Aspen Nettle

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Name: Aspen Nettle
Gender: Female, prefers Males.
Age: Immortal, youthful-looking (but probably closer to 60 than 20)
Species: Human (Vault Earth/Fallout Universe)

Personality: Pensive, Vain

Physical description: 
     Skin: tan with tattoos 
     Hair: golden blond, naturally dry, flyaway but often covered (with a snood), high back 
     Eyes: light blue 
     Build: portly 
Physical stats: 
     Strength: 2 
     Perception: 5 
     Endurance: 6 
     Charisma: 9 
     Intelligence: 2 
     Agility: 9 
     Luck: 3

Armour: Marine
Weapon: Nail Board
     Beautiful Beatdown (very fast melee attacks)
     Fast Healing 
     Infiltrator (picks locks easily)
     Masterful skill with hunting

Special History: Aspen escaped life as a Synth slave from the Institute, and is being hunted. - note that synths are biologically human, not mechanical If killed, they drop a mysterious letter in a language you cannot read and the collar and leash of a beloved pet. She made her way from Boston to the West Coast. 
Occupation: Merchant operating out of a spot on the West Coast, making a bit of money here and there

Bond: Green Aldoith
Parents: V2Y5 - Gold Zeadenath+Bronze Atoth


Escaping the Institute was about all Aspen had been doing for the past years. And frankly she was tired of it. Sure her body didn't age and posed fewer demands than an actual human one would but she still felt the wear and tear from the life on the run. Even for normal humans living in a community it was hard work to keep surviving in the world. But they could help each other. Aspen was tired of running. Tired of being alone.
For the past weeks she'd found her mind straying more often. Which was dangerous and told her she was on the brink of exhaustion. And now she found herself in Paragon City, hiding among the regular humans hoping she'd be safe for a while in the crowd. 
A woman sat down beside her and ordered a drink. A few minutes later, the woman turned to Aspen and introduced herself as Aretha. As the evening dragged on, Aretha told her stories about dragons, opportunity and escape from the grim life they faced here. It all sounded a bit too good to be true, but what did it matter? If she could get away to another world that would certainly solve some of her problems. And there was little she feared aside from the institute. She signed on and just a few days later she'd been ferried to Pern on the back of a large bronze dragon.
And here she was on Dragonhope. She'd gotten a short instruction from a man named Keenan and a few others who'd introduced themselves as people from Dragonhope Weyr she'd see later. Like the Weyrlingmaster and the Steward. Nothing they said sounded bad. She'd get lodging and training. Sure she needed to give back a couple of years of working for the Weyr but afterward she'd be free. Even looking for a catch, Aspen didn't find one. 

And then the call had come. Aspen followed the other candidates to the Sands and waited for a dragon to come to her. She was certain one would come. Unperturbed Aspen gazed at the eggs and just knew when a green dragoness hatched.
"You are mine." She told as she strode toward the hatchling, picked it up and headed for the waiting tables with food.
Some men wanted to stop her, but seemed to back down when the green dragon lifted her head and announced.
"She is right, I am called Aldoith and she is mine as I am hers."


Weyrling training was a breeze compared to her life. Of course she needed to learn new things. But checking harnesses and straps was almost as normal to Aspen as breathing. Keeping your gear in order could save your life. Her weyrlingmaster was very content about her mindset and often used her as an example for the other students. Aspen didn't mind, she did seem made to be a dragonrider. She'd long since stopped dwelling on her previous life and looked only to the future, certain that the institute wouldn't find her on Pern. And if they did, she had a dragon now.
"They'd better think twice before attacking you." Aldoith concurred. 


Aldoith soared through the sky. The both of them had finished weyrlingtraining without a hitch and Aspen had joined one of the fighting wings. Among her peers she truly felt in her element and she could see herself remaining here for a long time. 
"Then maybe there'd be time to get a bit of entertainment?" Aldoith suggested.
"What do you have in mind?"
"A flight?"
Aspen let the idea simmer a bit. It was a chance to show how good they were in the air. She'd had enough of being chased though, if anything she would prefer to chase. She was just about to shoot down the idea when her dragon offered an interesting proposition.
"Maybe we could do it like that. I could set traps and ambushes and only allow the one who gets through all of them to breed me. I need to make certain I get the best male of course. I don't need weaklings."
"I might consider that as a possibility." Aspen agreed. 


Lantessama Isle
Dragon impressed at Dragonhope Weyr 11th Pass Giveaway
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