job. They would carefully scout the place and look for disturbances. It didn't take long to reach the place. It was a quiet, secluded spot. Quite sheltered and nothing indicated any struggles had taken place. Ekene sensed no others around, sensed no menacing auras. Everything looked peaceful.
Ekene stepped into the clearing and immediately realised their mistake. The people disappearing had nothing to do with animals or foul play and all with a very uncommon portal phenomenon.  Ekene managed to disable the portal by erasing part of the offending circle of magical mushrooms but in the process erased what they thought to be his only way home. 
A few seconds later they appeared into some random spot that could be half a planet or half a galaxy away from their home. Feeling slightly unsteady, they looked around and was amazed by the unusual presences around. People and beings of large variety were standing around them and very few of them looked surprised by Ekene's arrival. 
"Excuse me." a voice called.
Ekene gazed into the caring eyes of a very unusual creature.
"Yes?" Ekene asked and wondered why they knew the being was called Iqotza.
"I was waiting for you. I'm quite grateful to those magical mushrooms that sent you to me. Don't worry though, someone will send word to your world so your friends and family will know you're okay."
"I don't have many of those." 
"Don't worry. You'll make more."
"I don't know if I want that."

Iqotza bonded at The Refugium

Name: Iqotza
Gender: female
Colour: Cream-Yellow
Parents: Karaq x Alessphelixazhan
Species: Quetzalcoatl-Hathian
Description: A cream-coloured, slender dragoness with large feathered wings. One pair attach to her back, another pair attaches from wrist to shoulder. She has a lush feathered tail and feathered eye-horns. 
Size: Medium (from 10' to 14' at the shoulder)
Personality: Magnanimous and kind. Iqotza knows that as a dragon she has some advantages and feels she must use these for the greater good of creatures. Death and the circle of life are necessary parts of life, but she believes a little thoughtfulness can go a long way. Iqotza aspires to become wise but knows that she will likely never reach her goal. 
   *Breath Weapon: Ice and Acid
   *Illusion Magic
   *Shapeshifting (to a single humanoid form of choice, including liron, human, or any other fantasy race)
   *Venomous Bite


As Iqotza has told him, some dragonrider with too much time on his hands had sent word to Ekene's employers and family about his whereabouts. Iqotza herself couldn't teleport but she had mentioned they could return once she had finished growing. Time went by slowly but surely, Ekene working where they could and learning all they could about dragons and the whole nexus that was out there. 
"It won't be long now." Iqotza reassured Ekene.
"You always seem to know what I'm thinking."
"Not always, but mostly." she smiled sweetly. She enjoyed looking after her bond though Ekene was in fact older there was no way they could best her in a fight. Not anymore after all.
"Returning home seems a bit strange after all this time." Ekene remarked.
"If you don't need to return immediately, there are things I would like to do here."
"More people need draconic bonds to care for them. I would very much like to spread my love unto others."

Lantessama Isle
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