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Name: Spell
Soul Name: Ylac (recently found while playing with friends - consequently all her friends know it)
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Species/Universe: Elfquest Abodean Elf

Physical description:
     Skin: burn-and-peel-white 
     Hair: grey, Style: simply styled, Length: crewcut length 
     Eyes: gunmetal 
     Size: long-legged, compact body (Whispersoft-type - see site for outlines/names) 
     Clothing: suede hiphugger pants of iron red and pearl and a loose shirt in strawberry, plus arm bracelets having Peridot on them. 
Wolfriders are known for their physical prowess and durability. This Wolfrider takes care to keep her body in fine condition.
Physical Stats: 
     Strength: High 
     Dexterity: Very High 
     Agility: Above Average 
     Health: Extremely High 
     Intelligence: Below Average 
     Appearance: Average 
     Charisma: Below Average 

     Magic Power: Below Average but not completely lacking 
     Sending: Extremely High 
     Magic Feeling: Low 
     Plant Shaping: Average   
Weapon: Bow
     Contortionism: Extremely High
     Physical/Body Communication-Sign Language: Above Average 
     Animal Communication/Avians: Above Average 
     Tailoring: Low 
     Hunting: Extremely High using Bow 
     Hunting: Below Average using Harpoon (thrown) 

     Born in Newgreen/Spring 
     Mate: Lovemated to more than one partner (Parrot, female, defensive) and (Snare, female, defensive) 
     Mother: Teal Ibis, caring 
     Father: Peacefully Searing Mercury, loving 
     Siblings: Brother: Chill Lances, younger, presumed dead

Occupation: Female Wolf Rider
Wolf-Friend - Hatchet's Lure (this wolf is not that pleased with the new compnaion but still stays loyal) 
     Size: small (ridable but not for long), 
     Gender: female 
     Fur Colors: tan and brown 
     Eye Color: blue 
     Trait: a loner, not a member of the pack. She enjoys children.

Bond: Tiny Blue Chuvinoth
Parents: V1Y4 - Gold Nozomith+Bronze Bhavyatath


Spell looked around uncomfortable. A lot of the other candidates were bigger than her, she only spied a few other elves around; And that wasn't unexpected. There'd be no way she'd be returning to Abode. Which in essence meant that she'd forced both her mates and her wolf to relocate with her single decision. But it had been necessary. Spell really hadn't seen a way to decline the offer. And there were definite perks to taking it. Spell knew her wolf friend Hatchet's Lure was too small to carry her for far but didn't want to release her to another. And though both her mates worked, the extra funds for taking the offer were more than welcome. And surely there'd be other heavily forested worlds where they could live? In fact the porspect of living alone with her mates and wolf was far too appealing than it should be. But lately life in the Elven community had gotten unpleasant and constraining. Changes had been made that Spell couldn't live with. She just hoped her mates and wolf would understand her. She had spoken to them about it but hadn't been able to go back on her decision. She just hoped they'd still be there for her.
It was in that heavy state of mind that Chuvinoth found her. Spell was hardly looking at the hatching, reliving her memories instead. The dragon had no problem following what she'd been through the past days with her mind broadcasting it quite loudly. Or maybe that was just because of their bond. In any case, Chuvinoth decided it was worth risking to be the only male in this female-only family if he could support this valiant woman.
"Spell." he whispered, interrupting her thoughts, "I might be small, but I'll be big enough to carry all four of you."


The period after the hatching and her impression had been hell. But in hindsight, Spell wasn't sorry about her decision. It had all turned out for the best. Chuvinoth would never be a large dragon but he would still be too big to live on Abode. But with his gentle and supportive nature, he'd charmed his way into the hearts of her mate and he'd even managed to somewhat placate her wolf into accepting that she would be getting an apprentice elf-carrier. 
"Where do you want to live?" Chuvinoth asked her, "I'll follow you wherever you want to go."
"I need to keep the others' needs in mind." Spell replied, "I've talked about it with a lot of people and one place keeps coming back. It's called Lantessama. The main dragonry Island is heavily populated, but there is an entire wild continent where we could go live. We could live from the land, but I've been told they work with plants a lot and could use my expertise in that area even if I'm no better than average."
"Time to ask the others then." Chuvinoth gently proded her.
Spell sighed, "Yes, I can't keep them waiting any longer. Let's hope they like the place."
You went to such lengths to find it, I'm sure they will."


The move to Lantessama had been everything she hoped it would be and more. The people had been friendly and accepting. There were a lot of different people and races living on the Isle, but the wilderness and solitude of Meritan were there for them if they wanted peace and quiet. Even if the two lay far apart, Chuvonith had made good on his promise that he was large enough to fit all of them on his back to ferry them to and fro as needed. 
"You are happy." Chuvonith supplied.
"I never thought it but I am. I couldn't be happier. Everything is perfect."
"Then I'm happy too." he said, beaming with pride that he'd been able to help.
"I couldn't have done it without you." Spell praised her dragon. After all, he deserved dome credit.


Lantessama Isle
Dragon impressed at Dragonhope Weyr 11th Pass Giveaway
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