Gideon Beehive

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Name: Gideon
Gender: Male 
Age: 15
Species/Universe: Human mage - HPVerse

Physical description: Caucasian, typical of Europeans and almost entirely unmemorable in appearance
Personality: Clumsy, Flippant

     Attending: Home Schooled Year/Age: 5th year, age 15
     Favourite Subject: Defence Against the Dark Arts 
     Worst Subject: Entertainment and Communication
     Professional Goal: Animal Vet
Magic: Weather Witch - able to affect the local weather by virtue of their mood
Weapon: Wand
     Length: this is more a rod than a wand, at just under three feet long 
     Wood: Ebony (stealth) 
     Core: Phoenix blood (loyalty) 
Favoured Spell: cushioning charm - places an invisible soft pillow anywhere needed
Hobby: Quidditch: plays as a Chaser, plays adequately

Family: Half-Blooded (mother), poverty-stricken
Familiar: none

Bond: Bronze Xintoth
Parents: V1Y6 - Gold Briavieninth+Bronze Eldroth 2nd


Gideon found himself a bit lost in what was to happen. He'd heard about dragons of course. Everyone knew about them though few people living in civilised countries had actually seen them. They were rumoured to live in the more wild areas of Romania. Which is why he should have stopped to think when a person, a man by the name of Keenan who had looked quite suspicious now that he thought back on him, had offered to show him a dragon.
Because now Gideon found himself in a realm he did not know, in an unspecified time with no way of going back home. At least Keenan had promised to return him to his home after the hatching. But how long would that take? And what would his mother say? His dad was a muggle and didn't know much about the world of wizards but his mother had told him time and time again about how dangerous is could be. He'd probably get grounded for weeks after this. 
But Gideon's mind wasn't able to keep fretting as a wondrous melody, created by a lot of dragons humming, vibrated through the cavernous place where he'd been brought. A lot of people were around and more than a few looked about as confused as he was. Others looked like this was quite commonplace. Or at least they acted like it. 
Gideon's eyes were drawn to the big golden dragon in the center of the cavern. She lay crouched around her eggs. And though she looked like she was very strong, her body language wasn't outright offensive. The eggs around her were moving and the golden dragon seemed to urge them on. Finally some cracked open and little dragons popped out, looking wet and lanky. 
"I could use a pillow." someone told him.
The next thing Gideon knew, a bronze-coloured dragon stumbled against his legs and caused them both to crash to the ground.
"You're soft." the dragon yawned as he lounged on the invisible pillow of air that had prevented them both from injury, "you may call me Xintoth."


Apparently returning home wasn't for immediately after the hatching as Gideon had been told he'd need to attend training classes before he could be let go. Class, school, what else was new? Though being in a class full of other students and dragons was something new. He'd always been home schooled and just the sound of the dozen or so attending students was enough to make him light-headed.
"Don't worry, I'm here." Xintoth assured him and immediately his mind cleared a bit.
"Thank you." Gideon whispered back and returned to listen to the course on hand signals they needed to learn. 


Seems like returning home had been a temporary thing. Gideon had visited his mother, but returning with a big dragon that dwarfed their house meant that staying home was not an option anymore. Still, his mother being a wizard meant they could at least visit him often. As could he, though he'd have to leave Xintoth for a while and his dragon seemed to not be fully comfortable with a great distance between them. 
"I can manage." his dragon assured him, "It's just unsettling to not have you close by."
"I feel the same." Gideon told him, always missing a piece of himself when he had tried to teleport back home, "I guess my life is here now."
"Does that make you sad?"
"It's not what I had in mind to be honest. I wanted to become a vet."
"There is nothing stopping you from still doing that. Dragons do need care and you have certain advantages with your magic."
"With all the training for flying thread I had nearly forgotten about that." Gideon admitted, feeling a whole new world opening up.
"Even if you can't train at your home planet, there are plenty of places where they could teach you in the nexus. Places that would not be frightened by me."
Gideon perked up at the thought. He was a wizard after all, there was nothing he couldn't do if he set his mind to it.
"Let's go find a place to study!" he called and practically stormed out the door of their quarters. 


Lantessama Isle
Dragon impressed at Dragonhope Weyr 11th Pass Giveaway
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