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Name: David
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Vermin extirminator

Description: David is a tall, thin fellow with unkempt long brown hair, dark broody eyes and large features. He's not handsome by most standards but he's definitely memorable and his broody looks do fetch attention. He usually dresses in darkly coloured garb and mostly wears a brimmed hat and sturdy boots (eve indoors). 
Personality: David is a loner. He's not very used to social interactions and tends to be awkward and a bit strange when meeting people. He's learned how to best keep conversations short and uses those skills a lot when interacting. Some people would call him rude, people who do business with him however never have anything bad to say about his work or willingness to please. 
Skills: Exterminating vermin.
Enjoys: Solitdue, rice crackers and black coffee.
Dislikes: Crowded places, forceful people and being rushed. 


David worked his way through the throng of people that were gathered at the Abstract Desiny. He'd been invited by one of the staff and he'd assumed he'd been called out to work on a vermin problem. he was an exterminator anyway. Thinking back, the request had been pretty vague. But not all people liked to talk about which vermin was running free in their house. He assumed roaches and small rodents wouldn't be big enough to register as food for dragons so they could be around. 
And thus David had reported for duty, regretting it as soon as he saw just how many people were walking around in the large facility. He'd never liked being around people. Even the odd stranger on the road was a curse. Although, with so many people, they at least didn't bother him. His looks and expression probably had something to do with that. most people recognised he wasn't looking for company.
"Really?" someone asked, "I promise to be quiet."
David looked around and saw a black white and red long dragon floating at his side.
"Are you a dragon?" he asked.
"I am Grievous." the dragon replied solemnly.
"Well at least you seem to have a proper personality. How do you handle vermin?"
"I'm not bothered by them. I could probably roast hem with practice."
David grinned, "I would like to see that."

Grievous bonded at Abstract Destiny

: Grievous Caelumpictor
Gender: Male
Parents: Berith Caelumpictor x Dire Nightspark
Species: Hybrid Mutt
Size: around 9’ at the shoulder.
Description: A long and twisty oriental-styled dragon with antlers, a dashingly red mane and stubby paws. Grievous is coloured white-red-black (or black-red-white depending how you look at him). He has small wings but doesn't actually need them to fly.
Personality: As his name implies, Grievous tends to be gheavy and gloomy. He worries, he frets and he is generally languid and pensive. The only humour he can sympathise with is black caustic humour (and maybe a little Satire when he's feeling oddly light). Being such a match to his bond's personality, the two often travel in silence. Each lost in their own thoughts.  
   *Fire Magic, The ability to wield magic related to creating and controlling fire. 
   *Poison Bite, The possession of a poisonous bite. 
   *Shapeshifting (Anthro), The ability to shapeshift into an anthropomorphic version of oneself. 
   *Shapeshifting (Human), The ability to shapeshift into a human form. 
   *Shapeshifting (Minor), The ability to shapeshift one’s physical shape but not one's mass. 
   *Telepathy, The ability to communicate mind-to-mind. 
   *Teleportation, The ability to teleport anywhere within sight or that can be strongly visualized in the mind. 
   *Verbal Speech, The ability to communicate in spoken words. 
   *Wingless Flight, The ability to fly without the use of wings.


The oddly quiet duo of human and long dragon had worked their job in numerous places. They'd gotten into a comfortable habit of working together quietly. And they did their job well, but neither of them had had any doubt that they would. On their travels they happened to reach a place which also had dragons.
"I imagine we could stay for a while here." Grievous noted, "Maybe work a little."
"Do you sense vermin?"
"I sense willing partners. I need to think about the next generation. What about you?"
"My mother does nag." David agreed, "Though i don't think this is what she meant."
"As long as it works..." Grievous shrugged, doing a little twirl in the sky.
And that was how far that conversation went. They headed inside in silence and asked for a room. 

Lantessama Isle
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