Name: Airasan
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Species/Universe: Usagi

Physical description:
     Fur: lavender coloured. 
     Marking colour: sea green tipped short rounded ears. 
     Face Markings in above colour are lines on whole face. 
     Hair is crew-cut length and woolly, dun with marking-colour tips. 
     Eyes: inky. 
     Clothing is always worn, consisting of ebony coloured legwarmers and inky jogging shorts and yellow-green belly shirt.
Personality: He has a Composed, Rambunctious disposition.

Magic: Airasan specializes in pressure manipulation/defence. 
Weapon: His favoured weapon is long sword
Hobby: This Usagi has a collection of items from far and wide and likes to travel.

     Genetic History: mother Usagi, father Human. 
     His family was broken up long ago, and he has an older sister. 
     Raised in a medium sized animal ranch (near Thajnut). There they learned woodsmanship (general)

Bond: Pale Blue Shubneth
Parents: V1Y1 - Light green 2 tone Akuaneth^+Dawn Blue Mizuranth^


Airasan tentatively made his way n the sands, letting his large padded feet get accustomed to the warmth and texture. When a decree from the royal couple had been made that they looked for people who wanted to travel to a place called Dragonhope to bond dragons, Airasan had been stoked from the moment he'd realised this meant travelling off-world. Getting a dragon out of the ordeal would mean he could keep travelling afterwards and that was an added bonus. 
So the very next day the young Usagi had turned up at the castle where he'd been inspected by their Queen Sean. He'd been approved without much fuss and then taken to their king, Sapadt who had promptly hoisted him upon a copper-coloured dragon and whisked him away.
Though Airasan had never flown before, he'd instantly been mesmerised by the view from the dragon's back. The young Usagi could only wonder what it would feel like to actually be the one commanding the dragon and seeing all the scenery without another person obstructing the view.
The trip had been over way too soon and once landed, Airasan had been escorted to where he now stood in front of a bunch of eggs that were nearly as big as he was himself. The eggs rocked back and forth and the cracking of shells could barely be heard above the humming of dragons. All too soon dragons spilled from their shells and Airasan had trouble adjusting to all the new input. The level of excitement grew to such levels that he felt like jumping and running around. But he kept in control and was rewarded when a pale blue hatchling made his way toward him and said:
"I'm Shubneth and you're mine. Thanks for coming here."
"It's my pleasure." Airasan replied and crouched to hug his new dragon.


In today's test, the object was for the team of dragon and rider to work together. Some people had laughed at his appearance, but few were laughing now as Airasan raced ahead of the others, using his feet and lean built to make speed. Even though he wanted to be the first to finish, he still wanted to do it right so Airasan took the time to check the straps as he'd been told, but was still in the air before any of the other Weyrling pairs came even close.
"We're doing well." Shubneth crooned and made certain to do his very best for the next leg of the race.
"We've got this." Airasan agreed.
After they'd arrived at the end first and had done a series of actions that simulated what they might need to do in a real emergency, Airasan and Shubneth were rewarded by an approving look from their weyrlingmaster. Though the woman was strict, she did hand out praise when it was warranted. Airasan positively beamed with pride and felt that he had made the right choice.


Airasan felt confident when he strapped on the leather harness that he'd gotten when he'd graduated from Weyrlingclass. Shubneth was fully grown now and they'd gotten their wing-assignments. Not surprisingly they'd joined the wing that specialised in emergency situations where speed was of the essence. Airasan was confident that he and Shubneth could outfly every other dragon in the Weyr. They were an agile team and knew each other well. 
"At least for now." Shubneth commented.
"You picked up on my thoughts?" Airasan asked.
"You talk in your sleep." Shubneth confided, "But even without that I know you need to travel."
"I'm quite happy here, everything is still new. But one day."
"One day." Shubneth agreed. 
After all the pale blue dragon also felt the drive to travel and explore. And with the nexus opening up there were so many places to see, so many people and dragons to meet... and who knows, maybe they'd find someone special to win their hearts. 


Lantessama Isle
Dragon impressed at Dragonhope Weyr 11th Pass Giveaway
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