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Name: Carol
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Bard

Description: Carol is a young woman with tanned skin, blond hair and caramel-brown eyes. She has large eyes beneath trimmed eyebrows and a straight nose that's a little bit too big for her face. Carol usually keeps her hair braided so it doesn't get caught between her strings. She likes wearing comfortable clothes.
Personality: Carol is a sensitive, emotional woman who loves to have her feelings drawn out by music. She loves to look for old, forgotten music and to bring it back in the spotlight. She absolutely abhors the recent, trending music that is made by machines and usually reproduced, deconstructed and just meant to dance mindlessly on. Dancing can be fun, but she prefers to be swept away by the music, not the strobe lights and lasers. 
Skills: Stringed instruments.
Enjoys: Old music (finding it, playing it, performing it) and playing with her cat.
Dislikes: Modern music (electronic, made by machines)
Pet: Ash Red Barred Kris (m) from Stargleam Cattery

Name: Kris (StargM003)
Coat: Ash Red Barred

Breed: Wild Eyes: Yellow
Size: 53 Domestication: 69
Friendliness: 30 Noisiness: 26
Genetic Code:
   BA//b (Ash Red, Carries Brown) 
   C+//c (Barred, Carries Barless) 
   +//e (Carries Recessive Red) 
   +//dex (Carries Extreme Dilute) 
   +//+ (Homozygous Yellow Iris)
   Ash Red Recessive Red Dark Checker Dianthus (M033)
   Brown Barless Classic Tabby Coreopsis (CaeliF008)


Carol sat down below a tree near a field of wheat. The golden stalks swayed in the breeze as the midday sun shone down on them. The Blue sky, the golden wheat and the greens and browns of the tree all made for one beautiful, rustic scenery. Carol sighed and relaxed. She closed her eyes for a second, but soon excitement made her open them again. 
She pulled out her lute and grabbed the sheet music she'd just found hidden in the depths of the library stores. Her eyes sparkled as she looked over the archaic notes, the slightly alien tablature and the now so uncommon squared look of the notation. Paired with the scent of old, musty paper, these things were enough to bring her to heaven. It didn't matter that the composition was likely a student's attempt or that it might not be all that good. It had not been properly stored after all. But it was something new AND something old at the same time. And it was time to let the music out once more.
Carol tuned her lute and grinned at the rusty red winged cat that often found his way to her at this spot. She'd named the fellow "Kris" and he seemed to not mind that name. Well, as long as she brought him a treat or two. And what's more, he seemed to enjoy her playing.  Though standoffish like most cats, Kris did seem used to humans and was content to rest in her vicinity. She had learned not to try and pet him since he didn't seem to like that. 
"Here goes!" Carol whispered and started playing.
The melody was simple and the chords not all that refined, but the music was sweet and innocent and just right for a lazy day out in the fields. The gentle tune brought a smile to Carol's lips that vanished when a loud rumbling resounded.
"What!?" she called and looked around.
Kris meanwhile hadn't budged and seemed largely uninterested as a big, golden head popped out from the wheat in the field.  
"Don't stop!" the dragon pleaded.
"I'm sorry, you caught me off guard there." Carol said.
Relieved that the dragon appeared friendly and relying on the stories the other students had told her, Carol resumed playing. The dragon rumbled more and she now recognised it as a type of purr. Clearly this was why Kris hadn't been startled. The small kitty and the big dragon apparently shared her sense in music and that made Carol happy beyond words. 
After she'd finished playing the new piece, she took out some other sheet music she'd been playing for the past couple of weeks and entertained her little audience with them. 
"Are you coming back?" Haver asked when the sky was starting to grow darker.
"Probably, I come by to play for Kris about every week." Carol stated.
"Good, I would like to see more of you."
"Do you have a name or do I name you too?" Carol asked.
The dragon grinned, exposing her dangerous looking teeth, but followed up with a humorous note:
"Hardly. You may call me Haver Sikani. I'm certain we'll get along, Carol."

Haver Sikani bonded at Mirus Fortress

Name: Haver Sikani
Gender: Female
Colour: wheat-barley-sesamy
Parents: Banyak Sikani x Alcandeo Deeabath
Mutt (Piralan/Askan/Dragon/Zekiran/Ferilon)
15-20 at the shoulder / 60-80 long
A long and furred lady, Haver is very soft to the touch and light as a feather. She has long, fluffy ears, and many wings. The lighter fur on her chest and tail is so soft, it almost feels like down. 
: A caring and nurturing dragon, Haver is someone who's always ready to help others, and that help usually comes in the form of feeding. She cannot stand people being hungry and is usually manning some kind of foodstand while her bond plays her music. 
  *Verbal Speech 
  *Shapeshifting (Dragon-Human Spectrum): the ability to shapeshift to any form between human and dragon shapes 
  *Functional Magic: a wide-ranging ability to wield magic to just about any purpose
  *BodyHeat Control: control over body temperature, to keep warm, cool off, or even create one's own thermal for flight
  *Human Empathy: the ability to sense the overt emotions of a humanoid creature, non-draconic ones less so
  *Minor Dragon Healing: the ability to heal minor wounds such as rips on wingsails, broken feathers, and light skin issues
  *Dream Walking: the ability to sense and watch, or with practice they may 'join in', the dreams of sentient creatures. 
  *Psionic Dampening: the ability to dampen powers of a nearby creature or person which are 'psionic' 
   can be temporarily suppressed; this might require a contest of wills; this power will always be able to suppress minor things
  *Sonic Control (sea dragon): the ability to manipulate sound waves, altering them to be quieter, louder, reach a single ear rather 
   than a group, etc; this can be used as an attack if practiced, and can be very, very deadly as it might pulverize or paralyze, 
   and definitely will deafen anything above the surface of water. Carries further underwater, excellent for communication.


Haver had followed Carol as she went on tour. Not everywhere they went had they been welcomed despite the fact that Carol's music was very nice. It seemed a lot of people preferred different genres. Haver could relate to that, not all dragons liked the same food or the same people and that was probably a good thing. But it did seem to dishearten her companion.
"I'll draw them in with my food." Haver tried to console Carol.
"You're amazing to be able to cook, but I want people to like the music too."
"I'm sure they do. It's just a bit different."
"Yeah. Not many people still enjoy the wonders of polyphony."
"How about we travel somewhere a bit farther?" Haver suggested, "Like off-world farther?"
Carol's eyes widened: "You can teleport? How come I didn't know?"
"I haven't had a need to use it lately." Haver admitted, "There's a lot I haven't been doing." 
In fact, she'd been neglecting a lot of the abilities her parents had gifted her with. Although that did mean that her Healing powers and Empathy had improved. A life on the road dealing in customer service had kind of made her make full use of those. She sometimes used her psionic dampening so Carol wouldn't register some snide comments from spectators, but had refrained from going all sonic blast on them. And though aver sometimes enjoyed dream walking in Carol's dreams, she much preferred to dream her own dreams. Her bodyheat control meant they never had to fear being cold while sleeping, a thing Kris definitely approved off. 
"It might be nice to travel as a dragon for once too." Haver said.
"Are there places where you can?" Carol asked.
Dragons were a rarity still and they had discussed that Haver would shapeshift into a human form. That made it easier to serve customers as well so it had been working out. But Haver longed to fly free and to stretch her wings, ruffle her feathers and maybe muss up some of her fur a bit.
"Oh, I know of places." the lightly coloured dragoness smiled, "Lots of places."
"What are you waiting for? Let's pack up and go see them!"

Lantessama Isle
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