Reles Jelova

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Name: Reles Jelova
Gender: Male
Age: Teen
Species/Universe: Carramba High 

Personality: They live on campus boldly flaunting how rich they are, in the big tower. They have a Nefarious, Never Gives Up personality.

Physical description: They have pasty white skin, pale violet-brown hair that's naturally lightly curly cut short to ears, and teal eyes.
     +1 S/GM, 
     +3 Bod, 
     -1 RWP, 
     +2 Luck, 
     -1 Drive, 
     -1 Bonk, 
     +5 extra KK's. 
Physical Stats (out of 10, noral human max is 6)
     Smarts/Greymatta of 8 - holy cats! 9 
     Bod/Feets of 4 7 
     Relationship With Parents of 4 3 
     Luck/Nuts of 3 5 
     Driving of 6 5 
     Looks of 3 3 
     Cool/Mouth of 3 3 
     Bonk/Meat of 2 1 
As a Freshman, they have 20 KnacKudos to spend on skills, knacks and clusters.

Totem: Your totem is the Jackalope, the 'mythological roadkill' totem, fast and probably faking it.

     Bookworm - if it's in the Library or on the 'net, you know exactly how to locate it
     +3 Research Skill 
     Connections - everywhere they go they know someone who can do something for them and 
     Unknown Powers - something weird that only the HolMeister knows, and will appear only at a random time < Electronic Thumb
School Schedule:
     1st Period: RealTime Geometry with Lari 
     2nd Period: Fur-Side Social Issues with Rayne Rhein 
     3rd Period: Naming and the Power of True Names with Akarist 
     4th Period: Practical Composition with Feliciane 
     5th Period: Offensive Magic with Amalthea Sanger 
     6th Period: Optimism Under Duress with C'thain 
     7th Period: Dungeon Crawl with Mehta 
     8th Period: Hedge Mazes: Alibi and Art with Ihrinnah 

Family/History: Reles Jelova, a human (or perhaps a near-human of some breed of very similar aliens found in most sci fi) from the Hitch Hikerís Guide to the Galaxy dimension, so he comes with an Electronic Thumb for hitch hiking and a Towel and is likely used to traveling around the multiverse. Heís a freshman so he has a few years left of traditional school before he does whatever hitch hikers do. Itís also possible that he has family that now owns a spaceship, given his powers and randomly-generated Ďis richí comments.

Bond: Copper (metallic Brown) Otoyath (m)
Parents: V3Y3 - Gold Dhiiath+Brown Silth


Reles Jelova turned toward the eggs and looked at them. Reles knew about dragons from being in Carramba High as many of the students went on to impress. But actually standing here on the Sands... the experience was less than satisfying. First and foremost there was an absolute lack of basic commodities in the Weyr. Stone chambers carved from the mountain walls? Really? Not to mention the lack of decent sanitary arrangements. Heck even old-fashioned plumbing would be better than the current set-up. Reles was used to odour-free state of the art toilets that instantly decomposed waste into recycled materials that could be used for a number of things. But maybe the worst thing in this world was the absence of anything remotely similar to the internet. Letters (!) were carried and news took ages to get to the remote parts of the planet. How did these people survive? 
But still, this was only a temporary set-up until he could return to Carramba high. After his graduation from the renowned inter-stellar high school he'd be on his way to see the universe, armed with all the knowledge he needed to survive. Having a dragon would only help him on his journey. So the transfer to Dragonhope to stand for a hatching had only been a logical school trip. 
The eggs that had been rocking and quivering faintly for the better part of an hour finally started to look like they actually meant to hatch today. Well, they'd need to hurry because night was falling fast. Reles wasn't an early riser so he'd have no problem staying up late. In fact being here was probably preferable over sleeping on that sorry excuse for a bed. 
Maybe that thought was why Reles had to wait until the last egg to impress. The copper-coloured that hatched from that final egg was a sight for sore eyes. Copper, the conductor in most electronic devices, just the sight of it made Reles long for the net and all it offered.
"Is this net something like the voices of the others?" a sleepy voice asked.
"Hardly," Reles replied, "It is so much more; It's information, it's contact, it's life."
"I think I'd like to see it for myself. My name is Otoyath."
"I'll show you as soon as we get out of here." Reles promised. 


It had taken a considerably amount of KK-currency but Reles had returned to Carramba within a few days after the hatching. Otoyath hadn't been any worse for wear, having excitedly told him about the trip for several days before the novelty of it had worn off. The return to a more civilised world was like a balm for Reles and he'd been uncharastically pleasant for a couple of days before he too returned to normal. 
"What will we do after flight training?" Otoyath asked.
"I have a class on Dungeon Crawling." Reles said.
"Will that be useful?" Otoyath asked.
"Maybe if I ever get lost on a world with caverns. But likely not." Reles shrugged, "I can skip."
"Good because I found some interesting references on the net about a series...."


Reles and Otoyath had been travelling the galaxy for some time. They'd seen exotic planets, feasted at crazy parties and had their fill of delicacies. At times they'd had to run for their lives, at which times the teleport ability of Otoyath had proven invaluable. And there was plenty left to see. But Otoyath had a particular idea in mind for their next stop.
"Reles, it's about time I test my strength and skills." the dragon said.
"You want to visit one of the jungle worlds then?" Reles asked.
"No. I'd like to return to the nexus to give chase to a rising female."
"Oh. Why not?" Reles shrugged. 
Reles had heard about these flights and it all seemed like a big orgy. And he was overdue for some fun companionship anyway. 


Lantessama Isle
Dragon impressed at Dragonhope Weyr 11th Pass Giveaway
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