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Name: Conan
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Class: Barbarian

Description: Conan is not your average barbarian. As an elf he is slender. Most other barbarians greatly underestimate his strength. He has brown curly hair, long pointy ears and caramel-coloured eyes. He is stronger than he looks and carries more than twice his own weight wih ease.  
Personality: Conan is a mercenary at heart. He loves travelling and solves problems on the road, getting paid for what he essentially sees as training. He needs to keep in shape anyway, getting paid for it is a double win. Conan is economically savvy and enjoys growing his riches so he can enjoy life.
Skills: Fighting (axe and shield), investing
Enjoys: Travelling
Dislikes: slimy creatures and the un-dead.


Conan had travelled all over the Nexus, offering his skills as a barbarian in exchange for money, food or a place to stay. His travels had brought him to the Mirus Fortress where he was now exchanging candidacy for room and board. This was a first for Conan but he had seen other mercenaries bound to dragons so he wasn't opposed to the idea.
He was summoned to the hatching ground. If he bonded, that was fine, if not he would move on and travel to some other places. But before long he found himself the object of a dragon's attention. The long multi-winged cream and pink serpent was not what he'd thought about but the presence that filled his mind was soothing and upbeat. Friendly and supportive. Conan knew they would get along and that they would strengthen each other.
"That's why I chose you." Banaticath Sikani nodded.
"I would not want anyone else." Conan agreed. 

Banaticath bonded at Mirus Fortress

: Banaticath Sikani
Gender: Male
Parents: Lorikath x Banyak Sikani
Species: Mutt (Pernese Variant (50%), Dragon/Zekiran/Ferilon (50%))
Size: up to 70
Description: A long cream dragon with pink fluff and feathery wings. 
Personality: Banaticath is nice. He is very sweet and overly protective of all life. He supplements his diet with a lot of fruits, vegetables and roots so he doesn't need to eat as much meat as other dragons. He's always ready to give a hug or a compliment and will try to put people at ease. He freely heals those who ask.
   *Assisted Firebreath 
   *Genetic Alteration (dragon, ferilon): The ability to detect and sort through the genetics of a related creature (a dragon of their line, and to a lesser degree dragons of their breed/origin; and pet-sized ferilon-like creatures such as ferrets, weasels, etc). This allows them to slightly alter eggs/embryos in minor ways. 
   *Human Empathy (weak): The ability to sense the overt emotions of a humanoid creature, non-draconic ones less so, but any that have common dragon genes from any type will be sensed more strongly 
   *Minor Dragon Healing: The ability to heal minor wounds such as rips on wingsails, broken feathers, and light skin issues, either by touch or in close proximity 
   *Dream Walking: The ability to sense and watch, or with practice they may 'join in', the dreams of sentient creatures. 
   *Psionic Dampening: The ability to dampen powers of a nearby creature or person which are 'psionic' can be temporarily suppressed; this might require a contest of wills; this power will always be able to suppress minor things like light empathy or surface-thought reading 
   *Sonic Control (sea dragon): The ability to manipulate sound waves, altering them to be quieter, louder, reach a single ear rather than a group, etc; this can be used as an attack if practiced, and can be very, very deadly as it might pulverize or paralyze, and definitely will deafen anything above the surface of water. Carries further underwater, excellent for communication.
   *Shapeshifting: The ability to change into anything that the dragon can see. When young, has little control over the ability and may shift randomly, at inopportune times. 
   *Light Weapon: The ability to produce and use light as a weapon. When young, can only use light that is already present, but can train to use own energy to produce weaponised light. Uses a lot of energy and may cause harm when overused.


Time and travels had brought them to a new world. Dragons were common here, problems were present and the pay was good for their work. Conan was planning on staying a little longer to grow their travel money before they would head out into a more deserted place of the universe that would require some extra investments.
"Would you mind if I tried a flight while we're here?" Banaticath asked.
"Of course not. Do you have anyone in mind?"
"Of course." his creamy dragon replied and started to tell Conan all about the dragoness that had caught his eyes.
"You'll have your work cut out for you." Conan said after the details had been laid out, "But I'll be rooting for you."

Lantessama Isle
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